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Ever feel like you just crashed a party? We’re guessing @bradleuephotography had that sneaking suspicion after stumbling onto this little roo gathering in Deep Creek Conservation Park! This slice of the @officialfleurieupeninsula is mysterious, wild and free, with countless trails winding through rugged bushland and coastal ridges overlooking vast blue seas. As hikers will attest, a day trip just doesn’t do it justice - and after a big day on the track (and perhaps even a nightcap or three with Skippy and Co), it’s not much further to wander to rest those weary feet… Just down the road you’ll find all your creature comforts (and loads more creatures!) at the super stylish, and beautifully secluded @southernoceanretreats. As the roos rustle and the stars come out to play, you’ll be nodding off to the sounds of nature in no time! #SeeSouthAustralia 🙈🐵🎉 [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 1.5hr drive to #DeepCreek CP] #Kangaroos #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia

Deep Creek Conservation Park

Nothing delivers scale quite like the wild and rugged seascape of @eyrepeninsula - and according to @samrogerss, he “literally can’t get enough of this spot” near With uninterrupted views across the Southern Ocean and pounding surf at his feet, he got a taste of raw nature at its most dramatic (next stop: Antarctica, right out across that big blue horizon). Plonked out in the water on that pinnacle there’s an osprey nest, sitting superbly in isolation, having been carved by the surf over thousands of years. Just down the road, the Chain of Bays (Venus Bay to Streaky Bay) is known for its amazing waves and fishing, and with @camel_beach house perched perfectly at the southern-most tip, it’s a prime spot to breath in all that sea and solitude - with a sundowner in hand… 🌊😱 #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: 7.5 hours drive (or 50 minute flight) to @port_lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 2hr drive to #Elliston ]​ #EyrePeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia

Elliston, South Australia

Time moves differently in Innes National Park – that’s why we live by the currents and plan by the tides of the impossibly perfect @yorkepeninsula... Our mate @tobi_ling stumbled upon this flawless coastal canvas after a little bit of bush rambling. With just the local kangaroos and sea birds soaring above for company, getting a space to yourself around here is just as easy as throwing on your hiking boots, packing a towel and hitting the road. Around every bend, you’ll find a vast wilderness littered with historic shipwrecks, lighthouses and hidden coves just waiting to be unearthed. At the end of a day’s adventures, reward your wanderlust and treat yourself to a dreamy night in a million-star hotel with @bayside_glamping’s bonza bell tent setup by the beach! Happy campers? You betchya. 🏖️⛺️ #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia and a 3.5hr drive to #InnesNationalPark] #YorkePeninsula #Yorkes #SeeAustralia #Australia

Innes National Park

It’s the stuff road trips are made of… Like a dark vein splitting the outback landscape all the way to its vast red horizon, a journey along the #ExplorersWay can take drivers to a whole new world. Early explorers once plied this transcontinental route by camel - opening up Australia’s parched interior from the lush vines in the south to the tropics in the north. But as @iherok found, these days it’s open to anyone with a sense of adventure and a lust for the open road. Here in @cooberpedy_southaustralia (a.k.a. The Opal Capital of the World) you’ll find plenty of both - where desert gems are plucked from a landscape resembling the Moon - by people living underground! No surprise that it’s also been the setting for a stack of movies over the years, including the legendary 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome'. To get a true taste of what lies beyond and beneath the bitumen, hop on board @aridareastours when you’re in town! #SeeSouthAustralia 🚙🤘 [📍Location: 9 hour drive, or 2 hour flight, from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia to #CooberPedy ] #SeeAustralia #Australia

Coober Pedy, South Australia

This little guy’s well aware that the food, wine and good times in @officialfleurieupeninsula are only a hop, skip and a jump away this Autumn… Wildlife isn’t the only thing this stunning landscape is known for – @mclaren_vale also happens to be one of the most famous #wine regions in the world - and for good reason, with a litany of cellar doors flowing with top-notch shiraz (among plenty of other varieties) year-round. If you’re in the neighbourhood, skip on down to the Buttery family’s 306-acre @gemtreewines vineyard to get involved in a hands-on experience in biodynamic farming before winding down for the day with a tailored afternoon tasting session. Epic pic by @thesellerdoor_brighton! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🍷 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide, #SouthAustralia then a 45 minute drive to #McLaren Vale] #Kangaroo #SeeAustralia #Australia

McLaren Vale, South Australia

When the sun rises over the Anna Creek Painted Hills, it’s nothing short of spectacular! This stunning and recently discovered section of the pristine #Breakaways country in the far north of South Australia is a genuine jaw-dropper at any time of day. Emerging from a gigantic desert landscape and standing as monuments to time these beauties were left behind by a great ancient inland sea millions of years ago. Sitting plush on the world’s largest working cattle station, Anna Creek (larger than Israel at a staggering 24,000 square kilometres) these gems can only be accessed by air from @williamcreekhotel and #CooberPedy – and while getting a birds-eye view is always unforgettable, @wrightsair also now offers guests exclusive ground access, enabling curious souls to see their incredible patterns and colours more intimately than ever before. Mind BLOWN. #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🛩️ [📍Location: a 2 hour flight (or 9 hours drive) to Coober Pedy from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ] #Outback #SeeAustralia #Australia

