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Photo by @TimLaman. A male Helmeted Hornbill pauses on his way to deliver a stick insect to his mate in her nest to feed to the chick. I wanted to share this archival shot that I took in Thailand around 1999, when this species was a lot more abundant, so you can see what this birds looks like in life. I’m working hard now to get new images in of this bird in the wild, but it’s been a challenge. Due to the excessive hunting of this species to fuel the demand in China, they have jumped to “Critically Endangered” status. Stay tuned for the full story about Helmeted Hornbills coming up in the August issue of @NatGeo and please do what you can to spread awareness about this species. #onassignment #YearoftheBird #hornbills, #helmetedhornbill #endangered #endangeredspecies #RangkongGading @Rangkongid #Indonesia #Kalimantan #Borneo #cornelllabofornithology


Photo by @TimLaman. Helmeted Hornbills are one of the iconic birds of Indonesia’s rain forest, but in recent years they have been the target of illegal hunting and trade for their casques and bills, which can be carved like ivory. Yesterday I photographed this stockpile confiscated from smugglers in Samarinda, East Kalimantan at the Conservation Department office. On one table, we saw more than 100 hornbill heads and beaks, which was shocking, especially since I have been spending many weeks in the wild just to get brief glimpses of the live birds. Authorities in Indonesia are trying to clamp down on this trade that is driving this species toward extinction, and I’m hoping to raise awareness through this story, which is a partnership between @NatGeo and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Indonesian hornbill conservation group @RangkongID. Stay tuned for the full story about Helmeted Hornbills coming up in the August issue of @NatGeo and please do what you can to spread awareness about this critically endangered species. #onassignment #YearoftheBird #hornbills, #helmetedhornbills #endangered #endangeredspecies #RangkongGading #Indonesia #Kalimantan #Borneo


Photo by @TimLaman. I arrived in Samarinda two nights ago, and was greeted by this amazing view from my hotel of the great Mahakam River and the Grand Mosque of Samarinda on its banks. I’m here #onassignment for @NatGeo in the Indonesian capitol of East Kalimantan Province pursuing the story of the trade in Helmeted Hornbills that has driven this rare bird to Critically Endangered status. The Mahakam River is the second largest in Indonesia (after the Kapuas) and drains the interior of the whole eastern side of the great island of Borneo. Follow me @TimLaman as I share my stories on #hornbills and other wildlife and birds of Indonesia. #Indonesia #sunset #Kalimantan #Mahakam #Borneo.


Photo by @TimLaman. This is the Splendid Astrapia, a Bird-of-Paradise with amazing iridescent feathers that I photographed in the high mountains of Papua, Indonesia. I’m posting a series of the over forty species in the incredible Bird-of-Paradise family over at our new feed @BirdsofParadiseProject, so please come follow us to see more.
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Photo by @TimLaman. A King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise male bounces on his display vine with his antennae-like head feathers bouncing. The two long feathers on this bird’s head are one of the most bizarre in all the birds of the world. You can see more images of this species at @BirdsofParadiseProject. Photographed in #PNG #PapuaNewGuinea. #birdsofparadiseproject #birdsofparadise #CornellLabofOrnithology #YearoftheBird


Photo by @TimLaman. A head-on view of a male Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise. How did he get this strange name? Take a close look at those wire-like feathers sticking out around his backside. Wonder what he uses those for? Go check it out at @BirdsofParadiseProject. I’m posting this shot to let all you Bird-of-Paradise fans out there know that we are starting up a special @BirdsofParadiseProject IG feed, where my colleague Ed Scholes and I will be posting images, videos, and stories about these amazing birds on a regular basis. So please come join us @BirdsofParadiseProject! #birdsofparadiseproject #birdsofparadise #burungcendrawasih #cendrawasih #Indonesia #Papua #PapuaIndonesia #WestPapua #CornellLabofOrnithology


View from our house this morning after the wet snowstorm. Every twig is thick with snow. #winterwonderland #massachusetts


Photo by @TimLaman. Trumpeter Swan in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Just as I framed up on this beautiful swan perched on the river ice about to stretch its wings, I got photo-bombed by a Mallard duck tipping his rear end in the air to feed. Sometimes that’s the way it goes with wildlife photography…. But the duck does add a sense of scale for the huge swan! #photobombed #duckbombed #trumpeterswan #swan #jacksonhole #wyoming @thephotosociety


Photo by @TimLaman. Skiing in color through a black & white world…. @RussLaman blasts through the Wyoming white smoke on a cold powder day during a snowstorm at Targhee last week. @patagonia #Wyoming #skiing #powderday #noschool


Photo by @TimLaman. For me, every day is a day to care about wildlife, but it’s also great to pay special attention on days like today, March 3, which the United Nations has declared as #WorldWildlifeDay, with a special focus this year on #BigCats. So I’m sharing some images from #Tanzania last year like these lion cubs at play in the #Serengeti.

As the UN website says: “Big cats are among the most widely recognized and admired animals across the globe. However, today these charismatic predators are facing many and varied threats, which are mostly caused by human activities. Overall, their populations are declining at a disturbing rate due to loss of habitat and prey, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.” Please do what you can to help big cats and other wildlife.
Visit National Geographic's Big Cats initiative to find out how to save iconic species like these lions and other big cats today! See: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/projects/big-cats-initiative
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Photo by @TimLaman. Bighorn sheep - roadside attraction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Pretty cool to see these guys up close…..those are some heavy looking horns to be carrying around. Apparently they can weigh over 13 kg. #bighorn, #Wyoming, #thephotosociety


Photo by @TimLaman. A frosted Grand Teton and Mt. Owen catch the last rays of the day’s sun just after a winter storm broke up. Shot last week from Driggs, Idaho while on a winter skiing and wildlife trip around the Tetons. #GrandTeton #GrandTetonNationalPark #alpenglow #Wyoming #Idaho #thephotosociety