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Camping in the Rocky Mountains with @travelalberta 🏔️. This was one of the most surreal experiences of my life and what made it that bit more special was none of it was planned. What started as a chilled vacation suddenly turned into one of my all time favourite content trips! Who remembers this from last year? 🐻 At the time we weren’t working with #TravelAlberta and it makes me so proud that after falling in love with the destination and creating some unique content, a strong partnership has formed with the Tourism Board where I now have the chance to promote somewhere that I truly care about. I’ve got so many amazing memories from Alberta and I hope that my content can inspire you guys to check out the destination. What I love about this shot was how the concept evolved. I turned up @fairmontcll having not spoken to their team or organized anything prior. On check-in I asked if the manager was around as I wanted to get on the roof to shoot sunset. They said no that it wouldn’t be possible ☹️. No was not the answer I was looking for so I hung around in the lobby with the mindset that I had to get up there. After a while a different duty manager came down and I introduced myself. He flipped out as he knew @BeautifulDestinations. Everything changed! As we got on the roof I was blown away by the perspective and knew that we had to do something special. The light bulb went off in my head and I shouted “we NEED to get the tent!”💡. As the light was starting to go we ran down grabbed the tent and started assembling it. I asked if we could get some blankets to cover the rooftop ledge and they brought up the iconic Hudson’s Bay rugs that perfectly complimented the tent. I jokingly (but kind of seriously) asked if we could have a fire built and the #Fairmont team jumped into action. Suddenly a chef turned up with S’mores, ice cream, champagne, a mini fire etc. 1hr before, I was in the lobby hearing “no” and the next minute THE ultimate #Canadian camping experience had been created. Hope you guys like this caption & today’s behind the scenes making of IG Story 😉. (🎶: “A Shock of Heart” by @stelouse) #ExploreAlberta #WeLoveWinter @jamesgfraser 👊🏽.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Happy #ValentinesDay from the city of love 🇫🇷 ❤️. This time lapse was shot on my first trip to Paris back in 2014. Every day the #EiffelTower lights up after sunset through until around 1am. You want to be there on the hour as the first 5 minutes of every hour is when the tower sparkles like a diamond. It’s an incredible thing to see in person as there aren’t really any high rises in #Paris. The #TourEiffel completely owns the skyline 😍. Since @jeremyjauncey & I have been kids our Mum would always send us “secret admirer” cards and presents to make us feel good. Back in the day we wouldn’t know it was from her but now with technology she sends us secret admirer texts and emails. What she doesn’t realize is the sender email or text name pops up so we know it’s from her haha 🤣. We got the text from her this morning and as always it made me laugh. Love you mouse 😘🐭. Hopefully this video makes you smile and think of someone special in your life. (🎶: “ La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong) @beautifuldestinations #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam 🌹.

Tour Eiffel

Monday blues with @JeremyJauncey! This was shot in Koh Samui during a @BeautifulDestinations adventure to Thailand. I love the colours in this video as I feel it speaks to the vibrant #Thai culture and the positive outlook the locals have on life. #KohSamui is Thailand’s second largest island and is known for its more laid back scene in comparison to the craziness of Bangkok. Beautiful beaches, coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest surround the island. This is the #Thailand you come to if you want to chill as it's home to many luxury resorts and spas. For this shot Jeremy is relaxing in a Thai long-tail boat which is native to Southeast Asia and one of the best ways to explore the islands. I'd highly recommend renting one of these, not only for the great photo opps, but as a way of escaping the tourists to find your own hidden empty beaches. Here's to a good week ahead guys! (🎶: "Kadoma" by @Alexhmusik) #BDTeam #BeautifulDestinations 🛶.

Koh Samui Thailand

Road-tripping through California 🚗🤙🏽. Who’s done the drive through Big Sur before 😎? (🎶: “Oceans” by @leonlour) @BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam #California #BigSur.

Big Sur, California

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot recently about experiential marketing. It’s quite the buzz word in the advertising industry right now. Today people seem to care less about products/material things and more about experiences and memories. It’s got me thinking about what inspires me to travel or gets me going to a destination. For me it’s all about experiences and doing something unique that I wouldn’t get the chance to do at home. What I find challenging however is knowing what experiences there are to do around the world. Yes Hawaii is a Beautiful Destination but if it hadn’t been for @instagram I’d have never known about the #NaPaliCoast or that you could hike these ridges. @beautifuldestinations is all about inspiring people to travel, making connections and having a positive impact on the world. I have lots of ideas for how we can take that a step further and show you guys experiences that are attainable and can be done all over the globe. In the end of the day, the more we travel, the more we learn, the better relationships we build and the better our outlook is on life 😊. Today I’m posting an IG Story from our hiking adventure with the awesome @tmats808, founder of @hikingkauai. Rather than showing you a beauty reel video of #Kauai I wanted to create this Story as an actionable piece of content. What I mean by that is a video to make you feel like you were there and inspire you that this exact same experience can be had. This really excites me as I think deeper about Tourism Marketing and how countries could be doing better jobs at showing off truly unique experiences. Anyway, fun times with @cobiandewey, @moderndayhawaiian, @onecanspam,, @tmats808, @lavidadechris and of course Taz 🐶. Hope you guys enjoy the Story 😃🤙🏽 (🎶: “Sunset Lover” by @petitbiscuit - Slow Hours Remix) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam #Hawaii 🌴.

