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Photo by @medfordtaylor
Friend and colleague Dr. Lincoln Brower died peacefully at his home in Nelson County, Virginia on Tues July 17, 2018. He was a world-renowned entomologist and research professor at Sweet Briar College. Born in New Jersey on Sept. 10, 1931, he was well-known internationally for his research on the chemical and physiological ecology of monarch butterflies, and was an ardent conservationist on their behalf. He worked tirelessly to protect the monarch’s overwintering habitat in Mexico, raising awareness through his research reports and dozens of interviews with national and international media organizations. I was privileged to work with Lincoln and climb the mountains in Michoacán, Mexico to photograph the wintering colonies of Monarch butterflies with him. Lincoln Brower was in every sense a gentleman and a scholar. I feel honored and humbled to have called him friend. His work and his spirit will live on.
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Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // REST STOP // Hoverfly rests on a common #chicory (Cichorium intybus) #flower. Hoverflies are amazing tiny fliers with wingbeat going up to hundreds/second. Of course, they need to relax sometimes... Taken only 4 miles from my actual residency in #Hungary. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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Photo by @StephenEdwardFerry // | El Palo, Colombia, 2016 | Cow chases dog. | El Palo is a small town that testifies to the ups and downs of the Colombian peace process. Previously a scenario of frequent combat between Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas and security forces, El Palo had become the picture of tranquility, thanks to the peace process in 2016. Recently, however, the arrival of other armed groups - ELN guerrillas and paramilitaries -has meant a resurgence of assassination of social leaders in this region. | El Palo es un pueblo que ejemplifica los altibajos del proceso de paz en Colombia. Anteriormente el escenario de combates frecuentes entre la guerrilla de las FARC y la fuerza pública, gracias al acuerdo de paz firmado en el 2016 El Palo se convirtió en un zona de tranquilidad. Desde entonces, infelizmente, la violencia ha vuelto a la región, ya que la llegada de otros grupos armados - paramilitares y la guerrilla del ELN - significa el asesinato de líderes sociales, tal como en muchas otras partes del país. | @enmicolombia @derechoshumanos @humanrights @hrw @nonfiction @documentary @photojournalism @icp @icpschool


Photo by @rezaphotography
#Azerbaijan, #Shirvan, #Ismailli (Ismayilli) Region, #Lahij (Lahic)​ The Elegance of Fire
In his shop, a coppersmith heats and pounds copper to make a plate. Lahij is the old center for craftsmanship in Azerbaijan. Copper work has historically been the main source of income and the most popular profession in Lahij. In the mid-19th century, there were over 200 workshops in the village, which became the center of copper and arms production in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, this remote mountain village of about 2,000 residents has preserved their traditional way of life as well as the Lahiji language that is only spoken.

Published in the book "Azerbaijan, Elegance of Fire" (2014)

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Photo by @FransLanting // She is massive, armed with horns and protected by thick skin, and yet she is utterly vulnerable. One ear is pointing my way, the other faces backwards. Rhinos make up for not seeing well with a sharp sense of hearing. Her calf is just curious, and has no clue what is facing them. But we know what is happening to them across Africa and Asia. Black rhinos are in danger of extinction in the wild. And that is why we need to draw attention to them and to the people and organizations that are making a difference where it matters, in the hallways of governments and in the front lines of protection on the ground. I hope you will support them so that rhinos will get a fighting chance. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more stories about rhinos and how you can help.
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Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography for @rippleeffectimages. Young women in India work long days mining for salt, exposed to the hot sun and the corrosive environment. Because these girls are often denied access to education, their options are limited and this work is the best they can find. But thanks to Barefoot College (@barefootcollege), that is changing.
Barefoot College trains women to build and repair solar lanterns so that they can start their own businesses. Empowerment spreads quickly, and many of the saltworkers now use their solar lanterns to attend school at night so that they can find better jobs.
#PhotographyForGood, I photographed this young worker as part of @rippleeffectimages coverage of the incredible work @barefootcollege does empowering women and girls across India. Learn more about programs that empower women and girls by following @anniegriffithsphotography and @rippleeffectimages

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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // Here is a view of the lower half of the ‘Grande Salle’ in Grotte de la Mine, showing a small gour pool in the foreground surrounded by a huge flowstone deposit. Discovered accidentally by mining activities last century, the chamber contains many beautiful cave formations and is home to a large colony of bats. We’re following the work of a group of scientists from the Tunisian Geological Survey and European Research Institutions (UK, Germany, Austria and SISKA in Switzerland) who are looking at changes in rainfall patterns through time. Several of their field sites lie inside Djebel Serdj, which hosts some of the largest caves in Tunisia.


