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Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world. Based in #Samburu #Kenya

Our new annual report is hot off the press! ... Everything you wanted to know about the status of African elephants, our work in the field and abroad, and how our incredible donors around the world have helped us save elephant lives, is right here. Click the link in the bio to read more. We hope you enjoy! #elephants #savetheelephants. Photo: @janewynyard


From France to Samburu! Read the amazing story of how Sonia Palfrey - an education donor flew thousands of miles to meet her elephant scholar, Naima Mohamed for the very first time (link in bio). It is thanks to the wonderful support from donors like Sonia that drive such positive change in Elephant Scholars. We remain extremely grateful to all those who have supported the STE/Elephant Watch Safaris Elephant Scholarship Programme – your generosity not only allows students to reach for the stars but also gives them opportunities that would otherwise seem impossible. It costs $6,000 to sponsor a child like Naima through 4 years of high school, find out how you can help by clicking the link in the bio. Photo: @babymonkey79 #elephantscholar #elephants #elephant #education #Africa @elephantwatchcamp


We are proud to announce that Chris Leadismo, our Head of Security, has been named as one of the 50 finalists to receive the 2018 African Ranger Award. The Award, which is sponsored by Paradise International Foundation and Alibaba Foundation, recognises the crucial role that front-line rangers play in conservation while also raising awareness globally on the need to conserve Africa’s wildlife. Hongera Chris for your outstanding dedication and commitment to protecting Samburu's elephants! #AfricanRangerAward #Conservation #Awards #Recognition #Elephants. Photo: @therealjunglejane


We are delighted to share some encouraging news from one of Save The Elephants’ elephant scholars.  Vivian Alinta, one of 150 elephant scholars to have successfully passed through our education programme, was earlier this year awarded a one year contract at @samburuyoutheducationfund as the programme co-ordinator for their 2018 Social Change Training Program. Vivian, who was an elephant scholar for seven years, says the programme helped her to not only pursue a course she loved but also give back to the community. #elephants  #education #scholars #Samburu #savetheelephants. Photo: @babymonkey79


While surfing the internet, Mexican artist Ivàn Rosales Garcìa noticed a picture of an elephant and her calf and replicated it through this beautiful acrylic painting. @ivan7atl is a self taught painter who has been producing stunning paintings since 2011 and believes that elephants should be able to live freely in their natural habitat. #FanFriday #Talent #Art #Paint


It’s that time of year in Samburu National Reserve! With so many elephant families in the park thanks to the rains and abundance of vegetation, pickings are good for musth bulls looking for females in estrus. In this short film captured by our monitoring team, we see Archimedes having his way with a young female from the Butterflies family. Shortly afterwards, the Butterflies family gathered around the young female trumpeting loudly. We hope to see a new bouncing baby elephant in this herd in the next 22 months!  Footage: David Kuulei. #elephants #elephant #babyelephants


The team at Save the Elephants’ research centre in Samburu, Northern Kenya got the surprise of their life when a lost baby elephant walked into the middle of their camp recently. The team are used to monitoring and occasionally rescuing wild elephants in the field but this was the first time an elephant had ever approached them for help! To find out what happened next, read our story (link in bio). #elephants #Samburu #babyelephant Photo: @therealjunglejane


It took an incredible three months to plan the layout for these Asian elephant paintings but the finished product is amazing! @inventiveroots, who teaches art lessons in New Hampshire with her sister, brought her paintings of Asian elephants to life using classic renaissance techniques. She likes to paint elephants because she believes not only are they gentle and wise but exemplify power and stability. #art #fanfriday #talent


On our recent US tour we got to meet one of our donors, @glassybaby in Seattle and see their creative and inspirational collection of hand-crafted glasswear. Glassybaby has created a special elephant range called 'Tembo' (meaning elephant) and are kindly donating 10% of their sales to Save The Elephants. Last year, their generous gifts helped us with the purchase of our second bush plane which is being used in routine aerial operations and patrols to check up on collared elephants. #elephants #elephant #tembo #shopforacause #seattle #glassybaby #savetheelephants. Photos: Glassybaby


Are you passionate about elephants? You can raise awareness and help support these iconic species by getting your hands on our limited edition tees by British designer @katharinehamnett and sold through our very own Teemill store @rapanuiclothing. Grab yours today by clicking in the link in our bio. #elephants #elephant #savetheelephants #fashion #awareness #shopforacause Photos: @lwittman


All the way from Pakistan, give it up for Hasan Kazi's thoughtful and creative graphic design inspired by a message in a bottle and symbolising elephant survival. Hasan, who is a graphic designer, says he saw a picture on the internet of a message in a bottle and was inspired by the fact the message survived the ‘thunderous dark seas’ because it was safe inside the glass. He hoped his picture sent a similar message - that we must protect and care for elephants on our planet. #art #FanFriday #design #talent


From all of us at Save The Elephants, the @elephantcrisisfund, and the @wildnetorg, we are immensely grateful to @tiffanyandco  for helping us shine a light on the plight of  elephants across Africa. Tiffany's generous boost to the Elephant Crisis Fund will be felt across the continent where our partners are working tirelessly to save elephants. The challenges are global and complex, and to secure a future for elephants we need an alliance that spans continents and sectors. We hope Tiffany’s leadership will inspire others. #knotonmyplanet #tiffanyandco #elephants #elephant #elephantconservation

#Repost @tiffanyandco ・・・
We pledged to raise $1 million by January 2019 with our #TiffanySaveTheWild collection, donating 100% of the profits to @elephantcrisisfund. Now, with your help, we’ve doubled our goal with over $2 million going to support the best investments in anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction. A special thank you to @doutzen @sunneryjames @jeannedamas @joansmalls @taylor_hill @kesewaaboah and @jujujuxiaowen for their commitment to the campaign. We will continue supporting the Elephant Crisis Fund as they work to end the global ivory crisis. Link in bio to learn more. #KnotOnMyPlanet #TiffanySustainability


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