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The Rondonia region of #Brazil originally had over 200,000 km2 of rainforest but has become one of the most deforested places in the Amazon. Side by side images shows C. 2006 to 2018. #10YearChallenge


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

On Valentine's Day Romeo, the world's loneliest frog, swam into our hearts when @Global_Wildlife_Conservation and @centro_kayra launched a quest to find him a mate. We’re thrilled to announce that the team have, against the odds, found his Juliet (pictured) in the cloud forests of Bolivia! Hop on over to @global_wildlife_conservation to follow the couple as they embark on an audacious journey to save their species from extinction. #Match4Romeo


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead
Only by working together can we start to slow our planet’s warming. @groundedsummit is bringing together scientists, innovators, educators and artists committed to addressing #climatechange. Will we see you there?

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Photo by @danielkordan


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

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SCF is proud to support the efforts of @pewenvironment to protect the world’s most threatened shark and ray species. Countries from around the world submitted proposals to protect a record 18 species at the upcoming @CITES meeting in May. Follow the link in bio to read more. #sharksandrays #conservation


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#Repost @oneearth What do scientists feel these days? @other00story met with Mathieu Lihoreau, professor in ecology and researcher in cognitive behavior in small brained insects, to discuss. Mathieu sat down to talk about his feelings as a scientist in the midst of a mass extinction of bees, why he researches, what touches him and what he has learned from the bees. -
Other Story is an ongoing documentary project, comprised of short films presenting personal stories in this world of monumental change.


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

LDF’s Director of Innovation, Media & Technology Karl Burkart presents Trailguard AI, a cutting edge technology helping to combat illegal #poaching, during #CES2019


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

LDF is proud of our partners at RESOLVE who are unveiling a technological breakthrough for environmental conservation at #CES2019 – the Trailguard camera sensor, which uses the cutting-edge #Movidius AI technology to help monitor and protect wild forests. Follow the link in bio to read more.


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#Repost @wildnetorg
Did you know lions are born blind and helpless? A lioness will leave her pride to find a safe and secluded place to give birth to her litter, which usually consists of 1-6 cubs. She keeps her cubs hidden for 4-6 weeks and is their sole caretaker. If she has to move them, she does so by picking up the cubs one-by-one with her mouth. When they join back with the pride, any lactating female will suckle the cubs and there is no favoritism for their own offspring. Photo: @susankmcconnell
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Ireland will be the first country in the world to completely divest from fossil fuels 🇮🇪 #YEARSProject #Ireland #divest #fossilfuel #renewables #climatechange


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#Repost @daisygilardini
Mother polar bears in the Hudson Bay region leave their maternity dens with their newborn in February and March. Once cubs leave the warmth of the den, they have to face frigid temperatures that can drop as low as -50C° with wind chill.
Mother bears are particularly attentive and caring toward the little ones when heading onto Hudson Bay to hunt seals. They often stop to nurse and rest. In the event of a storm they will dig “day dens” in snowdrifts, to shelter their cubs from the elements.
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#Repost @amazonfrontlines
“As we look forward to the new year, our struggle continues. We can see many threats on the horizon, and yet our spirit is stronger than ever. There are so many urgent actions we need to take to defend our territories, and the rivers and forests we all depend upon. However, through partnership, big dreams can become reality.” -Alicia Salazar, Ceibo Alliance leader⠀

Check out the video about Ceibo Alliance’s powerful vision for action in 2019, then support the action by becoming a monthly giver (link in bio). If you do, @leonardodicaprio and @leonardodicapriofdn will match your donations through 2019! ⠀



Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

#Repost @amazonfrontlines
Indigenous action on the frontlines is powerful. In November of this year, the Waorani people halted oil drilling in one of the last remaining oil-free, roadless areas of their territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In 2019, they'll be pushing even harder to ensure their territory remains free from natural resource extraction, and filing a lawsuit against the government to denounce the violation of their right to free, prior and informed consent. ⠀

Please help support this urgent work for indigenous rights, forest protection and our climate future! Stand with the Amazon’s oldest guardians, join this movement. All monthly donations are being matched by @leonardodicaprio and @leonardodicapriofdn (follow link in our bio) ⠀

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