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Michael Blackson

As you know by now, someone broke into my Filipino best friend’s house while he was in Vegas, but I think it’s an inside job and one of these Neegas in this video did it. It wasn’t me because it happened early morning Sunday and my flight left Vegas at 10:27 am and it wasn’t my shadow because it was with me you fucking haters. I found out from an inside source that they only stole one item and it was his guitar, I guess his entourage got tired of his fucking singing. Which one of these Rush Hour looking neegas did it?


Michael Blackson

Southern Florida, this weekend meet me at the palm beach improv. Www.PalmBeachImprov.Com


Michael Blackson

Name this movie and don’t say shit like The Good, The Bad, The Ugly u hating ass beeches


Michael Blackson

I tried to look high so he don’t offer me any of his glaucoma medicine but that shit didn’t work, look at the next pic


Michael Blackson

@mannypacquiao proved that age is just a number. Do ya want to see a post fight translation? #pacquiaobroner


Michael Blackson

You fought a good fight @badoujack


Michael Blackson

How do I look haters?


Michael Blackson

All jokes aside @adrienbroner I’m rooting for you plus your kids threatened to fuck me up for my Pacquiao translation. #pacquiaobroner


Michael Blackson

Even white girls can dance to African music. #pacquiaobroner #Vegas @draislv. Hey dj Africa is a continent not a country u Vegas public school graduate modasucka lol


Michael Blackson

This punk beech @badoujack and his team tricked me into being a HeBeech


Michael Blackson

I’m just here to walk @badoujack in the ring and translate for @mannypacquiao #pacquiaobroner


Michael Blackson

#FBF 2016 #SouljaBoyChallenge part 2