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Spring sunshine falls on Joshua Tree National Park, California.


BREAKING: Today, NRDC and our partners filed a lawsuit to stop the Trump Administration and Interior Secretary Zinke from gutting the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, or MBTA, is one of our nation’s first wildlife conservation laws, and helps to protect over 1,000 species of migratory birds. Secretary Zinke is trying to limit the MBTA's reach in yet another handout to the oil and gas industry. We can't let that happen. Learn more about this issue in our profile link, or in our latest Instagram story.


Global populations of endangered fin whales have declined 70% in three generations. And yet, Iceland will go against an international whaling ban and allow the company Hvalur Hf to hunt more than 200 fin whales this summer. Tell Iceland’s president that he needs to observe international law and stop this slaughter. Take action by visiting the link in our profile.


BREAKING: @NRDC_org and the National Parks Conservation Association (@NPCApics) jointly published a new report today spotlighting how America's coastal National Parks are seriously threatened by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's reckless plan for destructive offshore oil and gas drilling. From Alaska to San Diego and Maine to Miami, our nation’s coastlines are home to 68 National Park sites that protect the best of what America has to offer, with more than 84 million visits made to these sites in 2017. Learn more about the very real threat expanded drilling poses to our National Parks via the link in our profile. #ProtectOurCoast. Photo: Acadia National Park (@AcadiaNPS)


Happy #WorldTurtleDay! Turtles live both on land and in the water, and we're working hard to keep both of their important habitats protected.


As Americans head to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, remember this: U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wants to let oil and gas companies drill off of nearly all U.S. coasts—a terrible idea that could ruin our shores and make climate change worse. Tell your representative that the coasts are ours, not Zinke’s to sell off. Take action via the link in our profile. #ProtectOurCoast


Good news! Energy efficient light bulbs may soon become the norm in developing and emerging economies. The United Nations, working with NRDC and Philips Lighting (the world’s largest lighting company also known as Signify), has developed a set of minimum energy efficiency standards for developing countries interested in accelerating the shift from inefficient halogens and incandescent bulbs to LEDs. Replacing billions of incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LEDs will allow these countries to save $18 billion per year on energy bills and more than 150 million tons of carbon emissions. We’re celebrating this win for a brighter, more sustainable future! Learn more in our profile link.


This baby raccoon in East Harbor State Park knows you need a little #MondayMotivation. She believes in you. 💪


In the past five years, solar capacity in the South has increased nearly THIRTYFOLD! Huge congratulations to North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida for being the South’s solar pioneers! 👏☀️👏For a further glimpse into the bright future for solar in the South, visit the link in our profile.


President Trump says the Clean Water Rule targets small farmers and businesses. That’s nonsense. Farmers receive a special exemption, and the Clean Water Rule treats small businesses the same as other federal rules. Take action via the link in our profile!


Levels of neurotoxic manganese at several properties on Chicago’s Southeast Side exceed a federal screening threshold for urgent cleanup, according to soil-testing results released by the city’s Department of Public Health. At high exposures, manganese can cause Parkinson’s-like symptoms in adults, while recent community studies have connected manganese with reduced IQ and mental-processing speed in children. Chicago must put rules in place to protect its neighborhoods from this dangerous contamination and the toxic soup it contributes to—and until then, stop issuing permits for new industrial polluters. Learn more in our profile link.


Happy #EndangeredSpeciesDay! Help us celebrate by defending the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a critical piece of legislation that has saved endangered animals like the manatee from extinction. Sadly, this law is now under attack by anti-wildlife members of Congress. Take action to support the ESA today via our profile link.


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