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We are a champion for kids in an unfair immigration system, by providing legal aid that helps ensure that their best interests come first.

Friends in Chicago: Don't miss Shirley King, daughter of the legendary B.B. King, performing on Sunday afternoon at Pub 626! $20 donation for entry, with all proceeds going to the Young Center.⠀ ⠀


Last chance! Check out this beautiful children’s art auction benefitting the Young Center. All created at a benefit event hosted by Comics for Youth Refugees Incorporated Collective.⠀⠀

Image: "Family Castle" by Elaina, age 8


Friends in New York/New Jersey: Check out this amazing fundraiser happening TONIGHT at 6:30PM at Mana Contemporary arts center!
More than 70 artists from the Tri-State area donated artwork to raise money for ActBlue’s Kids at the Border campaign, which benefits the Young Center & other organizations. We’re so grateful for this support! #familiesbelongtogether


Friends in Los Angeles: Attend Silver Lake Unites Against Injustice at 4 pm TODAY. A fundraiser for the Young Center hosted by @sawyersilverlake, @kettleblackla, @elcondorla, @scoutsilverlake, El Silencio, and Love Has No Borders. Family friendly!


Today, Young Center Child Advocates in three different cities helped to safely reunify toddlers who were unlawfully taken from their parents by the government. These parent-child reunions were the result of months of fighting for these families, from finding the documents to establish their relationships, to setting up phone and video calls, to finding family or community organizations willing to provide shelter. Thank you to our supporters and donors, who made this work possible. We continue to fight for every child separated from family at the border or separated because of policies that fail to consider the best interests of each child. #ReuniteEveryChild #FamiliesBelongTogether


As reported by Crain’s New York, we are excited to announce that @airbnb has donated $10,000 in housing vouchers to the Young Center. Their support will aid our fight for family reunification and children's rights across the country.⠀


Friends in New York: Check out the Mother and Child open gallery on Monday, July 9! Featuring work from more than a dozen amazing artists. All proceeds will go to the Young Center and other organizations providing aid to separated families.⠀⠀

The art in this post is by @nicolasvsanchez and will be featured in the gallery.


Join us at our Chicago Benefit! Celebrating 15 years and featuring the inimitable Luis Alberto Urrea!⠀


TODAY: Please join us in the National Day of Action for Children! 1) Call your Congresspeople—tell them DHS and DOJ must stop separating families. 2) Attend an action near you—they’re happening across the country. 3) Sign the Families Belong Together petition—25K signatures and counting.⠀ ⠀


This weekend, we’ve heard from countless people horrified by the treatment of children and families at the border, especially their forced separation. The Young Center provides Child Advocates for these separated children, and we’ve been flooded with new requests. Our job: to get them back to their parents, safely.⠀ ⠀
These kids need allies—Child Advocates, attorneys, and more compassionate policymakers. To guide them through the hostile immigration system, and to reunite them with their parents where they belong, where they’re safe. #KidsNeedAllies #AlliesNotAdversaries


Yesterday a CBP official testified that in just two weeks, the agency took 658 children from their parents. If the government continues at this rate, more than 3000 children would be taken from their parents over a 10-week summer. This must stop. #KeepFamiliesTogether


Ending tonight: an Instagram art auction to benefit the Young Center! Make your bid at @artiststakeaction before 8:30 pm Central Time!