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Martin Edström

It's hard to find a better film set than this: the Khumbu valley of Nepal. Beyond the epic views it's a region in transition - a veritable "living laboratory" as my friend Dr Alton Byers puts it. People from all over the world come here - and what was once a tiny, remote place has grown to represent global interests and implications.

Excited to be heading back here soon together with @ivarstudios, for work with some of our absolute favourite clients. I'll probably spend almost two months up among these mountains and views - returning to document stories I've worked on for a long time. Looking forward to it!

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Martin Edström

Tindhólmur in the Faroes. My first thought was "I wonder if anyone ever climbed it?" and yes. Of course someone climbed it. Why is it whenever you have a dumb idea, someone else has always already done it?

Might still be worth doing though. Maybe next time me and the guys from @ivarstudios are there we can test our crampons in the grass below the pinnacle.
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Martin Edström

Excited to be on the road with this dude again soon. He's recovered quite well from living 12 years in the same room as me, and I can't believe he's still putting up with me.

One of our craziest adventures together was on this little island in the Faroes in 2017. As always when you're traveling with @rapparsven crazy shit just sort of happens, so suddenly we're tagging along with a group of fifty something Faroe Islanders as they herd sheep in circles around Lítla Dímun - a barred off mythical island that you normally can't even visit. They only go there once a year, and it was dumb luck for us to end up there. This wasn't even a work trip - but our vacation.

This spring we're spearheading so many projects together that it's sometime hard to keep track of time. But if success can be measured in how many crazy outside-the-box experiences you get with your brother as you're trying to figure out what the hell "work/life balance" means - then I must be deemed pretty darn successful.

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Martin Edström

The island from Jurassic Park, you think? Nope, this is actually in the Nordics: Lítla Dímun of the Faroe Islands. It's the smallest of the Faroes, and the only one without human inhabitants.

Tons of sheep live here tho - grazing the emerald isle during the summer months. A few times a year their shepherds come out to shear their wool, but the rest of the time they are left alone to fend for themselves.

Photographed with a drone - probably my farthest flight to date... Flew over 3km away from the island to get the shot and returned just as the battery was about to die (hands shaking). #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands #lítladímun @visitfaroeislands @ivarstudios #natgeoimagecollection @natgeoimagecollection


Martin Edström

Conquering your first 400m wall makes you proud. Another throwback to summer, on a blazing hot day in Nissedal, Norway. Can't wait until the Nordic crags get warm again... #ShotOnOnePlus #summerclimb #climbing #tradclimbing #summitshot


Martin Edström

Some days you just dream of summer. Throwback to mine and @katjaado's long packrafting trip through Kvenna and Hardangervidda in Norway last summer. Can't wait to take our @alpacka_raft rafts out again this spring, as soon as Sweden thaws.

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Martin Edström

As I celebrate yet another year on this planet, it's absolutely mind-boggling to think back on the last few years professionally and all the magic moments the world has given me and my loved ones.
It's crazy to think that 11 years ago I decided to freelance with photography, and it kinda snowballed. I didn't know anything back then.

Today I get to wake up every day beside @katjaado, be it in Stockholm or in a tent somewhere. Her support is everything.

I'm thankful to my parents for always being supportive yet cautious - making sure I don't go overboard. They keep telling me to stop traveling all the time (yet they're deeply responsible for giving me the travel-bug in the first place). I get to work with a fantastic team at @ivarstudios, including my dear brother @rapparsven and partner @sealfrun. This year we're stronger than ever with @radaddala, @meet_manne, @oliverakermo and more great colleagues that I get to work with every day. Even @emil.wesolowski gets drawn into our black hole of production madness from time to time, which makes me glad.

We get to expand our horizons, and try to let others do this through our stories - and proudly get to push storytelling further with the support and platform of the fantastic @insidenatgeo and @natgeo (who even made this little TV-ad about me). I'm also proud to have the continuing support from world-class brands like @dell, @nikonuknordic, @icebreakernz and @oneplus. You give us the power.

Here's to a bright future, of which I couldn't be more thankful. Some of it's just dumb luck - but most of it comes from the care and hard work of others.

Let's get back to work.

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Martin Edström

Peering through the mopani woods of South Luangwa National Park on an extremely hot day (about 44°C), while filming the #Lion360 project in 2016.

While shooting in broad daylight is often a bad idea, because of the stark shadows everywhere, you can always find something that works well. This is at noon, with the sun in zenit - and the light shining down through the foliage creates an illusion of a turquoise shimmer among the dark trees. It creates this palette of greens and blues that's beautiful to behold - just very hard to endure (because of the temperature). #naturallight #nikond850 #nikonphotographer #zambia #mopani #treesofinstagram #africa #d850


Martin Edström

Listening through radio static to try and ping the Mwamba pride in Zambia.

As a photographer and storyteller I get to meet and document a lot of extraordinary people. Johnathan at @zcp_org is one of those. As a wildlife researcher and conservationist he's probably brilliant (I can't comment on his science), but mostly he's the one guy you want with you in the field. We've been through a lot together, and once the shit hits the fan (like when your landrover breaks down in the bush and a thunderstorm is approaching) he's the one who's likely to jump under the car and just fix it. I'd probably still be lost somewhere in the Zambian wilderness to this day if it wasn't for this guy.

Our #Lion360 project definitely wouldn't have happened without him and his colleagues - so in creating the first ever 360-video documentary from a pride of wild lions he and his knowledge was as instrumental as us and our cameras.

If you're passionate about wildlife and want to support a great organisation, check out the work of @zcp_org.

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Martin Edström

Happy #WorldWildlifeDay! These are the cubs of Mwamba pride in South Luangwa National park, part of the #Lion360 film you can watch in the @natgeo VR app.

While most of my time as a storyteller isn't spent capturing wildlife, the #lion360 project was one of those projects that had a profound effect on me. Working alongside the fantastic scientists and team at @zcp_org we spent months in the Zambian wilderness, to capture the lions they work with. It was a deep learning experience for me, and it's sad to know that many of these lion populations are still in decline because of human encroachment of different kinds.

If you want to support wildlife all over the world - I would suggest finding local organisations like @zcp_org and donating to them directly. They are the people making a difference for these majestic animals.

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Martin Edström

Sorting through the muddy water at Pashupatinath temple, where Hindus burn their dead, these Kathmandu youngsters literally sift through the ashes to find gold. Or whatever other valuables might have been swept into the river by relatives of the deceased. They also serve as caretakers of this ancient burial site, where the cycle of life is tangible in ways without comparison west of Nanga Parbat.
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Martin Edström

Heading out on Phewa lake in Pokhara, Nepal. Even though this place is famous for its magnificent views, as you can spot the summit of Annapurna and other famous mountains from the city, I've always been drawn more to the beauty of the lake and the fishermen on it - framed by layer upon layer of hills that lead to bigger things.

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