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Kicking off our African adventure with the craziest sun rise I’ve ever experienced. This morning I woke up in #Zimbabwe to crystal clear skies, not a single cloud in the air. I set up my time lapses excited to capture some vibrant #African morning colours. As the colours started to pop a deep fog descended on us out of nowhere. It was a complete white out with visibility at literally 10 feet in front us. I wondered if the fog was just a layer so got out the drone and put it straight up in the air. You can imagine my reaction when the clouds broke revealing this incredible view. This was my first sunrise at the amazing @singita_. For my birthday @jeremyjauncey surprised me with a trip to Singita Pamushana. It’s my first #Safari and I couldn’t be more excited! #Singita is a very special place. I’ll be telling you more about who they are and what they stand for later in the week. Who’s been on a safari before and has some funny stories? I’m totally fine swimming with sharks, running with bears but when it comes to spiders...uh oh! I’ll share my spider freak out from today in the comments below 😰🕷️. Check out my IG Story to see the time lapse of the fog coming in 👍🏽. (🎶: “Warrior Falls” - Black Panther Soundtrack by @ludwiggoransson) @beautifuldestinations #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.


Introducing @whatsnextlex to the @beautifuldestinations team☕️. I love it when you put someone to the challenge and they rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations, that’s exactly what Lex has done. Go congratulate him and give him a follow 👊🏽. Lex has been on our radar for a while now and I felt the best way to really see if he’d be a good fit for the team was to go on an adventure together. Myself, @jralli23 & @whatsnextlex headed down to #Jamaica last week and to say we were blown away by the destination would be an understatement! I’ve got some exciting news coming in the next few a tease, I’m going to be taking a much more hands on approach to building and developing the Creative Team @beautifuldestinations 🙌🏽. Lex is the first hire from this new approach and I have a bunch of trips planned over the coming months that will be focused on bringing in new full time talent to the #BDTeam. We’re growing very quickly 🙌🏽. This was shot at the incredible @strawberryhillhotel up in the #Jamaican mountains overlooking #Kingston. We had a 2 bedroom cottage in the jungle, it really felt like we were the only ones here. Most importantly this was not my perception of Jamaica at all. I had no idea the country had this to offer 🇯🇲. Fun fact about #StrawberryHill, it was Chris Blackwell’s first property and the original hotel from his Island Outpost collection. It used to be a coffee plantation where it was home to Blue Mountain Coffee. This land has over 20,000 years of rich volcanic terrain making it the perfect place to grow coffee. For that reason we wanted to create a morning coffee scene as Lex took in the view over this amazing property. Back in the day when #BobMarley’s life was under threat he retreated here to hide from the masses. Hope you like the little back story 🤓 (🎶: “Jammin” by Bob Marley @kungsmusic remix) #BeautifulDestinations #OneLove.


Waking up in Jamaica 🇯🇲. This place looks and feels like the Maldives 😍. On Thursday @whatsnextlex, @jralli23 & I headed down to Jamaica for an exciting @beautifuldestinations project. It’s been an incredible last few days exceeding all of my expectations! Its my first time to #Jamaica. As a kid I always wanted to visit and experience its vibrant culture. The place has so much to offer that I had no idea about. This property is the incredible @sandalsresorts Royal Caribbean where we stayed for the first night. We put out a Snapchat Story on “BDestinations” on Friday asking people where they thought we were. Not a single person guessed Jamaica. It was sadly a short stay at the resort as we only had one day in #MontegoBay before heading to capture a completely different vibe up in the mountains at a local farm. We’ve caught some incredibly varied content, actually some of the best videos I feel I’ve ever captured. It’s not been about just the destination though. On the ground we’ve tried to involve the local people as much as possible getting their incredible personal stories. We’re working on something new for #BeautifulDestinations that I can’t wait to share soon. Who’s been to Jamaica before? Would love to hear some fun stories from you guys 👍🏽. (🚁: @whatsnextlex 🎶: “One Love” by Bob Marley - Holidave Remix) #BDTeam #OneLove 🇯🇲.


