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"It was a rainy Monday in Ascoli Piceno, and I was wandering in search of a cozy moment in the village. The vintage car on the other side of this alley caught my eye, and it felt like time was suspended, as if I couldn’t tell if I was in 2018 or the 1960s. Sometimes photos help us to fixate on a moment in time, even if time isn’t so relevant. It may have just been an instance, but for me, this alley will maintain this view for a long time."
📷@mori_effe 📍Ascoli Piceno, Italy


Observed every year on April 22, Earth Day is a day to celebrate the planet and educate people about the need for environmental protection.

In honor of this eco-friendly holiday, Passion Passport is dedicating the next few days to the Earth, so this week’s challenge theme is #PPGreenEarth!
While we’re excited about checking destinations off of our bucket list, we’re passionate about protecting and honoring each place we visit. The world is an awe-inspiring place, and we want to make sure the next generation of travelers will be able to see what we saw.

Tell us how you travel sustainably or share an example of the beauty in nature that inspires you to help preserve the planet. Guest judges @owendubeck & @lonelywhale can’t wait for you to share your passion.

Click the link in our bio for full rules, and visit for stories around this week’s theme!
📷@bastienhere 📍Tamarin Falls, Mauritius


"Our driver dropped us off right in front of the Hawa Mahal, where traffic was most chaotic. As we stepped out onto the crowded street, we were immediately approached by vendors selling bags, handmade accessories, and jewelry. We made our way to a "quieter" spot and sat down for a long time, hoping for a reprieve. Suddenly, this woman walked into the restricted area and started sweeping the floors, drawing us back into the moment."
📷@veeceecheng 📍Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


There’s nothing we love more than planning an itinerary, packing a suitcase, purchasing a train ticket, and embarking on an adventure! After a recent train ride to Ottawa, members of the Passion Passport team spent a day exploring the city with our friends at @viarailcanada for #viarail40. If you’d like to get to know Canada a bit better, use our itinerary to become acquainted with the country’s diverse, cultural capital — the link is in our bio.


Congratulations to #PPLibrary winner @lastquietplaces who was surprised to find the Morgan Library — holding the only remaining page of the original “The Scarlet Letter” manuscript no less — in her own neighborhood.

We loved walking through the shelves and archives with you this past week. Thank you to guest judges @cnlibrarian, @framboisejam, @israel_r & @zachspassport as well as all who joined in and told their story!


This week #PPLibrary took us around the globe — from Canada to Zambia!

We’re sending a huge congrats to our honorable mentions @travelingcynic, @anniemal_, @tejlgaard, @anca_vieru, @wanderfong, @thiswildermess, @medmo, @concretelibraries & @sparkventures. Wait to find out our winner soon!


While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and expand experience through travel, we’re aware that adventuring to far-off places can leave quite the carbon footprint. So, in honor of Earth Week, we’re launching our Sustainable Travel Series. These stories celebrate eco-travelers, low-impact ways of living, and explorations that honor both people and places.

We hope they inspire you to travel with the environment in mind.

To check out the first article in the series, head to — link in bio.
📷 @asenseofhuber 📍Puerta del Diablo, Panchimalco, El Salvador


"When I arrived at the Stockton Sand Dunes, the wind was choppy, scattering the sand into a smooth top layer. I noticed the shape of a shadow cast by a nearby dune and was attracted to the contrast. I walked to the middle of the peaks and captured this moment. Although I've been to the area time and time again, the landscape inspires me each time I go. The seemingly never-ending vastness of the dunes makes me appreciate how large the world is and how amazing nature truly is."
📷@pat_kay 📍Stockton Sand Dunes, New South Wales, Australia


"I was on my way to the center of Old Town Hội An. It was a spring afternoon, and I could smell the mixture of fresh air, nearby trees, and freshly painted walls. I noticed this trishaw driver reinstalling the foam seat cushion on his vehicle before taking his next riders for a spin. I walk through this area often and see these drivers napping or sipping tea and coffee almost every time. It is a pleasant reminder to slow down and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this old town."
📷@soaipham 📍Hội An, Vietnam


There are just three hours left to share your story for our #PPLibrary ending at noon EST!

To enter:
1. Post a photo/video from your travels of a library or anything book-related.
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPLibrary in the caption.
3. Tell us about it in 3-4 sentences — favorite book, what your currently reading, when you first fell in love with libraries, anything.

Guest judges @cnlibrarian, @framboisejam, @israel_r & @zachspassport are standing by. Here’s a little inspiration to get you going....
📷@israel_r 📍Chicago, Illinois, USA
📷@harimaolee 📍Tianjin, China
📷 📍Porto, Portugal


The Lodhi Gardens in Delhi have an eerie yet peaceful atmosphere. They represent a place of growth but also serve as an ancient burial site, housing tombs and remains that date back to the Mughal Era. According to @brewing.latte, the grounds have the ability to calm you one minute and put you in a state of deep thought the next.


We at PP are about travel and the storytelling that goes with it. It’s only fitting we celebrate library month with a #PPLibrary challenge!

Has a book or magazine ever inspired a journey? Tell us about it! Joining are @cnlibrarian, @framboisejam, @israel_r & our very own @zachspassport as guest judges!

There are a little over 24 hours left to enter. Just post a photo/video relating to the theme, and click the link in our bio for full details!
📷@framboisejam 📍Pesaro, Italy


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