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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

A big thank you to @backesandstrauss for generously donating the stunning 'Miss Victoria' watch to the #lewaboranaball live auction. Even bigger thanks to the beautiful @tatianamountbatten for modelling this stunning piece.
Final fundraising number are still coming in, but we can be sure we have exceeded our fundraising goals- with special thanks to our supporters, particularly the evening's sponsors @rakuten and @ultimatetravelco Photo credit: Henrique Maia.
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

It's been one week since the #lewaboranaball and we're already wishing we could go back in time. What a night! This spectacular event was only made possible by the support of sponsors @rakuten and @ultimatetravelco. We will be sharing final fundraising numbers soon. In the meantime, thank you everyone for coming. We have already begun the hunt for a bigger venue for the next ball! Photo credit: @henriquegutoimaging .
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Named a Finalist in the Google Impact Challenge!

We are excited to share with you that Lewa has been selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge, Kenya.

The money raised from this challenge will enable us to scale our Digital Literacy Programme across the massive northern Kenya landscape, and provide access to quality digital education to thousands of children and youth.

In the next phase of the Challenge, we have the opportunity to double our funding to Kshs 25M
if we receive the most votes. We need your help!

Please click the link in the bio and vote for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Share widely with your networks.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

📸 - @batian_kenya
Omar, a sub-adult lion, waits by the Lewa swamp during sunset.

Most lionesses are social animals that raise their cubs collectively in prides to ensure their survival. But Omar’s mother, Dalma, is one of Lewa’s most efficient hunters and has done a great job raising two cubs by herself.

Hunting next to his mother has prepared Omar to become independent, and he’s soon approaching an age where he can leave to join a coalition.

Lions on the Lewa-Borana Landscape are thriving, and it’s always great to see cubs surviving to adulthood.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

When Lewa came to London! Stunning acacia tree installation by @woodbrownlondon in the @dorchestercollection hotel for the #lewaboranaball . Thank you again to everyone who made the evening such a phenomenal fundraising success -- not mention a fantastic party! Sponsored by @rakuten and @ultimatetravelco . Stay tuned for more amazing images to come. Photo credit: Ben Keller benjamin_kellerv


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa staff and supporters are bustling around London making final preparations for the #LewaBoranaBall tonight at the @dorchestercollection in Mayfair. Stay tuned for updates and a big thank you to all of our partners and supporters from around the globe who have gotten us this far!


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Sharon (@sharonneotieno) a Lewa guest from Nairobi, was excited to spend time with our Anti-Poaching rangers today and go on a tracking exercise with Tipper the bloodhound.
The Lewa tourism experience goes beyond a regular game drive - when you visit us, you have a chance to experience conservation and development first-hand. You can meet our rangers and conservation teams, visit a Lewa-sponsored school or clinic, and other community projects. Tourism enables us to do our work, and guests get an opportunity to see this impact.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Sirikoi’s deck looking magical in the evening... Many Lewa guests have enjoyed wonderful experiences here - especially when wildlife makes an appearance!

Visiting us is easily the most enjoyable way to support our work. Just by staying at one of our lodges, you are directly contributing to our efforts - annually, tourism on Lewa raises close to 30% of our revenue.
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Chebelina Mukomuga estimates that she was born in 1923. It’s incredible to imagine how much has changed throughout Chebelina’s long life. A world war, Kenya gaining independence, 4 Kenyan presidents, the mobile phone, computers, space exploration, and so much more!

But what hasn’t changed is Chebelina’s desire to learn. For the past 6 years, she has attended our adult literacy classes to learn how to read and write, as she never had an opportunity to attend school. From not being able to hold a pen, she has made remarkable progress for a woman her age, and today can write her name and even perform basic maths!

Chebelina is a farmer, and keeps chickens to sell eggs. Since participating in the classes, she has been able to count her sales and money more easily, receive m-pesa (mobile-based money) and understand transactions better.
By working with our neighbours to initiate development programmes that directly impact their lives, we are making conservation have tangible value to them.

Photo: @wanjikukinuthia

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

LIVES OF LEWA - Dr Tuqa Jirmo

When he was 11 years old, Tuqa walked for hundreds of kilometres trying to find the school he had left behind when his pastoral community moved to a new area to find pasture for their livestock. ”I was very determined then, and though my family perhaps thought otherwise, I knew going back to school was my path.” It is this sheer determination that defines Tuqa’s life. In his conservation career that spans 26 years, he has worked as a ranger, often engaging in battles with poachers. He has also served as a community and education officer, using conservation to empower livelihoods. Before joining Lewa as our Chief Operations Officer, he was at Meru Park as the Senior Warden. And while serving all these roles, he also became the first Kenyan park warden to get a PhD, certainly no mean feat!

What inspires Tuqa? “While my story may seem extraordinary, I think what’s more extraordinary are the Kenyans I’ve met who care so deeply about the future of our wildlife,and work really hard. They are the ones who inspire me everyday.” #lewawildlifeconservancy #boranaconservancy #livesofLewa #whyilovekenya