Aspiring Beam of Light. ☀️

It’s sunshine day!
Namaste y’all ☀️


Vintage denim romper on a Saturday? I think so!!! ☀️


✨✨Happy Summer!✨✨
Happy Birthday to my little Summer-baby sister!! My perfect other half. My perfect twin, perfectly opposite in every way we are the same. I love you.


Dance in the rain ✔️
Dive in the freezing water ✔️
Kiss the boy 💋
Photos by @saralynseyphoto




Happy #internationalyogaday! 💙
Don’t do it for a better body,
Do it for a better mind!!! 😌
I’ll be teaching at @mirrorimageathletics all evening,
come see us!


Good Morning!!
It’s #chinnychestythursday!
Not real sure why but I like it 😉


Even if you had a shit day.
Even if your allergies are monsters.
Even if you’re in pain.
Even if you’re angry.
The world is crazy,
the universe provides,
& everything is temporary.
So smile.
Wearing @avia.official


Command your space.
Command your energy.
Protect your space.
Protect your energy.
You can’t pour from an empty well. ✨


#wheelpose / #urdhvadhanurasana for today’s #mybody_myyoga challenge focusing on GRIEF.
Good ole #grief. This could be a long one but I’ll keep it short and sweet. If I could tell my depressed, anxious, anorexic, getting-divorced self something, it would be to ACT LIKE YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE. Grief is heavy. It is palpable. It is contagious. It breeds and spreads like wildfire. All that does is create more space for the wrong kind of grief and sadness. After about 5 years I swallowed my ego’s thirsty sadness and acted like I was in love. In love with my new life, my loneliness, my body & my purpose. I had to. You have to. It’s the only way the universe knows you’re ready for exactly that. You get what you give. Every damn time. Every damn day. .
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Summa Summa Summa Time 👙


Happy Monday ☕️
Rise and shine y’all, all damn day!