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"Though I was born in Peru, I only recently decided to travel through my own country as a backpacker. I knew that people came from all over the world to take in our unique and amazing sights, some of which require long and strenuous treks. It was important for me to experience my homeland this way, so I readily accepted the challenge of climbing Rainbow Mountain. After enduring hours of strong and frigid winds, I reached the altitude of 17,000 feet completely out of breath, freezing, and — frankly — miserable. Many of the other hikers had decided against the ascent that day, so I was essentially alone at the top, save for the vendors selling coca leaves and this local man who kept smiling and congratulating me for making it despite the conditions. His warm welcome and the beauty of the scene behind him stuck with me and propelled me on the descent back to my car. In fact, I smiled the whole way down."
📷@alexazabache 📍Rainbow Mountain, Peru


Congrats to our #PPEco winner @kwittyb who reminds us that the earth provides everything we could ever need:
“I can only imagine the life well-lived in that beautiful humble home, isolated in an alluring trance. It’s always moving to be immersed in this scene; El Nido being one of the most beautiful places in the world, rain or shine, everything we need to survive and thrive is provided by the world around us...And everyday is a good day to remind ourselves of that.” We’re also sending a big thank you to everyone who participated and our wonderful guest judges @captainmaji &!

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This week’s #PPEco challenge immersed us in a variety of beautiful ecosystems and environments from the around the world!

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“Elephants are the largest land mammals. As a photographer, I always try to portray them accurately and do justice to their sheer size and mass. That said, it's always interesting to see the world’s largest creatures made small by their surroundings. On a recent guided safari in Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park, I encountered a small herd of elephants walking through a giant cathedral woodland. They were feeding on the nutritious leaves of the massive Winter Thorns, and the scene left me in absolute awe. What a sight it was to see just how incredibly beautiful this large woodland was, and to have the elephants add a sense of scale to it. To this day, it is one of my favorite pictures and stories to share.”
📷@marlondutoit 📍Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia


“I made my way from Tokyo to Kawagoe knowing only that I wanted to witness the scenic boat rides along the Shingashi River. When I arrived, the narrow streets alongside the canal were brimming with festival-goers enjoying midday snacks and the company of friends and family. Heavy-laden Sakura blossoms swayed gently in the breeze, and the sight of falling petals being whisked away by the water was one to behold. As I stood on the bridge overlooking the scene, a gust of wind lifted a flurry of them, creating the illusion of a magical spring snow — it was as if everyone caught their breath at the same time. In that moment, as I marveled at the beauty of our shared experience, I was reminded of why it’s important to follow your whims, let go of your expectations, and allow moments to speak for themselves.”
📷@kitsunekun 📍Kawagoe, Japan
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"I took this shot while showing my mum the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. She had been visiting for two weeks time, and since the weather had been pretty overcast, I was feeling a little disheartened, as I know the colors of Lake Louise are at their best during the sunny hours. Just as I was beginning to lose hope, the clouds parted for a moment, allowing for a spark of sunlight to brighten the path and accentuate the area's natural hues — a striking contrast against the unlit part of the lake. What made the moment all the more sweet was that an early morning canoer rowed by at the exact same moment."
📷@joemackin 📍Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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"I believe all cultures are the result of communication with one another. There are not many places where this is more evident than in India. This predominantly Hindu country is shaped by the constant process of communication between Hinduism and Islam, and the Jama Masjid mosque stands as proof of that fact."
📷@vchoiii 📍Old Delhi, India


Ecology looks at the relations of organisms with one another and their physical surroundings. For this week’s #PPEco challenge, we as well as guest judges & @captainmaji will be exploring these connections.
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🎥@alex_broadstock 📍Oahu, Hawaii, USA


“When you’re living in another country, it’s easy to overlook its beauty and how amazing its people can be. After living in Dubai for almost three years, I finally took the time to discover more about the holy month of Ramadan. I loved everything about the experience, but I was especially moved by how people came together every evening to eat, pray, and talk to one another about Islam. It was touching to witness how everyone shares and provides for each other. It was an incredible feeling to be able to join in this tradition while capturing the moment. I’m continually impressed by how this young city succeeds in bringing people from all over the world together to build a better future. Never forget to explore and enjoy the things and beauty which are sometimes right in front of you!"
📷@charlotteanthonissen 📍Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE


Planning a day trip to Nova Scotia’s harborfront capital? Wanting to explore the ancient streets of Quebec City? Longing to experience the culture and views of Montreal?
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"My brother and I arrived in Budapest with few plans. Unsure of where to start, we spent the entire day weaving through the city's oldest streets, admiring the weathered facades that serve as remnants of war. As the day wore on, we made our way to the Danube River and up to the Buda Castle to get an aerial view of the city's most extraordinary landmarks. Seeing the city lights come on, one by one, across the skyline was the most exhilarating experience. Budapest has a truly magical atmosphere that radiates from its grand monuments, and the view of the sunset against the stone towers and spires only added to the enchanting sight."
📷@joethommas 📍Budapest, Hungary

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This week’s #PPEco challenge deals with (you guessed it) ecology!

We’re all interconnected. So as travelers, we should be asking: “How do we affect our surrounding environment and those that share it with us?” We’re excited to have @captainmaji & with us guest judges, so check the rules linked in our bio and join in!
📷@arjunajosefina 📍Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town, South Africa