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Photo by @TimLaman. A White-tailed Eagle perches on an ice flow off the fishing village of Rausu, Hokkaido, at sunrise. This eagle species, which is a very close relative of the North American bald eagle, is found across Northern Europe and Asia, and the coast of Hokkaido is one of the places it spends winters. Like its American cousin, this eagle likes fish and often gathers around fishing boats in the hope of picking up some bycatch. #eagle #YearoftheBird #Hokkaido #Japan @thephotosociety @NatGeoCreative

#TLWildlifePhotoTips: Shooting against the sunrise, I used a little flash fill to get some color on the bird.


Photo by @TimLaman. A Red-crowned Crane comes in for a landing in a snowstorm. Hokkaido, Japan. This is one of my personal favorite images, and I wanted to share it as I kick this year off with some of my crane shots from Japan. Amazingly, in the 20th century, people in Japan thought this crane had disappeared, but it was not true and they have been brought back from a handful of birds to a breeding population of 1000 now in Japan. They are also found in Korea and China, and the world population is believed to be around 2700 now. So they are still an endangered species, but it shows that with human will, we can save what we care about. Lets spread the concept for this #YearoftheBird! #hope #beauty #peace #cranes, #birds, #redcrownedcrane, #Hokkaido, #Japan, @thephotosociety, @NatGeoCreative


Photo by @TimLaman. Red-crowned Cranes waking up in the Setsuri River in Hokkaido on a very very cold morning. I remember it was minus 17 deg. C the morning I shot this. The river stays unfrozen because it is fed by volcanic hot springs, and the cranes roost there at night for safety from predators. Mist forms above the warm water, and becomes backlit as the sun rises, creating this ethereal scene. Of course I had to wait for the one crane to open his wings in the right spot to make the shot! One of my favorite places in Hokkaido - cold but beautiful. #YearoftheBird, #cranes, #birds, #redcrownedcrane, #Hokkaido, #Japan, @thephotosociety, @NatGeoCreative.


Happy New Year everyone! I’m sharing one of my favorite Red-crowned Crane photos from Hokkaido, Japan, where this bird is a symbol of peace, hope, and healing in challenging times, as well as love, happiness, and long life. I hope the New Year will bring you and your loved ones all of these things.
I’m also excited to share my first bird image of 2018, because this is a special year for birds. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the migratory bird act in the United States, a very important law for bird conservation, and National Geographic, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Birdlife International, and Audubon have joined together to declare 2018 the “Year of the Bird”. Since bird photography is a major interest of mine, I look forward to sharing some favorite bird images from my collection as well as new bird photos with you throughout the year. Lets celebrate birds together this year, and use them as inspiration to take care of our planet!

Thanks for all your enthusiastic support and encouraging words during 2017. I’m excited about what 2018 will bring. Warmest regards and a wonderful 2018 to you all!

#peace, #love, #happiness, #cranes, #birds, #redcrownedcrane, #Hokkaido, #Japan


Photo by @TimLaman. A Brown Pelican photographed in San Diego, California. When I’m working with a long lens to get a shot like this, I’m sure to be using a tripod to help hold the lens and help me frame carefully and avoid camera shake. A tripod is an absolutely critical piece of gear for a wildlife photographer. So I was honored earlier this year, when as part of their 100th anniversary, the Gitzo tripod company asked me to join forces with them as an ambassador for their brand. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that I had already been relying on Gitzo tripods for over twenty years for my work all over the world. Swipe left to see a few shots of me working in different habitats. Whether I am up to my chest in the mangroves in Florida, in the rain forests of New Guinea documenting bowerbirds, or exploring Antartica, I’m sure to have a Gitzo tripod with me. Thanks Gitzo for the opportunity to partner with you, and I’m looking forward to using and abusing your tripods in many more interesting places in the coming years. Thanks also to @kizilkaya_zafer and @RussLaman for the photos of me in the field. #sponsored, #FramedonGitzo, @GitzoInspires, #tripod.


Photo by @TimLaman. Please give us a hand! Please join me by giving your support to help save critically endangered Bornean orangutans and all the other wildlife and forest in Gunung Palung National Park (Just go to Link in Profile). Your end-of-year tax deductible donation will help us work with communities surrounding Gunung Palung to: * Obtain legal title to their customary forest lands, preventing logging and conversion to farm land or oil palm plantations * Switch to sustainable, organic agriculture practices * Develop alternative livelihoods that use sustainable non-timber forest products. * Teach young people about the value of protecting Indonesia's unique rainforest and endangered wildlife. * Study wild orangutans!

@saveGPorangutans, #GunungPalungNationalPark, #Indonesia, #Borneo, #WestKalimantan @TimLaman photo of adult female orangutan Beth with baby Bekti in Gunung Palung.


Photo by @TimLaman. A pastel morning. Soft light created a beautiful setting for this female Anna’s Hummingbird on her morning foraging round. Happy winter solstice everyone! #hummingbird #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california


Photo by @TimLaman. The perfection of a hummingbird’s feathers…. I wanted to see how close I could get to this wild female Costa’s Hummingbird. By gradually inching closer to her favorite perch, she tolerated me at 2 meters away with my 400mm lens + 2x converter for this 800 mm portrait, which I also cropped to 100% at 1024x1024 pixels. I love seeing the detail in every little feather, and the reflection of the sun in her eye!

#TL_WildlifePhotoTips #FramedonGitzo #hummingbird #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california


Photo by @TimLaman. A female Costa’s Hummingbird feeding at a hesperaloe flower. Check out the shadow of the flower petals on the birds wing. As you can see from several shots in this series, I love the drama of backlighting. To freeze the hummers wings like this, I shot this at 1/4000 sec, ISO2000, f2.8, on a 400mm f2.8 lens with the narrow depth of field giving me the nicely out-of-focus background. #TL_WildlifePhotoTips

#hummingbird #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california


Photo by @TimLaman. A male Costa’s Hummingbird finds a rather thorny perch on an ocotillo stem. Anyone getting tired of hummingbird photos yet? I think I’ll move on to some other birds soon, but have been enjoying sharing this hummingbird series from my shoots in California this year. #FramedonGitzo @Gitzoinspires #hummingbird #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california


Photo by @TimLaman. “Simplify, Simplify” said Henry David Thoreau. Sometimes, it’s good to follow that advice in photography, and go for elemental compositions. Here is one such attempt that I think worked – a hummingbird polishing its bill on a perch.

#hummingbird #silhouette #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california


Photo by @TimLaman. Portrait of a female Costa’s Hummingbird. Getting tight, revealing the detail of plumage, is always nice when filming birds if you can.... #ShotonRED @reddigitalcinema #hummingbird #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #california