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Photo by @melissafarlow | Morning light at a quirky, kitche downtown hotel in Pendleton on our last day driving our “too much stuff” cross country from Pennsylvania to Oregon. @natgeo @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @randyolson #hotel #roadtrip #marigoldhotel #pendleton #oregon



Western Pennsylvania. Photo by @ScottGoldsmithPhoto // Drivers beware. Especially during deer mating & hunting season, which peaks between October and December in the Eastern US. Deer are out in full force and more likely to venture onto roads at dusk.

Of 3,800 reported crashes in Pennsylvania in 2017 involving a motorist hitting an animal, 94 percent involved a deer.
I honked my horn several times before I drove away to push them away from the road.
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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix @tooyoungtowed // The United Nations has called the war in Yemen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and a recent UN report estimated that more than two -thirds of Yemeni girls are now being married off before 18, compared to 50% before the start of the conflict. When a child becomes a bride at a young age, she loses the chance to go to school, the right to make decisions about her health and the ability to determine her future. In 2011, @natgeo published a story of mine titled @tooyoungtowed, I’ve since created a nonprofit organization of the same name to #empowergirls and #endchildmarriage. In partnership with @solidariosinfronteras, we are now providing 25,000 breakfasts to schoolgirls in war-torn Yemen as an incentive for parents to keep girls in school, when a looming famine makes child marriage an increasingly attractive option to families desperate for one less mouth to feed. Follow us @tooyoungtowed and visit the link in our bio to learn more. #breakfastforeducation #tooyoungtowed #girls #beauty #yemen #holidaygiving #giftsthatgive #color #sunset #girlseducation #letgirlslearn #hope



Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety

Bengal tiger close up – I wanted to share with you today another old image that I’ve reworked recently. It represented one of the most thrilling moments of my entire wildlife photographic career, an incident that I’ve spoken about here on recent tiger images. To cut a long story short this young male tiger and his sibling came bounding onto a forest track just after our vehicle passed and as I dropped down from my standing position to retrieve my camera the sudden movement triggered something in this tigers natural predatory instincts. He seemed to become fixated on me and solely me, even though my uncle was sitting right next to me, though Rick would have represented a far less substantial and far more bony snack than I. In this moment the tiger had jumped onto an elevated roadside rock right next to our vehicle but rather than start up the engine and risk disturbing the inquisitive cats we simply sat and watched. This one was just a couple of metres away and my uncle and I were in the back of what is called a Gypsy, a vehicle with no doors, no windscreen and no sides at all. As we sat there quietly photographing the lounging cat his interest suddenly peaked again, in me. His eyes, as you can see were quite interested, his head lowered. At this point I could see what was unfolding and I asked Satyendra, our guide, friend and Bandhavgarh legend what we should do. I don’t remember what he said. I was conflicted, the photographer in me came to the fore. Right in front of the tigers nose was a really annoying piece of sunlit grass, a piece of grass who’s impact I’ve managed to sufficiently reduce in this re-worked image but you can still see it, and it was running my image. All I had to do was slide slowly to the left, just a few inches but I was paralysed. Something in this tigers look told me not to, it would be bad for me but much, much more importantly it would be bad for him. I can still feel my heart racing now but I never did move, I never did get a clean shot but in terms of a one on one with arguably the most spectacular cat on Earth, nothing since has ever come close. @andyparkinsonphoto



Photo by @FransLanting Blond fur seals are a rare color phase among the hundreds of thousands of black seals that are born on the beaches of frigid South Georgia in the sub-Antarctic. This young pup stood out so much from its neighbors that I easily returned to it day after day to follow it on its wanderings through the crowded colony. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more encounters with the wild inhabitants of South Georgia Island.
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Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography. Light at the end of the historic #Siq, the ancient pathway to the Nabatean city of #Petra, Jordan.
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Photo by @jasperdoest while #onassignment for @natgeoexpeditions in #Antarctica |
Windy Morning Blues
Across Our Cruise Liner
Two Icebergs Float By

For more views from this Southern wilderness and other wild places #followme @jasperdoest.

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Photo by @dguttenfelder. Weaving past wildlife watchers inside vehicles, a pride of lions walk together on a dirt road through Tanzania’s Ngorongoro crater. #onassignment for @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions



Enter today!!! It’s the season of giving and @ThePhotoSociety is giving away a signed copy of @pedromcbride’s latest book The Grand Canyon: Between River and Rim! Entering is easy! Just upload an amazing photo of a place or thing that you feel is worth protecting. In the caption tell us why. Be sure to include the hashtag #TPSGrandCanyon and to follow @PedroMcBride and @ThePhotoSociety. The contest runs from today and ends next Sunday night at 11:59pm ET.
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Photo by Nathan Benn // Man with cat. Actually, it’s Tennessee Williams with his cat in Key West. I took this picture in 1981 in his windowless studio behind his house in Key West. Mr. Williams worked several hours each morning at a manual typewriter without distraction before eating a meal and going for a swim. A parrot and bulldog kept company with the cat. Sadly, the greatest American playwright of the 20th Century died just a couple years later and this is one of the last pictures in his lifetime.

I photographed Mr. Williams for a Florida state story in National Geographic Magazine. My pictures from that coverage are the subject of a major exhibition in Miami and a 200-page book published by PowerHouse Books. The book is available on Amazon at: “A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs” exhibition will be up at HistoryMiami Museum until April 14, 2019.

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Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - Relocating black rhino, Eastern Cape, South Africa - it may not appear less stressful to move them this way (for the rhino anyway) but believe me it is. In this huge relocation from a National Park in South Africa to another undisclosed location, black rhino were darted from the helicopter and once tranquillised, lifted by the same helicopter from the impenetrable bush the short distance to another waiting vet team, where they were woken, and placed into trucks for the tar road journey to their new home. The alternative option of trying to extract them by hand, road, foot, from the dense bush would have been far more stressful than a short sleepy flight. Worth pointing out that this extraordinary team had zero injuries, zero fatalities during the entire move of these amazing creatures. To see more follow me @chancellordavid @natgeo @everydayextinction and here @thephotosociety



Photo by @pedromcbride // Winter Light: -20 degrees F makes for cool backlight — and even colder hands when shooting aerial pics above the “American Nile” — The Colorado River — that Western lifeline that supports 40 million across seven states and two countries. To see more, follow @pedromcbride. #chasingrivers #nature #aerial #water #publiclands #petemcbride