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What’s tomorrow? June 21. Also, #NationalSelfieDay. Double also, probably somebody's birthday? Happy birthday, somebody! You know what you should get them as a birthday present? A friggin’ FREE (with purchase lol) Frylus from @McDonalds so they can take selfies and eat their new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder at the same time. We made 100,000 of them and my face is in the box lol smh. Find where you can get one at! #LinkInBio #HappyBirthdaySomebody #NationalSelfieDay #NeverBeenOnPackagingBefore #ad


So stoked to share my hamburger fashion film! You guys ever sit in your car and try to take a selfie but your hands are messy from the new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder from @McDonalds? And then you drop your phone and it gets stuck in between the seat and the center console, never to be seen again? Well, you're in luck cause I’m now the friggin face of a french fry stylus... the FRYLUS! Literally the only way to take selfies while eating your Quarter Pounder on #NationalSelfieDay 6/21. You want one? Check :) #LinkInBio #CleanScreen #NoMoreDroppedPhones #CantEvenImagineAllTheStuffThatsLostInBetweenMyCarSeats #FreshBeef #ad


As you can imagine, Kendall and I were pretty embarrassed when we showed up to Cardi B’s birthday party which apparently WASN’T a costume party smdh. I went as a cat and Kendall went as a ball of yarn... but we played it off by pretending we were going to a costume party AFTER Cardi’s which was def a lie but whatever lol #TwoHoursOfMakeUp #CoolCat #Yarn


Started a fresh new line of turtlenecks with Mom and Kim called Turtleneck Klub and each turtleneck comes with a gold shield that welcomes you to the Turtleneck Klub! I wanted to give out a free turtle too but apparently they’d all die in shipping or something idk. Also, we only have 2 sizes lol #TurtleKrew


Whoa! I won the award for “Longest Sleeves” at this Met Jingle Ball thing and this is a real big moment for me. S/O to Reggie at Men’s Wearhouse for hooking it up like always, my Uber driver for her patience, and Janet the caterer who fed me snacks all night bc I couldn’t find my own hands. #Proud #StillNotSureWhatTheMetsGalaIs #ProudAnyway #KatyPerryWonLargestBirdAward


Kendall and I had to do science fair projects in 4th grade. Hers was called “How Flowers Bloom” and mine was called “Deadly Killer Bumblebees: When Will They Strike Next?” Kendall got an ‘A’ but I got a ‘D-’ because my data was pretty inconclusive and also made up. Anyways, that’s what this photo is supposed to symbolize. I think it’s art. #OvercomingEmbarrasmentThroughArt #Bees #WhenWillTheyStrikeNext


Despite Mom saying “No, put it back” to literally everything I picked out, it was a fun/sentimental day saying goodbye to my happy place. Toys R Us - you were my first love. I’ll never forget your smell of baby powder and dried soda. I’ll always cherish your linoleum floors, perfect for popping wheelies in the bike section. I loved the hum of the florescent lights, which illuminated all of the Choking Hazard symbols and made me feel safe. I’ll miss my Sunday ritual of playing video game demos on your sticky, broken controllers. I’ll miss your slightly rude but warm employees reminding me to buy batteries (not included) at the checkout line.  You were an island of bliss that changed my life forever. I’ll see you in heaven. You were one of the good ones. #LoveKirby


As most of you know, I shattered all my teeth in a tragic Slip-n-Slide accident last winter. It was on the news. Anyway, I’ve been scared of water ever since… but Kendall helped me get over my fear b/c that’s what family is for 🙏 #KTLAmorningNews #YouCanFindItOnline #InhaledSoMuchFreakinWater #Growth #SlipNslide #MyJourney


Kylie said that if this video gets over 50 million views she’ll let me have my garage sale at her house! 😬 Items I’m selling: half of a potato cannon, a shattered fish tank, tennis balls, a bunch of Morris The Cat t-shirts, a beach chair that I never figured out how to open, a haunted vase, a crate of Taco Bell hot sauce packets, a couch that smells like olives, Super Soakers, a box filled with horror movies that are too scary for me, Kirby chapstick samples from my lip kit line that never made it to stores, a bunch of old clothes, 1 sneaker, some of my old high school art projects, and a lot of other stuff. HMU!!! #KirbysGarageSale #AlmostGotCrushedAtTheEnd #LOL @kyliejenner


When I was told that I was working with an angry bird, I thought they meant the actual bird from Angry Birds. Instead, this bird was just literally an angry AF bird. Am I mad? 100% yes. Still pretty cute tho tbh haha idk I just love animals #ITrustedYouBird #ILetYouSitOnMyHat #BledAlot #Hospital


Yes I left the window open and a dozen birds flew in and pooped on LITERALLY EVERYTHING smdh... pretty sure one of them was a freakin penguin tho so at least that’s kinda dope! #AlwaysASilverLining #NeverSeenAPenguinInRealLifeBefore #NamedThemAll #Benji #Carmen #Lyle #Dipshit #Norma #Dante #Virginia #MoonPie #Brody #Salamander #BirdFlu


Got kinda bummed when Kendall said she didn’t want to be a part of my Sonny & Cher photoshoot but then I got kinda pumped when Kim said she’d do it instead but then I got kinda bummed again when I found out that Kim didn’t rehearse ANY of the songs I emailed her. It’s fine tbh. Just needed to vent. #ISangBothPartsAnyways #YesItsWillsWigFromStrangerThings


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