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Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world. Based in #Samburu #Kenya

Global Ambassador for @KnotOnMyPlanet, @doutzen, and Save The Elephants Founder and @elephantcrisisfund co-founder, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, talk about the collaboration with #LOEWE in an exclusive interview. See the full film and shop for the #LOEWEkomp Elephant Mini Bag on #KnotOnMyPlanet #ElephantCrisisFund


In support of the @elephantcrisisfund, @KnotOnMyPlanet and #LOEWE have collaborated to launch a limited edition Elephant Mini Bag, featuring beadwork by women from the Samburu Trust in northern Kenya. The collection is exclusively available on and in @Bergdorfs#LOEWEkomp #KnotOnMyPlanet #ElephantCrisisFund


We were drawn to this particular piece as it reminds us of Samburu where our research camp is based. More often than not, our long term monitoring team encounter elephant mums in the field with their tiny calves walking beside them - a very precious sight indeed! While New Zealand-based pencil artist @jeremy_mccormick_artist was inspired by a photograph, he hopes that future generation of elephants won’t just be remembered through photos, film or art but still wandering the plains of Africa so we can continue to see them in person. We echo your sentiments Jeremy! #elephants #FanFriday #talent #awareness #samburu


It was all smiles and cheers when a big white lorry drove into the Chumviere school compound recently. The occasion? Teachers were receiving much-needed desks, chairs and revision books donated by Save The Elephants & @elephantwatchcamp through the generous support of the Mellmann Foundation. As with most schools in northern Kenya, determined teachers and students endure a number of challenges such as inadequate learning and teaching resources. Thanks to the Mellmann Foundation, our timely intervention will enable better learning for Chumviere’s pupils. #education #NorthernKenya #MellmannFoundation


Thanks to Save The Elephants’ tracking app, powered by Vulcan, and the support of other conservation partners, @elephantcrisisfund partner the Wildlife Action Group Malawi (WAG) in Malawi is now able to track a troublesome bull elephant named Chakuse in Thuma forest reserve, and hopefully keep him out of harm’s way. Chakuse has a reputation for breaking fences and raiding farmer’s crops and so with help from @AfricanParks and the local vet, WAG were able to dart the enormous elephant and put a collar on him. By tracking Chakuse’s movements, WAG can now try to stop him leaving the reserve and potentially getting shot or speared by angry locals. #elephants #elephant #elephantcrisisfund #thumaforestreserve #Malawi #wildlifeactiongroup


20 different shades of Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils, a piece of Daler Rowney A4 pastel paper and 15 hours is what it took UK based wildlife artist, Naomi Rose Johnson to do this potrait. Naomi is very passionate about conservation and raising awareness on the surrounding issues many species face today. #FanFriday #awareness #conservation #art #coloredpencils @nrjartcommissions


Not long ago, the education team visited five schools within the Samburu Isiolo Conservation Area to conduct the second of four lessons in the Living in Harmony with Elephants (LIHWE) curriculum. The curriculum invest heavily on experiential learning, creating content that allow students to experience conservation issues in different yet interesting perspectives. Lesson II for example, stresses the role of learners in saving the savannah. Incorporating games and outdoor activities such as “Good Herder vs. Bad Herder”, “Creating Wildlife Corridors” and “Habitat Hula Hoops" the lessons bring to life key conservation issues within the savannah landscape and how students can play a part in creating lasting positive impact as future conservation ambassadors. Photo: STE #education #NorthernKenya #LIHWE #elephants


We love Willa - a 15 x 21 inch elephant - made by hand using a piece of acid free paper and a #11 blade. @bymaudewhite, the paper cutting artist and author from New York cuts all sorts of things from birds, flowers, people, other animals, ships but she always finds herself coming back to cutting elephants. She hopes that they can find safety and peace in their natural world. #FanFriday #art #talent #papercutting #elephants #NewYork


This past rainy season (the best we've had since 2008) has seen huge congregations of elephants observed by our team in the Ewaso reserves, sometimes up to 350 strong. Another byproduct of the rains was the elephants that were sighted for the first time in decades in the Mount Kulal region just east of Lake Turkana in May. The group of rather skittish elephants were spotted by workers at the Lake Turkana Wind Power farm, who alerted our team in Samburu. Despite a concerted effort to track the elephants they disappeared before we got a chance to start tracking one, but the fact they went to this area is fascinating. Photo of Samburu Elephants: @ninaconstable


How do elephants stay cool in the warm Samburu weather? Just ask Matisse’s son, from The Artists family and members of the Biblical Towns family who were recently filmed by our media intern, @kkporterfield,
splashing about in mud baths and the Ewaso Nyiro river. Now doesn’t that look like fun?! Head over to our YouTube channel to see the full film. #elephants #samburu #EwasoNyiroRiver #mudgloriousmud


We’re so pleased to see that Shaba and Samburu (the little elephant who walked into our compound) are doing so well! Thank you @r.e.s.c.u.e for your compassion and care towards these vulnerable orphans #elephants #savetheelephants #reteti #Repost @sabadouglashamilton ・・・
Bottoms up! End of term treat visiting #Reteti elephant orphanage to meet Shaba the orphan matriarch from the Samburu Poetics family, and the tiniest newbie who walked into @savetheelephants lost and alone when just a few days old. Amazing work @katie.rowe and thank you!!!


Denmark artist @moeweinreich_art's (56) dreams of one day coming to Africa and seeing for herself the majestic elephants she is helping raise awareness for through her acrylic paintings. Lots of Heidi’s inspiration comes from Instagram where she follows wildlife photographers and other accounts with elephant photos to create masterpieces such as the one we’ve featured above. #art #talent #awareness #FanFriday