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Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Family of elephant in the Linyanti River, Northern Botswana, returning to dry brushland in the afternoon after a day of feeding on grass.
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Photo by @FransLanting Every photographer on safari for the first time wants to see a cheetah in the open. But on assignment for @NatGeo in Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains I wanted to show a different point of view, of a sinuous cat hiding in tall grass where it blends in perfectly while it’s poised to make a move. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more intimate encounters with the animal world. #Cheetah #Serengeti #BigCats #Wildlife #Wildlifephotography



Photo by @scottgoldsmithphoto // The hike to the top of the mountain was slightly treacherous because of dim early dawn light, a dense canopy and a foggy trail. The goal was to photograph the village from above. When I reached the summit, the fog had barely lifted. I absolutely love fog, but today it was outstaying it's welcome. After a long wait, I heard the warning honk. The honking of Canada Geese gives you plenty of time to be ready. The gorgeous landscape made for a wonderful and memorable morning even though I didn't get the image anticipated.

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Photo by @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages. In the capital of #Dhaka, the impact of the great climate change migration is already being felt, with half a million migrants arriving in the city each year. In Bangladesh alone, there will be 20-35 million #refugees by 2050. The biggest reason they give for learning their homes and moving to the city is environmental degradation. Fields inundated with salt water are unable to produce food and sources of clean water become undrinkable, meaning villagers have to travel further and further for water. Unpredictable rains make fishing a deadly occupation. The sea is claiming the very lands their homes are built on. Luckily, @friendshipngo Floating Hospital offers an innovative solution to the crisis, bringing care along waterways directly to those who need it.
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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // A young woman dries her hair after bathing at the Rescue Foundation’s Mumbai home. Although illegal under Indian law, human trafficking remains a significant problem. According to @ApneAap, a nonprofit which works to end sex-trafficking by preventing inter-generational prostitution in India, there are currently 16 million victims of sex trafficking in the country. India’s Lok Sabha passed the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill earlier this year, criminalizing and penalizing trafficking for exploitative sex, forced and bonded labour, begging, surrogacy and forced marriages. However, UN human rights experts say is must be revised with victim-centerd approach rather than criminalizing survivors, potentially further harming already vulnerable individuals. @canonusa #women #girls #trafficking #survivor #beauty #color #hope #change #expoloreroflight #canoncps



Photo by @rezaphotography

#Turkey, #Istanbul. On the Galata Bridge.
I spent few months in Turkey through years while on different assignments for National Geographic Magazine. I like the city of Istanbul, between West and East. At one point, years ago, I even thought that I will move there. This particular day, while observing the patience of the fishermen waiting for the fish, those three candyfloss sellers came to me.
A strange contrast with Suleymaniye and Yeni Mosques in the background.
Text by Rachel Deghati. Published in the book Reporters Without Borders ( 2008). #galatabridge #bridge #fishermen #fish #candyfloss #patience #turkish #mosque #Suleymaniye #yeni #pink #photooftheday #photojournalism #reza #rezaphoto #rezadeghati #rezaphotography #rezaphotojournalist #webistan #رضادقتى# عكاس @thephotosociety



Photo by @pedromcbride // Piercing the turquoise mirror of Antarctica’s changing, melting world of Graham Land where temperatures are heating up and changing the landscape and ecosystem the evolved among them. To see more wild places, follow @pedromcbride. #reflection #nature #adventure #blue #changingclimate #kayak



Photo by @randyolson // Siena doesn’t have back alleys... just little tunnels through history. With @melissafarlow and @federicaarmstrong #sienaphotoworkshop #sienaphotoawards #sienaitaly @sipacontest @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection



Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // After setting up base camp we went for a walk to check out our new surroundings. Gina brought along some vials so that she could collect samples of water, ice and snow for chemical analysis. Here she is collecting samples from a snow bank where she can easily access different depths within the snow. #EAGRE18 @greenland_caves



Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Northern gannet pair – Gannets are such mesmerizingly beautiful birds, filled with intricate detail, smooth sleek lines and moments of occasional tenderness. This is an image that I have just ‘found’, not because I never knew that it existed but because, like so much of my earlier digital work it hadn’t so much been processed as bludgeoned into submission. It was too dark, too yellow, the processing was at best ham-fisted and whilst this sensitive image was always there I had never ‘seen’ it. One of the blessings of working for the last few weeks on my website is that entire species files are being opened and looked through, probably for the first time in years. My gannet files, because of the work that I did with them over many years are pretty sizeable and whilst the processing on a lot of my recent images is at least passable some of my earlier ones, such as this, were appallingly treated and as such have always been completely overlooked. This image was captured on a sunny day but as a small cloud passed overhead the gannets were spared from frustrating shadows whilst the blue sky behind at least offered some colour, albeit cyan. What I love about this image is the simplicity of its feel, it looks and feels tender and gentle, a feeling that for anyone who has ever worked with gannets knows is not a character trait that is witnessed too often. The two exquisitely marked birds pausing for a moment, the male behind looking engagingly down at the seated female. My eye is also drawn to the slightly abstract nature of the males’ pose, his bill framed by his sweeping neck and the relatively subtle, pastel tones also contribute to its gentle, serene feel. Please follow me at @andyparkinsonphoto for more photo tips @andyparkinsonphoto@thephotosociety



Please read the caption, thanks to all those who engaged with this issue ❤️💚👍🏿👍🏼 - Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - a black rhino killed in the north of Liwonde National Park, Malawi, the poacher sliced off its face, is held by a ranger from African Parks @africanparksnetwork - BEIJING (REUTERS) - China has postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for medicine and other uses, the government said today, Monday (Nov 12), after a storm of protest from conservation groups over a plan to water down the decades-old prohibition. In October, the State Council issued a circular replacing a 1993 ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhinoceros horn, opening up exceptions under “special circumstances”, including medical “research” - lifting of the ban would have been disastrous for endangered rhino and tiger populations globally, which are already under critical pressure from a black market supplying the traditional medicine trade; even if the animal parts were only sourced from those bred in captivity, it would most certainly have resulted in increased poaching of wild populations pushing them closer to extinction. China banned trade in tiger bones and rhino horns 25 years ago as part of global efforts to save the animals, that ban is now back in place. Thank you to all those brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the planets wildlife. I hope by reversing this decision China will as a result be saving many many lives across all species, including our own. Please share and spread at least a little good news 💚💚 @africanparksnetwork @thephotosociety @everydayextinction @natgeo #notrade #noextinction



Photo by @lucianocandisani ( Luciano Candisani ). A Baobab from my last month assignment in Madagascar for @onelapsebr.
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