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Kimmy cakes 🍑✨


Sunnies & fannies all summer '18 🤗✨ #CasualSlay


#ThembiTip: So much love and questions on this look and I'm sharing the secrets of how I put it together 🤗✨ #FunFact: It literally came in the mail the same day I was flying out to Vegas for the awards so 🗣️ I was gonna make it work somehow!!! Lol 👘: @allthingsankara


Look back at it! 🍫
👘: @shopallthingsankara


#ThembiVsHollywood: As a #Zimbabwean, it's always been important to me to wear #AfricanAttire on an international/American red carpet--mainly because that's not the norm unless it's "Wakanda" 👀 but I finally did it at one of the bigger carpets I've covered--#BillboardMusicAwards! 🗣️ I won't be wearing anything else from here on out lmao 🙈✨
I styled myself as always, but
I'm wearing @allthingsankara !! Check them out guys because they had me laid & slayed!😍 @shopallthingsankara 🙌🏾


#ThembiTip: Listen sis! 🗣️Get the most wear out of your clothes without wearing it the same way everytime!! If you haven't already, check out my detailed tips on how to style a flannel 9 WHOLE different ways!!!! The link to the video is in my bio!! What else would you guys like to see styled multiple ways?!


#ThembiVsHollywood: Covered #VH1DearMama carpet with my co-host @kyle.anfernee last night! Interviews with some of your favs soon come! 💅🏾💕


🗣️ They need girlfriends like me! They neeeeeeed girlfriends like me 😂 #ThemLi .
Sidebar, this is the same sweater I wore as a wrap in my previous post! #ThembiTip 😉


#ThembiTip: This is literally a regular cardigan duster sweater thingy that I wrapped around myself & secured with my fanny! Bring down the shoulders a bit, leave some leg to play 💃🏾 & you're good to go!! You can substitute the fanny with a thin/medium sized waist belt 🤗✨


#Sagittarius, so you know I'm an optimist 😄💋✨


Nice for what?


Thembi tingz 🙈 #CasualSlay #HappySunday 🤗✨