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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Tickets are now on sale for the next Lewa Conservation Conversation at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Please join us for a fascinating panel discussion on The Impact of Social Media on Conservation. With panelists from Lewa (@wanjikukinuthia and @pilot_lemaiyan) as well as representatives from @ifawuk and @rakutenmarketing . Tickets available at link in bio. See you there!


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The calendar has moved on to 2019 but we are still harking back to November 2018 and the incredible Lewa Borana Ball. We are thrilled to announce the evening raised a net of £440,000! This surpassed our goals and demonstrates the amazing network of friends and supporters that Lewa and @boranaconservancy have from around the world.

Part of the success of this magical evening was thanks to the sponsors @rakutenmarketing and @ultimatetravelco. Not to mentioned the outpouring of generosity from table hosts, auction lot donors, bidders and volunteers. Thank you all!


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Mark your calendars! Please join us at the Royal Geographical Society in London: 27 February 2019. Tickets will go on sale at the end of next week. If you would like to reserve a place, email Photo credit: @amivitale.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Video by our resident Rhino Scientist, @pilot_lemaiyan.

Longuro is possibly one of the most special rhinos we have on the Lewa-Borana Landscape.
Just days after his mother gave birth, they were both attacked by a hyena which managed to chew off both of Longuro’s ears.

The mother was able to chase away the hyena and take care of the calf to maturity, despite his disability.
Today, Longuro lives in the forest, where he has found mates. He has learned how to survive without ears, and his health has never been better. His strength can be measured by how much territory he has, which is quite big, even for a black rhino!

We have just concluded another poaching-free year, making it 5 years of no poaching, and we hope to continue with this positive trend in 2019. Thank you to all who continue to make our work possible!

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Cosy evenings at Kifaru, one of our lodges.

Asante sana to all who came to visit us this year. For every guest who stays with us, we earn conservation fees, funds that are ploughed back into our work.

We hope to see more of you next year! 📸- elewanacollection
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Meet our New Tracker Dogs

Lewa and @nrt_kenya recently received new dogs to support rangers. The dogs are Ruby, a full Bloodhound, and Sacha, a mix of a Dobermann and Bloodhound.
Ruby and Sacha will replace brothers Tipper and Tony, the two Bloodhounds that have worked with the rangers for years, but are now due for retirement. The new dogs have been receiving training these past weeks, and are already proving to be excellent trackers.
Tracker dogs, particularly Bloodhounds, continue to prove invaluable to our anti-poaching and community security work. Their extraordinary ability to read terrain and track scents has enabled our rangers and local law enforcement agencies to do what was previously incredibly difficult.

Tipper and Tony have worked hard for the past six years, and the brothers’ have made it possible to catch poachers and other criminals, find illegal ivory, and rescue hundreds of stolen livestock in northern Kenya, saving many livestock farmers from bankruptcy.
Rangers and dog handlers Aloise and Ngila are delighted with the new dogs, and we’ll keep you updated on their progress and work.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

More Reason to Celebrate – Lewa Supported Students Graduate from Universities and Colleges!

More than 20 students in our Education Programme have graduated in various disciplines – from clinical medicine to natural resource management. Attached are a few of their profiles.

It’s been an incredible journey for most of these students, and we are so pleased to have played a role in shaping their futures and lives. These students are from Lewa’s neighbouring areas, where we've made a commitment to improve livelihoods through education. By making these educational opportunities possible to children, they not only become conservation ambassadors but also agents of change in their communities. To the students, the Lewa Team is immensely proud of you - go forth and conquer!
Every year, we support more than 400 children across primary, secondary and tertiary levels to receive education by paying for their tuition, purchase of books, uniforms and other resources they need to learn. We also work closely with their parents and guardians to mentor the children and encourage their development and growth.
If you would like to make an investment and help us to similarly transform the lives of talented and intelligent children, please email our head of Education Programme, Faith Riunga at
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