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Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world. Based in #Samburu #Kenya

On this Earth Day, we recognise the importance of elephants in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live. Did you know that their dung is full of seeds from the many plants they eat? This is then deposited and the seeds are sown and grow into new grasses, bushes and trees, boosting the health of the savannah ecosystem. Let’s all play our part in taking care of the earth on this important day! #environment #Earthday #conservation #elephants. Photo: @robbielab


We love this fabulous oil painting done by the talented Ashley Davies of @ashleydaviesart. Ashley, a self taught young artist from the UK, draws her inspiration from the works of David Shepherd who set up the @dswfwildlife. Ashley hopes her work will help save elephants. Well done Ashley! #FanFriday #art #talent #awareness


THANK YOU @ivoryella for your incredible support. Although elephants are facing huge challenges, we do see some light at the end of the tunnel, and Ivory Ella purchases are helping get us there. #ivoryella #elephants #Samburu #FashionForGood #Repost @ivoryella ・・・
Today, we celebrate all that we have accomplished over the last three years. Most importantly, the fact that we donated our $1 millionth dollar to @savetheelephants! A list of all our milestones is live on our blog. Head on over to our stories and read it 🐘


WATCH: Drama on the Ewaso today as a herd of elephants tried to cross the swollen river from Buffalo Springs to Samburu National Reserve, nearly endangering the lives of several little calves.  Our team watched as the Native Americans and Artists began to make the crossing at one of their usual spots along the river.  It became immediately obvious that the calves in the herd were struggling to keep their heads above the strong currents and in danger of being swept away. Fortunately the Artists’ matriarch, Rodin, perhaps sensing the calves were in danger, began to turn the herd back to shore. The bigger elephants formed a tight circle around the smaller ones and everyone returned to the river bank amidst much trumpeting. A happy ending! Head over to our blog on the STE website to see the photos (link in bio). iPhone footage: David Kuulei #elephants #EwasoNyiroRiver #Samburu #matriarch


Elephants are like us in more ways than one. Our research has shown they are highly intelligent creatures with complex consciousnesses and capable of strong emotions including mourning their dead. This footage in Samburu shows an unknown bull visiting and touching the carcass of Shaka, a 23 year old bull who sadly passed away just over a week ago from what we believe to be natural causes. Thanks to our friends at @ewasolions for capturing this unique footage!  On the same day STE's Field Education officer Daud Abdi also took this photograph of Merti, a sporadic elephant bull, visiting the carcass. #kenya  #elephantbehaviour #research #science #Samburu #africa #elephants #elephant


Meet the Mama Tembos, meaning Elephant Mothers after the famous Mama Simbas of our local conservation partners @ewasolions, who have been appointed by their respective communities in Northern Kenya to guard wildlife and livestock corridors and help safeguard the future of elephants. Save The Elephants, with the help of Singer Rankin’s WorldWomenWorks and @ivoryella, is supporting the Mama Tembos and local communities to define and protect wildlife corridors against the threat of unplanned development that could hinder the movement of livestock and wildlife. The project was recently given its first unofficial ‘blessing’ by a wild collared elephant called Kiir. Read the full blog on our website. Link in the bio. #elephants #community #corridors #savetheelephants #Samburu #Kenya Photo: @therealjunglejane


Samburu National Reserve has turned lush and green thanks to the recent rains. Of course the abundant foliage means a large number of elephants have returned to the park including lone migrant bulls in musth. Our STE team recently witnessed three young bulls, still with their herd but perhaps preparing for a life of solitude in the wild, locked in combat with two appearing to gang up on the third. There was plenty of shoving, clashing of tusks and violent combat that shook the dust from their skin and left them bloodied. Occasionally there’d be a truce, a bite to eat, and off they’d go again. Our team didn’t get to see who won the battle as it was getting dark, but the bulls it seemed still had plenty of energy to expel! Photos: @therealjunglejane


Save The Elephants is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Elephant matriarch Dame Daphne Sheldrick. Daphne worked tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants across Africa including from Samburu where our research centre is based. We join the world in mourning the loss of Daphne who was a great defender of elephants, a passionate conservationist and above all a ‘surrogate mother’ to hundreds of African elephants who without her dedication and commitment would probably not be alive today. #elephants #orphanelephants #orphans #babyelephants #conservation #matriarch


A team from STE swapped the African savannah for the bright city lights in aid of elephants last night when they attended a black tie fundraising gala in Toronto co-hosted by supermodel @doutzen and luxury retailer @holtrenfrew's @alexwestonholts. More than 100 well-heeled guests gathered to celebrate #knotonmyplanet (KOMP) for which Doutzen is global ambassador. KOMP is a charitable movement set up to support elephant conservation and the Elephant Crisis Fund - an initiative by Save The Elephants and @wildnetorg in partnership with the @leonardodicapriofdn. To top it off, @tiffanyandco - a valued and generous donor to the Elephant Crisis Fund - kindly provided gifts from its Tiffany Save the Wild collection to all guests as well as a coveted silent auction item with 100% from the donated gifts going towards the Elephant Crisis Fund. We thank you all! Your support makes such a difference to our efforts to secure a future for elephants in Africa. #savetheelephants #Canada #Toronto #Holtrenfrew #gala #elephants #doutzen #elephantconservation. Photos: @lucyeking99


A big elephant-sized thank you to @federicomarchetti, @ynap, @portermagazine, @doutzen, @tiffanyandco and @lucy_yeomans. We are super grateful for your support and commitment to saving elephants!
#Repost @federicomarchetti ・・・
Last month I was very sad to hear that the last Northern White Rhino died, and with him the entire species. Thank goodness there are people fighting to stop these things. Last summer, @doutzen and @portermagazine’s @lucy_yeomans hosted a dinner in honour of @savetheelephants, to raise awareness for this cause and launch an exclusive @tiffanyandco elephant charm on @netaporter, 100% of the profits of which went to the @elephantcrisisfund. It was an unforgettable night in honour of an animal that never forgets and should never be forgotten like the Northern White Rhino.
First photo courtesy of @therealjunglejane (former @YNAP employee!)


A survey carried out in five schools in Northern Kenya by Save The Elephants has revealed that positive attitudes amongst students towards elephants has risen from 39% to 61%. Cultivating positive attitudes and behaviour towards wildlife is vital for the future of natural ecosystems. STE’s Education Programme applies mixed methods such as experiential learning and citizen science to encourage young people’s appreciation of the living planet. Since its inception almost 18 years ago, STE’s Elephant Scholarship programme has grown from strength to strength thanks to the support of our donors and this year we celebrate the intake of 16 bright but needy scholars. 
#education #elephants #scholars #conservation 📸 @therealjunglejane


Meet three brilliant individuals - Brian N Johnson who has been climbing mountains for elephants and recently climbed Mt. Kenya with his friend, Viva Evans and @thomascostravels who cycled 9,133 thousand miles from Cairo to Cape Town. Through their individual efforts, they collectively raised over $10,000 for STE! Bravo! We cannot thank you enough guys. Taking on a personal challenge in support of a charity that is close to your heart is a great way to get fit, push your personal boundaries and to do it in a more meaningful way by raising funds and awareness for an important cause. What challenge are you taking on? Share your ideas here to inspire more people to SAVE ELEPHANTS... #elephants #fundraising #savetheelephants


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