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Some of the Mountainfilm crew headed up Ajax this morning to greet the sun. It was Butter’s idea. @naanisheva and @seebunch just tagged along in their matching mountain summit hats.
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Please join us in Aspen, Colorado, tonight for a special screening of "No Man's Land" at the @wheeleroper at 6:30 p.m. Director David Byars (@byars_remorse) will be there for what's sure to be a provocative Q&A.
About the film:
Why did a group of heavily armed, self-described patriots occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the winter of 2016? The occupation of Malheur emerged from economic hard times on the range; it featured a collision of symbols, the rugged cowboy of the American West versus the allegedly tyrannical federal government; it became a focal point for a plethora of right-wing causes; and it was a major media circus. Perhaps the most surprising revelation in the rigorously nonjudgmental feature documentary “No Man’s Land” is the heady sense of purpose appropriated by the occupiers in championing the cause of liberty, even as the substance of their grievance remains elusive. As militia member Jason Patrick concludes, the Malheur occupation was “basically some pissed-off people trying to get their voices heard.” #mountainfilmtour #aspen #mfilm17 #mountainfilm #nomansland #malheurnationalwildliferefuge #occupiers


Remember @feltsoulmedia's "Red Gold," which screened at Mountainfilm in 2008? Well, Pebble Mine is back. And the world's two largest remaining sockeye salmon runs in Bristol Bay, Alaska, are at risk again. The owner of the mine met with the EPA's Scott Pruitt to request that he remove the environmental restrictions that the Obama administration had set in place. Shortly after that meeting, Pruitt removed the restrictions without input from any of the EPA's scientists. If approved, Pebble Mine could become one of the largest open-pit mines in the world, and it would be located in an extremely sensitive and important watershed.
As filmmaker @ben_knight put it, "Decades of science, millions of public statements and common sense all disregarded after one grotesque handshake from a mining company CEO." You can stream "Red Gold" on Vimeo.

Photo: from the film "Red Gold," directed by @ben_knight and @travisrummel

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Statistics show that people are more likely to share complaints than praise, except... We don't mean to be dramatic, either, but check out the Mountainfilm on Tour schedule. It could change your life. (Link in bio.) #mountainfilmtour #thebestfestivalever #documentaryfilm #travelstheworld #comingtoyou


Fall magic.
Photo: Kristofer Noel, @knoelphoto

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This is a triple threat #TBT, three Mountainfilm wintery shorts from the past (2012)—and (bonus!) you can watch them all online right now.

1. "The Freedom Chair": Josh Dueck (@justdueck) was a free-skier who coached world-class athletes, but one day he misjudged his speed as he approached a jump, and what could have been a harmless mistake brought life-altering consequences. When he crashed, his spinal cord was severed, leaving him paralyzed. Instead of giving up on skiing, he refocused his passion into sit-skiing, from which he jump-started a new career and continued to do what he loves best. (Watch on YouTube for a nominal fee.) 2. "Blue Obsession": The Mendenhall Glacier in southeast Alaska offers an otherworldly landscape—fields of crumpled ice, massive hunks of blue, glassy caves and all manner of frozen water. It’s beautiful, but it’s also ephemeral: The glacier is in a state of retreat. Climber Alan Gordon is determined to document this stunning scenery before it disappears. (Watch on YouTube for free.) 3. "Unicorn Sashimi": @feltsoulmedia teamed up @sweetgrassp to track a wild unicorn in Hokkaido, Japan. But all they found was delicious ramen—and deep, deep snow. (Watch on Vimeo for free.) Photos: from the films "The Freedom Chair," directed by @mikedski; "Blue Obsession," directed by @alangordonak and @heypayola; and "Unicorn Sashimi," directed by @ben_knight

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We went to the candy factory today. @wagnerskis is one of Mountainfilm’s local sponsors, and they gave us an inside peek at their new facility and the ski-making process. And now we all want to blow our pay checks on custom skis. Dang.
Photos: @crystalmariephoto, @seebunch, @naanisheva
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@jr and crew took down the boy at the border wall, using the occasion to bring people together on both sides. #indomitablespirit
@jr described the gathering:
GIANT PICNIC at the border today in Tecate ... people eating the same food, sharing the same water, enjoying the same music (half of the band on each side) around the eye of a dreamer ... we forgot the wall for a minute ...


Fall in Telluride is the amuse bouche. This is the entrée.
Photo: Kristofer Noel, @knoelphoto
Skier: @andymichelich
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Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you. —Walt Whitman

Photo: @naanisheva

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Fall isn’t done with Telluride quite yet.
Photo: @kt_klings
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Hot off a world tour, "Namuli" is a film about what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists and conservationists sets off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least explored and most threatened habitats—Mount Namuli, Mozambique.

Featuring professional climbers, @Majkaburhardt and @katerutherford, "Namuli" has screened on six continents, in 11 countries and on almost 40 stages. It's a film you won’t want to miss, and it's just been release on YouTube:

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