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So much to be thankful for


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When the sweet potato pie comes out tomorrow.


Wow, true.


It's the anniversary of two Beatles albums today. 1963 and 1968, respectively. Which is better?




They've explicitly said on multiple occasions that they ain't nothin’ to fuck with, so.


7 years ago today Kanye released his best album.


Melissa Schuman, formerly of the pop girl group Dream, has come accused Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter of rape and sexual assault. In a blog post, Schuman alleges that when she was 18 years old, and Carter was 22, he forced her into a number of sexual acts, including intercourse, during a visit to his apartment.

Despite wanting to press charges, she was later warned by a manager that Carter "had the most powerful litigator in the country" and thus her attempts would have been futile. She adds that because of her burgeoning music career, she was afraid to speak out, thinking that making the accusations publicly would harm it.


"Let's get this money." Friyie (@artofvangogh) just wants his neighborhood to be great. Watch more of our 6IX Rising doc on


There are ways to love a city and not lie about its truths and how it endangers its own. Head to the link in our bio to read one Torontonian's analysis of if the city can overcome its flippant attitude towards uplifting its at-home talent and ever match up to the Toronto of their dreams. 🎨 @john_garrison


Let’s discuss


40 years ago today Earth, Wind & Fire released an album that kicks a whole lot of ass. Like, an immense amount of ass was kicked by this album.


@pinegroveband has cancelled their upcoming American tour dates. The announcement comes as part of a statement that frontman Evan Stephens Hall made on the band's official Facebook page today. The lengthy post addresses accusations of "sexual coercion" made by an unnamed woman towards Hall.

Hall details his "complicated" relationship with his accuser, who was apparently involved with someone else while also seeing Hall. He acknowledges that while he read the relationship as a mutual, romantic one, he now realizes that he "monumentally misread the situation." Hall also apologizes for viewing Pinegrove fans as possible sexual partners ("i said that i could sense who from the crowd would be interested in sleeping with me based on how they watched me perform") and says he has been in therapy since November 15, adding that the band "will be taking some time off in general."


Happy birthday to the GOAT @carlyraejepsen 🎂 ✨ 💕 🎉


A strange and unexpected thing happened to punk in 1994—it got popular. While a small handful of acts became megasellers, countless other punk bands waited in the wings, hoping to get noticed. Up-and-coming punk labels realized they were sitting on rosters stacked with potential breakout stars, and a decade-long industry movement centered on cheap punk compilation CDs was born. Head to to learn more about how this phenomenon helped revive the genre.

Vice Hq

@bambambaklava played Webster's Hall final show before its closure for renovations on August 10th, an event rightfully described as the "End of an Era." It was a time. Head to for a video shot by the 88Rising collective of Bronson performing "Easy Rider" on this most fateful of nights. A triumphant, bittersweet moment to savor.


6IX RISING, our new doc on Toronto rap, where it is, and where it's going, is finally out. Features @jazzcartier, @pressa.armani, @cmdwn, and more of the city's rising talents. Watch it in full on




Della Reese, 7/6/1931 - 11/19/2017. RIP to a pioneer and legend.


Did anyone ever find out if he's ok?


Happy birthday to Super and Fire Marshal and Hendrix and The Wizard and Caesar Lee.


ICYMI: Morrissey is back at it with the bad opinions. The former Smiths frontman is promoting a new solo album, so he's doing a few interviews, each of which gives him a unique opportunity to say something objectionable. Well, in an interview with Juliane Liebert of German newspaper Der Spiegel, he outdid himself. The remarkable thing about Morrissey in this interview is his insistence on plugging away at grotesquerie, even when it's not explicitly asked for. Maybe learn when to stop talking, also maybe learn to have better opinions.


"I've always been into super upbeat, cute, uplifting progressions, but at the same time, I'm also a very dark person." @hi_mija is poised to become one of the biggest names in contemporary dance music, as well as a one-woman art factory. Link in bio to read more about how she's EDM's last great hope. 📸’s Emman Mohammed


The track "100 Years" exists only on a water soluble clay disc which lives in the cellars of the cognac brand Louis XIII. The stunt is intended to raise awareness of climate change, which, fair play, is a necessity in the current political environment—y'know, with certain government members being extremely hostile to the (literally scientifically proven) concept that we're slowly destroying the world and need to stop. So, yes, thank you Pharrell. However, the record is also intended to raise awareness of Louis XIII cognac's lengthy aging process, so, yeah. Anyway, stop leaving the bathroom light on if you want your descendants to hear a new Pharrell song or whatever.


Malcolm Young. 1/6/1953 – 11/18/2017. R.I.P.


Watch the full talk on


Which one of y'all did this? Show yourself.


“Eventually I feel like my goal is definitely global domination. But whether I get there this year or next year or in four years, who’s to say?” @kaliuchis has been everywhere in the last 12 months. Her naturally dizzying voice and woozy songs are now recognizably hers. But she didn’t always want that. Learn more about her in the latest Noisey Next on