Nā Pali Coast State Park

A peaceful sunset moment high above Hong Kong 🌇. #HongKong is one of my favourite cities in the world. Much like NYC there’s a go go go buzz about the place, the city is definitely chaotic! For this shot @jacob & I were up in a helicopter as the sunset started to glimmer over the #HK skyline. I love how the light is hitting some of the skyscrapers creating a glowing effect across the city. Hong Kong officially has the highest number of skyscrapers found in one city. Fun fact, instead of building with steel or iron scaffolding the construction sites and building support are made out of bamboo 😱. Jacob & I were definitely sketched out but in-fact the bamboo is safer and stronger! Travel Tip, if anyone is into their Rugby the Hong Kong Sevens is coming up in April (6th-8th). It’s not only an epic sporting occasion but everyone gets dressed up in costumes and the city goes wild 🍻🏉. Definitely worth the visit! Here’s to a good week ahead guys 👍🏽. (🎶: “Coming Back To You” by @lane8music) @beautifuldestinations #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.

Hong Kong

Hanging out in the clouds over #NewYorkCity ☁️👞🏙️. Today is teeing up to be quite the adventure. I’m kicking things off with @itsjlev as we search for some sunset rooftop spots in #Manhattan. We’ll then be meeting up with the team @aboveandbeyond for their #BarclaysCenter show with @yottomusic & @andrewbayer. That finishes at midnight just in time to head to @marqueeny for @zedd. I have a feeling I might be a little worse for wear tomorrow 🤢🤮. Who’s going to any of the above? I wanted to feature this song in the background, it’s called “Prelude” and it’s my favourite track from #AboveAndBeyond. Fingers crossed they’ll pump it out tonight 🤞🏽. Now it’s time to hit the gym and smash my legs. As @kirkmiller_ would say... “earn your night out, make every rep count” 🤣💪🏽. Hope you guys are all enjoying the weekend so far! (🎶: “Prelude” by @aboveandbeyond 🚁: @flynyon) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.

Empire State Building

Racing my own shadow in the sand dunes of #AbuDhabi. Earlier in the year I spoke about goals and focus with the mindset of changing your behaviours to see actual results. Often your own worst enemy is yourself as you give in to temptations, take the easy route out and slip back into bad habits. This video represents that as you can only truly rely on yourself when it comes to making a lifestyle or career change. I love how my shadow gets bigger as I sprint harder up the dunes. It made me think about commitment. When things get tough you need to keep putting the effort in to succeed. I wanted to post this as I’m embarking on a really exciting new personal challenge. For the 1st time ever I’m going to be working with a personal trainer, the incredible @kirkmiller_ . Kirk is one of the UKs best fitness and nutrition experts. He’s graced the covers of Men’s Health and built up a reputation of driving results. Much like us @beautifuldestinations, Kirk uses Social Media to inspire and motivate people. I’m sharing this as I’m sure a lot of you guys reading are intimidated by the gym or don’t know what you could be doing differently. Mobile & Social has changed the way we interact with each other and I want to show that despite Kirk being across the pond, 4,000 miles away, I can work with him day in day out to get myself into the best shape of my life. Go check out @kirkmiller_ and stay tuned as I’m going to use Social Media as a way of keeping myself accountable. I’d love to hear if you guys have made any positive changes in behaviour so far this year! 💪🏽 (🎶: “Libra” by the extremely talented young @xan.griffin 🚁: @nainoalanger) #BDTeam #BeautifulDestinations.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

On the cliffs of Mordor looking for Frodo’s ring 😂🌋💍. As most of you know music is a huge passion of mine. Fun fact, I literally only listen to electronic music. That being said there are tons of genres and sub genres within the dance music space, so I’m not completely one dimensional 🙃. I love sharing music with you guys through my videos and stories as I always put a lot of thought into the vibe I want to create or feeling I want you to experience. It’s therefore a huge honour whenever I hear from artists that I love who like what I’m creating. @aboveandbeyond recently got in touch about their new song “Always” that was released yesterday. I first saw them live 7 years ago at Electric Zoo Festival in NYC and fell in love with their music, what they stand for and the way they spread positivity. They are big fans of what we do @beautifuldestinations and it’s awesome to see that their new music video for “Always” incorporates that aspirational wanderlust feel. They hiked up the French Alps with pianos and guitars and recorded this song up in the clouds. Go check out @aboveandbeyond to see the full version. I sadly wasn’t there with them but it made me think of #Iceland and the #BeautifulDestinations experience we had last summer with @jacob & @storyofsage. In shot is the awesome @andrew.studer as we circled him with the drone while the sun began to set and the clouds started to surround us and the mountains. Hopefully you guys think the song works with the clip. In 2018 a goal of mine is for BD to discover and release more new music that captures peoples attention and makes them feel good #BDTeam (🎶: “Always” by @aboveandbeyond) #AboveAndBeyond #InspiredByIceland.


Turn around @jeremyjauncey 🤣😱🦈. Who remembers the horror movie Urban Legend? This made me think of that with the music 🙈. Fun times in #Moorea as we went searching for sharks! (🎶: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler) @beautifuldestinations #Tahiti #FrenchPolynesia.


Here’s a unique perspective of #RioDeJaneiro as I flew over #SugarLoafMountain 🌄. What I love about this city is it’s built around nature. If you are into your outdoors you’ll fall in love with this place. On one side you have incredibly unique mountain ranges and on the other beautiful white sand beaches 😎. Can’t wait to get back to #Rio and hang out with the awesome #Brazilians 🇧🇷. Is anyone going to #Brazil for Carnival this year? 🎭 (🎶: “Mug Life” by Kiso) @beautifuldestinations #BDTeam.

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

One of my favourite moments from last year climbing the #StairwayToHeaven with @storyofsage & @connorbobonnor during our #Hawaii adventure 🤙🏽. It was a pretty surreal experience climbing 5,000 stairs into the clouds. We got the perfect white out conditions at the top of the staircase, followed by an incredible sunrise as the fog began to burn off from the sun’s morning rays ☁️. Definitely need to go back to #Oahu in 2018 😃 (🎶: “Field” by Filterheadz).

Stairway To Heaven