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Video by @CristinaMittermeier // Playful and curious, this group of Steller sea lions nibble on @PaulNicklen as he laughs through his mask. Photographing these immensely engaging animals and getting "the shot" can be difficult with constant bumps and bites. However, the challenge is a small price to pay for all the fun that comes with sharing the water with these charismatic creatures.


Photo by @justinhofman // nothing has changed my life more than learning to dive. From the moment I went underwater with the ability to breathe I knew it was exactly where I should be. If more people went underwater perhaps our oceans would be in a better state. Those of us who do should share all the stories and images we can to spread the love and respect for this ocean planet of ours.
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Video by @PaulNicklen, @Andy_Mann, and the @Sea_Legacy team // A storm was brewing above the surface as we put on our dive gear and ventured down into the abyss on this night dive in Cuba. With only our dive lights to illuminate the narrow route, it was a surreal feeling to be immersed in such a diverse and mysterious world surrounded by complete darkness. We were on a mission, searching for a large sponge that we had spotted earlier in the day. As our lights wove a search pattern across the ocean floor, they revealed our sponge nestled among the coral. We set another light above the sponge, which reflected off the sharks, creating the eerie moment you see here. With @paulnicklen @andy_mann @iankellett_story @cristinamittermeier @samkretch


Photo by @nickhawkinsphotography // Submarine pilot @shmulikblum slips below the thin blue line aboard the submersible DeepSea. Submersibles like this one allow us to explore and work in areas much deeper than what is possible with even the most high tech scuba equipment. In this case, to place a receiver 2,000 feet below the surface, on an underwater mountain known as the the Las Gemelas seamount. The work is part of important research being carried out by @migramarnet studying the migratory patterns of endangered hammerhead and silky sharks. Whether by submersible or conventional scuba, diving helps us learn more about our blue planet, both to bear witness to the extraordinary beauty and record the dramatic changes occurring beneath the waves. Shot #onassignment for @oceanschoolnow // @cremacostarica @finsattached @wwfcol @teamsharkwater


Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // This painted anemone sways in the strong ocean current, off the coast of British Columbia. Our oceans house some of the most colourful and diverse ecosystems on the planet, most of which are only accessible by diving. Diving is an incredible experience as it transports you to an underwater realm. Here, you are a different kind of visitor, testing the bounds of nature, immersing yourself in an unfamiliar element. Yet, we are all inherently connected to the ocean; depending on it for water, food, and oxygen. Join us as we work to protect our oceans, and the colourful marine life that calls these waters, home.


Photo by @shawnheinrichs // Sailfish are built for speed. Their long bills and aerodynamic bodies cut through water and reach speeds that are among the fastest in the ocean. Sadly, the vast majority of sailfish are caught by unsustainable fisheries. Driftnets and longlines are the major gear types used around the world to catch these billfish and devastatingly produce the highest by-catch rates of any fishing practices. You can help protect marine life like sailfish, by always asking questions and choosing seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that have minimal impact on the environment. #TurningTheTide for #SustainableFisheries week with @shawnheinrichs @bluespherefoundation


Photo by @PaulNicklen // A giant wave crashes above @CristinaMittermeier while she free dives in the warm waters of Oahu’s west coast. The view from land is white sands, rugged shorelines, and a seemingly endless expanse of blue ocean. To a casual observer, it likely appears that all is well; that life underwater is flourishing. However, beneath the waves, is a growing storm of concern as we increasingly see the health of our oceans and its inhabitants deteriorating. Diving allows us to learn, explore, and expose our ocean’s most desperate issues and gives insight to solutions which can help to save some of our most essential ecosystems.


Photo by @PaulNicklen // The underwater world is a place of mystery and wonder. As @CristinaMittermeier explores this cenote, light refracts through the gentle movement of the water. Whether we're diving off the coast of British Columbia, in the frigid waters of Antarctica, or in a cave in Mexico, there is always something new to explore. Join us this week as we highlight the excitement of being physically immersed in such surreal environments to explore and share the wonders of life below the thin blue line.


Photo by @CristinaMittermeier// Meet Gwantilakw Hunt Cranmer, a ‘Namgis First Nations youth of Alert Bay, Canada. Gwanti is one of the youths I have had the privilege to photograph for @Sea_Legacy’s campaign against open net fish farms. Ever since she could remember her community has fought against the Canadian Government and Norwegian fish farms who operate these farms on their ancestral lands.
Today she is on a mission and has been a leading voice in the fight against fish farms by coordinating Walk Outs, taking leadership in protests, and educating others on British Columbia’s fish farms.
On #InternationalYouthDay, I would like to thank the youth who have been so courageous in fighting for the good of our planet. Youth like Gwanti symbolize hope for our future, for the fate of our planet rests in their hands.
Join our Tide organization to learn more about the youth who are standing up for our oceans #turningthetide


Video by @TeamSharkwater // A highly-feared, yet misunderstood creature, sharks continue to be hunted for their fins to make shark fin soup. This illegal industry has caused a decline in the population numbers of these misrepresented animals that are vital to our ocean ecosystems. Follow conservation hero, Rob Stewart, as he takes us below the surface to expose this multi-billion-dollar industry in his highly-anticipated film, Sharkwater Extinction. Watch for it in theatres October 5th. See the link in our bio for the full trailer. @teamsharkwater @theseachangeagency @sea_legacy @dfilmscorp
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On #UNInternationalYouthDay we would like to introduce to you the young adults who work at SeaLegacy. We are very proud to be an organization that employs so many young people because our youth is imperative in helping us make a difference, to create healthy and abundant oceans for us and for our planet. In the words of Jane Goodall, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Our youth are the key to changing how we treat our oceans, whether it is through daily consumer choices or political policy.
Thank you to @ryantidman, @liannanixon, @kyle.roepke, @erichroepke, @steinretzlaff, @kira_rowsell, @nat.groulx, @chelsie_x_b, @elena.jean, @feeeeee, Tyler Tringas, Dean Fischer, and Dorothy Saunders for your hard work and #TurningTheTide. We are ecstatic that you are helping us make a difference.

Learn more about our youth #turningthetide by joining SeaLegacy’s Tide community!


Video by @4ocean // We have partnered with @4Ocean! For thousands of years, humans have been fishing the seemingly endless supply of fish in the world's ocean to sustain our ever-growing population. However, modern fishing techniques can wipe out entire fish populations and now we're seeing the effects of that sustained pressure. Helps us advocate for marine protected areas and support sustainable fisheries with a #StopOverfishing bracelet. NOW AVAILABLE at