William Creek

“Wait… who the hell are YOU?!” Turns out @tarlancwentravels wasn’t the only local to drop in on Clancy’s treehouse here at @emuridgeeucalyptus… He also had a couple of other sticky beaks crash his party – Eddie and Ethel, two neighbourhood pranksters who can never pass up an opportunity to ruffle a few feathers! This spot isn’t just a great place to get up close with @authentickangarooisland’s resident wildlife, it’s also the only remaining commercial eucalyptus oil distillery in #SouthAustralia, and a key part of #KangarooIsland’s heritage. As well as attracting plenty of #koalas, the leaves on these trees produce a eucalyptus oil that is unique to the world, and distilled on site - and joining a guided tour gives a fascinating look into the process of making this classic Aussie bush product. Our tip: every house needs a bottle of this stuff in the cupboard, so take the opportunity to stock up while you’re here! #SeeSouthAustralia 🐨🐦 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry to #KangarooIsland ] #AuthenticKI #SeeAustralia #Australia #Emu #Koala

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery

It's a vintage Foodie Friday #sunrise here at @oliverstaranga in @mclaren_vale​! When the local cavalry rolled up to pull the 2018 crop of North Block Shiraz, the sky turned up for the party - perfectly dressed in red to match all those juicy ripe grapes below... These #vines churn out some of the best #vino in @officialfleurieupeninsula, having been nurtured by six generations of the Oliver family – and if you’ve arrived here thirsty, you’ll want to whet your whistle in their historic 1850’s stone cottage cellar door. There’s also much more to this #wine soaked paradise beyond the vineyards. With over 70 wineries bordered by stunning beaches and a distinct foodie vibe, all-day grazing is encouraged. Oh, and once you’ve had your fill, rest your palate (and your head) in the luxe digs of @thevineyardretreat down the road to truly take your tastebuds on holiday! #SeeSouthAustralia 🍇🌅🙌 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide, #SouthAustralia then a 45 minute drive to #McLarenVale ] #v18 #RestaurantAustralia #SeeAustralia #Australia

Oliver's Taranga Vineyards

Alright! Not sure about you, but we’re ready to strip off and run into the ocean at Beachport immediately… Half an hour south of @robesouthaustralia, the intense aquamarine water and curving white sands of Salmon Hole are known to drop a few jaws. Beachcombing around here is the stuff of legend, and whether you’re hitting the cliffs and dunes or taking the stunning Bowman Scenic Drive, this epic stretch of the #LimestoneCoast just oozes coastal cool. After a liberal dose of fresh sea air, you’ll also find it’s pretty easy to hit the hay around bedtime. Get some R&R in one of @luxeglamping’s super cool pop up Bell Tents and you’ll drift off to the sounds of the Southern Ocean, the gaggle of galahs or the tranquillity of rural life - just pick a location, kick your shoes off and…. Zzzzzzzzzzz….! ⛺️🔦. Thanks to @_markfitz for another incredible snap! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖️🙌 [📍Location: a 6hr drive from Melbourne to #Beachport, or 3.5hr drive from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ] #SeeAustralia #SouthernOceanDrive #SalmonHole

Beachport, South Australia

Can you even handle this cuteness?! These adorable one-month old #meerkat pups have just started clambering out of their burrow at #Monarto safari park in @murrayriverlakescoorong... We’re told by @zoossa that these guys are very busy, very sociable, and always have one or two sentries on duty keeping a look out! They also clarified that, contrary to much speculation “None of our meerkats are called Sergei, nor do they compare insurance companies”… In fact, their ‘day job’ mostly centres around foraging for food, basking in the sun and digging tunnels. Oh, and naturally after a tough day at the office, sitting down to their favourite meal of insects (or anything ‘meaty’) is just the order of the day. Simples! Thanks for the snap, Geoff Brooks. #SeeSouthAustralia 😍😍 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia then a 50 minute drive to #MonartoZoo ] #SeeAustralia #Australia

Monarto Zoo

You know that feeling when you finally get a moment all to yourself? Our mates @harryvick and @jordaaaan_ sure do… The shallow, turquoise waters of #PortHughes in @yorkepeninsula are a magnet for city slickers looking to go off-grid. They’re also teeming with delicious blue swimmer crabs at the right time of year (locals tell us that’s every month with an ‘r’ in its name), and as kids fossick along the shoreline and sun lovers float around on giant inflatables, we’d suggest taking your BFF for looooooooonnng walk to find your own slice of utopia… While the tide washes in and fish dart between your toes there’s plenty of time to think about where to settle in for sunset – and with a boatload of holiday shacks and @porthughestouristpark conveniently plonked right on the foreshore, you’ll never be far from a bed and a sky show either! #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖️😍🙌 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, and a 2 hour drive to Port Hughes ]​ #YorkePeninsula #Yorkes #Paradise #SeeAustralia #Australia

Port Hughes, South Australia

Anyone recognise this from a famous album cover? Originally built in the 1920s, Burra Homestead (a.k.a. the ‘Midnight Oil House’) is just one of many abandoned and evocative ruins you’ll find scattered off the Barrier Highway. There’s definitely need to rush around here, and as @scottleggo can attest, it’s worth taking time to explore the historic copper mining town of @visitburra before heading for the vines of @clarevalleysa. If you’re feeling energetic, you can also ditch your car for a bike and weave your way through world-class wine country along the #RieslingTrail. This easy 35km ride will quite literally take you right up to the some of the most famous cellar doors in Leasingham, Watervale, Penwortham and Sevenhill… When you’re all pedalled out, rest your head in comfort at historic @bungareestation for a sublime dose of country hospitality! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🏚️🍷 [📍Location: a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide then a 2hr drive to #Burra in #ClareValley ] #SeeAustralia #Australia

Burra, South Australia, Australia