Artist until i find a real job :) #JR #Artist


If you are in New York ! Last week to see my show @galerieperrotin (130 orchard street) !


Last days to see my show @galerieperrotin in New York! (130 orchard street) ✌🏼 thanks @guillaume.ziccarelli for the 🎥


My brother @sachabaroncohen is 🔥 ... #whoisamerica


Mayra who gave her eyes for the pic nic at the border came by @galerieperrotin yesterday to see the exhibition ... she’s a dreamer and the day of the pic nic she even came with her mother to share lunch with the other side 🙏🏻 📸 @marc


Special posters editions available @galerieperrotin New York! The show is open until August 17! #NewYork


Go see SORRY TO BOTHER YOU playing everywhere in the US in theatres !!!!!! Hey when are we getting this in France?! #AmazingFilm!


Our little art school @casaamarelaprovidencia in Rio de Janeiro is so happy to have @rachelmarksart doing a workshop with the kids from the community 💪🏼 and sleeping in the moon ... if you want to come and give a workshop please write to @casaamarelaprovidencia ! Thanks for the photos @douglasdobby @ninasoutoul


Very proud to be part of the @bculinarywp prize and conference with all those amazing chefs from around the world ... merci @massimobottura @laratgilmore and the Basque Culinary world prize for the invitation 🇮🇹


Sometimes, artists take risks to create an art pièce and raise a question. But every single day, journalists are targeted because they want to inform us about what happens in countries where freedom is restricted. I 2018, already 40 journalists have been killed and 167 have been jailed. We need them to understand the world. @RSFinternational asked me to work with them, and together we have done a nice magazine with 100 of my photos, sold for 10€. The proceeds will help reporters suffering from censorship and violence. Worth it !! « spécial tribute to our friend, the Tunisia reporter Sophia Baraket who was part of Artocratie. She left the world yesterday at 35. We will miss her energy, her humour, and her smile. RIP »


Only she knows how to re-sync the trains ... SHOW IS OPEN on 130 orchard st (Tuesday to Saturday) till 17 August ... 🙏🏻 #jenniferlawrence


If your in NYC go see the show @galerieperrotin (tuesday to saturday!) - 130 orchard street in Lower East side 📍


Spécial anamorphose for my friend maigician @yann_frisch theatre truck @nuitsdefourviere with @patrickwatsonofficial ... for just 80 people every night. Thanks to my team @camille @maudmalfettes @emile Mauve ,Quentin and everyone who helped these last few days !