Photo by @melissafarlow | Galway Bay is filled with swans where the Corrib River meets the Atlantic. NatGeo Ireland student expedition’s next stop-the Aran Islands. It is a creative adventure for writers and photographers teaming up on creative projects. @NatGeo @NatGeoCreative @thephotosociety @NatGeoExpeditions #NatGeo Student Expeditions #TheLongWalk #Claddagh #Galway #Ireland


Photo by @bethjwald // Temperatures are topping 100 degrees across much of the mountain West and I am dreaming of cold, icy landscapes, like in this photo - a Bactrian camel stoically braves a snowstorm at a Kyrgyz winter camp at about 14,000 feet in the Little Pamirs, Wakhan Corridor, northeastern Afghanistan. These woolly, double-humped camels used by the Krygyz are domestic relatives of the wild and critically endangered Bactrian camels of southern China and northern Mongolia. This photo is part of a series exploring life in winter in the remote Afghan Pamirs, at the northeast end of the Wakhan. I am honored that this series was chosen as the winner of the 2018 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition, part of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, run by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity – thanks so much to the jury, to the Banff Centre, and I am ever grateful to the Kyrgyz and Wakhi families who welcomed me into their homes during the arduous journey in the Pamirs. You can see the rest of the photos essay at this link: Camels are important as beasts of burden for the nomadic Krygyz-they use them for moving their yurts from camp to camp- and are also symbols of wealth and status. Not long ago, Kyrgyz men took camel caravans in the winter, following frozen rivers to the villages in the valleys, where they would trade yak butter, sheep and goats for wheat and other supplies with the Wakhi, the indigenous people of the Wakhan. I took this photo during a several year project to document the peoples of the Wakhan-the Wakhi and Kyrgyz, their ways of life, their relationship to each other, to their environment and to the wildlife of the Pamirs. #Afghanistan #wakhancorridor #Afghanpamirs #Pamirs #Kyrgyz #nomad #camel bactriancamel #mountainculture #Badakshan #roofoftheworld #mountainjourney #centralasia #pastoralist #winterlandscape #frozen #nikon @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative @banffcentre


Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Mute swan in threat display – I was just having a rummage through my cavernous folder of swan images and it suddenly occurred to me that I’d never shared this one, quite surprising really given that it’s one of the few in my collection where I’ve used side lighting. It also surprised me as it’s one of my favourite images of an aggressive male mute swan in full flow, the object of his rage is a Canada goose that is about to pass in front of my lens and this swan is seeking to cut him off. If the goose got caught by this swan when he’s in this mood then it’s be lucky to escape with its life, so ferocious and territorial can the males become as the breeding season approaches. It gave me the ideal opportunity to photograph him barrelling straight towards me, his conveniently symmetrical bow wave testimony to the speed of his surge. In these moments I always fire in short bursts, and only on the surges when the bow wave forms, the wall of water always adding an extra element to the final image. The side lighting is simply more by luck than judgement because I was waiting for the winter sun to set, moving significantly right along the horizon as it did so and so and then ultimately, for the last few moments it would have created some beautiful backlighting. Nonetheless the raking side lighting has added to the menacing malevolence of Mr Swan, his arched tail feathers forming a complimentary arc around his look of intent. Please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety


Photo by Karla Gachet @kchete77 | Mioara Stan lived in Buzescu in 2012, a Roma village in the countryside of Romania. Miora lived with her in-laws. She married her husband while he was in jail and had never met him in person. This was the better alternative to not having a husband at her “advanced” age of 29. She liked sending him photos of herself. #roma #gypsykings #tradition #gender #inequality #romania


Photo by @rezaphotography // #Algeria, the town of #Setif

I was traveling throughout Algeria in the course of making a book I was commissioned to create. There are many monkeys who range through the vast region of Kabylia, lounging along the roads and begging for food. Some are captured and domesticated to be used as tourist attractions. This little monkey shows a certain tenderness and lassitude.

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