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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Today is the LAST DAY to purchase our limited edition LDF & @janegoodallinst apparel to raise funds for ape conservation projects around the world. Every purchase contributes directly to projects helping ensure the protection of apes. Don’t let them disappear! Link in bio. #wildlife #gibbons #bonobos #gorillas #apes #orangutans #chimpanzees #conservation #poaching #orangutancaringweek


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @sharkconservationfund Marine protected areas are often used to protect critical habitat and threatened shark and ray species, but just how effective are they and what are the main factors that influence their success? Shark Conservation Fund grantee James Cook University interviewed scientists, MPA managers, and fisheries, policy, and other conservation experts to answer these questions. Their recent study found that while MPAs are helpful for elasmobranchs, an increased focus on socioeconomic goals has the potential for even stronger outcomes. These results will be vital in driving effective protections for these threatened species. Follow the link in bio to read more. .
#sharks #marineconservation #oceans #mpas #sharkconservationfund #conservation


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

There are 20 species of gibbons, and all but 3 are either endangered or critically endangered due to habitat loss and climate change. LDF is having a flash sale of limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise funds for ape conservation projects all around the world. Join us by making a purchase today, now through November 16th. Only a few days left! Follow the link in bio to learn more. #wildlife #gibbons #bonobos #gorillas #apes #orangutans #chimpanzees #conservation #poaching #orangutancaringweek


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Every species of ape, including gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and 20 species of gibbon, is threatened. If the global community doesn’t take serious action now, we will see some species of apes go extinct in as little as 20 years. Don’t let them disappear! Proceeds from the LDF & @janegoodallinst apparel collection go to projects working to protect the survival of apes. Available now through 11/16. Link in bio to purchase.


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Only five days left to buy a shirt! Today’s chimpanzee is constantly threatened by the dangers of poaching, habitat loss, and deforestation. Don’t let them disappear! Purchase a limited edition LDF & Jane Goodall t-shirt or sweatshirt now through November 16th and proceeds will go to conservation projects directly helping ensure the long-term survival of apes. Link in bio to purchase.
*Note: LDF and the Jane Goodall Institute do not endorse or support any close proximity or interaction with wildlife. To protect humans and wildlife from disease and other threats, only experts should be handling or interacting with wildlife in this way.*


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @natgeowild This Javan gibbon, Rose, is alive and thriving today thanks to @balisafari. At three-months-old, she was in poor health and destined to be sold in the illegal pet trade. Thankfully, she was rescued and given a home @balisafari where she has been well cared for. Found only in Java, Indonesia, there are less than 2,000 of these gibbons left in the wild due to habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. Conservation institutions like @balisafari and @taman_safari work to save this species by rescuing confiscated Javan gibbons – without professional care and socialization with other gibbons this species’ chance at survival is slim outside of their natural habitat. These institutions also collaborate with the Bogor Agricultural University to successfully manage a captive breeding program for this endangered primate species. For a still shot of Rose, follow @joelsartore


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @350org BREAKING: A federal judge in Montana ruled that Trump’s permit for the Keystone XL pipeline violated key laws, sending the project back to the drawing board and blocking any construction. This is a huge victory. For over a decade, Indigenous people, farmers and ranchers, and their allies around the world have been fighting to stop this pipeline. Our movement stopped Keystone once again, and we won’t stop until this pipeline is gone for good. Our planet depends on it. This lawsuit was brought by @indigenousrising @northernplainsresourcecouncil @foe_us @sierraclub @nrdc_org @centerforbiodiv and @boldalliance #nokxl #keystoneXL #promisetoprotect


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Only one week left, don’t miss out! Every purchase of a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation & Jane Goodall t-shirt or sweatshirt will benefit ape conservation. Proceeds go to on the ground projects helping ensure the long-term survival of apes and their habitats. Available through Nov 16 - link in bio. Don’t let them disappear!


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @world_wildlife @OurPlanet is a new @Netflix original documentary series from Silverback Films, in collaboration with WWF. It will be released in Spring 2019 and we’re excited to announce that Sir David Attenborough will be the voice of the series. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Submit your public comment by Nov. 15th! #StandWithBearsEars and tell the Trump administration to halt illegal planning for #BearsEars: http://utahdinebikeyah.org/deis-comments/. Help LDF grantee @protectbearsears alive with Native culture and wisdom!
Follow @protectbearsears for updates regarding ongoing protection and restoration of #BearsEars National Monument!
#BearsEarsHeals #StandWithBearsEars #HonorTribes
Photo by @rayvahnn0001


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

It is estimated that #orangutans have lost over 80% of their habitat in the last 20 years, largely due to fragmentation from the palm oil and wood pulp industries. We’ve teamed up with the @janegoodallinst to develop a line of apparel to raise awareness for ape conservation and support teams on the ground working to save this incredible species. All proceeds will benefit ape conservation work by our grantees. Available until Nov. 16th only! Swipe to see more, and follow the link in bio to make your purchase.
*LDF and the Jane Goodall Institute do not endorse or support any close proximity or interaction with wildlife. To protect humans and wildlife from disease and other threats, only experts should be handling or interacting with wildlife in this way.*


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @africanwildlifefoundation Bonobos are just like us humans. Only that we don’t face extinction. These great apes have experienced a significant population reduction in the past 12 to 20 years due to ongoing war in their range in the DRC, hunting for bushmeat as well as poaching.