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Thank you James for the extremely generous fan package of super old @jonessodaco holiday pack. I think a chug challenge is in order. #jones #jonessoda #soda



Friend appreciation post. Gonna start doing these.

@maineventpong Thankful for Nuff. Met this dude because he watched Wreckless Eating and it's been a pleasure. Thank you for filming with us and for us. Love ya buddy.
@chris_wreckless My partner in crime. Thanks Chris for all the years putting up with my grumpy ass. Couldn't ask for a better co host. <3

Not pictured @tsommers85 Best buddy since high school. My fav asshole and in all seriousness one of the dudes I can go to anytime for advice.
More of these to come. #staypositive


Fancy. #twinkie #twinkies


I guess this new printer is Ziggler's now. Love this little asshole. He along with so many caring friends are what have helped me fight a pretty bad period of depression. Thanks to everyone who took a call or messaged in support. No matter how bad your mental health might be just reach out for support. People and cute kitties will be there to help. Stay positive everyone! <3 #ziggler


Waaaaaaay better than the regular sandwiches. High 4 out of 5 Matt faces. #whitecastle #food #foodie #tasty #taste #wrecklesseating #snack #snacking #new #junkfood #frozenfood