Action vrs Awareness! This is a concept I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. It’s great to drive awareness about a cause but the real focus should be actioning on that cause to truly make a difference. At #BeautifulDestinations we are committing to having a positive impact on the world and I believe it’s our responsibility to help you guys do the same 🌎. Today is #EarthDay and everyone will be posting about it. The question is how many people will actually do something to help or make a difference? Tomorrow will be another day and we’ll continue on with our day to day lives without an action taking place to improve things. It’s hard to action on something, I often ask myself what can I do to actually help? As the #BDTeam ideated about what we could do at a global scale I kept thinking about Community. What if we could activate communities around the world to come together on one day and do good. Well that’s exactly what we are going to do!This summer, we'll be activating a global beach cleanup to encourage everyone to get involved and do their part in the fight against plastic pollution. Multiple @beautifuldestinations team members, along with our network of creators, will lead these international cleanups, making this a truly global effort. I’d love to see groups of people come together from all over the world with the goal to clean up our beaches. Your help, no matter what part of the world you are in, is invaluable and no destination is too small. Check out today’s IG Story on @beautifuldestinations to see how you can suggest locations, volunteer to help and get involved in what we hope is a truly global effort to battle plastic pollution. Special thanks to @loganlambert, @_alicechoi_, @nikkiherrick, @jsarahallison, @beautyintheblur & @remi.carlioz for helping bring this concept to life 🙌🏽. The beginning of this video is a little clue as to where I’ll be leading a team 🤔. (🎶: “Round The World” by @izniikgram 🎥🥤: @iamjuliawheeler 🏃🏼‍♂️: @cobiandewey) #PlasticPollution 🙅🏽‍♂️.


Driving through the lavender fields in Iceland as the sun rose with no one around us 🇮🇸. This was shot last summer during @beautifuldestinations adventure to #Iceland. @Jacob, @StoryOfSage and myself spent a week living out of this car exploring Iceland’s incredible landscapes. During the summer it never actually gets dark. The sun would set around midnight and then rise around 3am. As a result we had the craziest reverse schedule sleeping from 2pm-7pm during the day and running around capturing content at the “night”. Hours would go by where we wouldn’t see a single person and it was pretty surreal checking out the waterfalls, glaciers and mountains at the strangest of times. By the end of the week we had no idea what day or time it was and what meal we should be having. Awesome times with the #BDTeam 🙌🏽 (🎶: “No Captain” by @lane8music) #BeautifulDestinations #InspiredByIceland.


Anyone else ready to skip Spring and get straight into the Summer? ☀️😎 (🎶: “Nobody Like You” by @kaskade - Sun Soaked Remix) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam @beautifuldestinations.


Throwback to this magical moment under the #NorthernLights in Finland 🇫🇮. Last January @Jacob, @NainoaLanger, @JeremyJauncey & I ventured to #Finland to experience the #AuroraBorealis for the first time! We stayed at the incredible @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort home to these amazing #Igloo cabins. We got incredibly lucky with the conditions experiencing the colorful dancing skies for 4 straight nights! The highlight was at 4am on the last night when I captured this 😳. The cloud cover came in around 2:30am so everyone went to bed. I had an idea inspired by the awesome @michaelmatti where I wanted to capture a time-lapse of me sleeping under the Northern Lights. At about 3:30am I got lucky and the clouds cleared revealing the best light show of the trip. After some photos (and IG Stories 😉) I went to sleep and woke up to this footage 🙌🏽. I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. The video was made that bit better with the classy Zebra patterned bed sheets 🤣👌🏽. If you like animals, adventure and the outdoors head to #Finland next winter ❄️. (🎶: “Stay” by @chetporter) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam @beautifuldestinations.


A moody #Easter Monday in #Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. It’s been so nice coming back to Scotland and catching up with old friends. Over Christmas was the first time I’d been back in #Scotland in 3 years but now it’s been twice in 3 months 🙌🏽. With Mouse being here I’m hoping to make Scotland a much more regular place to visit. I’ve mentioned this before but the city has such a beautiful historic feel to it. In the top left corner of this video you can see the iconic #EdinburghCastle up on the hill. You then have The Balmoral, one of Edinburgh’s best hotels (the Big Ben lookalike) followed by the Scots Monument which really defines the city’s skyline 👌🏽. This street is Princes Street, where everyone flocks to shop. In the summer Princes Street Gardens are a must visit with friends and a picnic! Who’s enjoyed this little glimpse of Scotland? If you watch the TV show Outlander you might recognize the music 👍🏽 (🎶: “Sky Boat Song - #Outlander Theme Tune” by Bear McCreary) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.


That crazy day with the drone in #RioDeJaneiro 🚁. Who remembers what happened in #Brazil? 🇧🇷🐷😬 (🎶: “Magalenha” by @gregorsalto) @beautifuldestinations #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.


Running off the Tequila after an epic weekend in #Miami with @mattwebbuk & @christovich. It's been 6 consecutive years that I've headed down to #SouthBeach for Miami Music Week, it never gets old! The city comes alive for a love of Electronic Dance Music as artists release their new work and network with the community. The lead up to this trip was a little different to previous years as I used this weekend as a motivator to get in the best shape of my life. I've been working with the awesome @kirkmiller_ for the last 2 months and he's completely changed the way that I think about food & training. Health & fitness has always been a passion of mine and like everything else if you don't challenge yourself or try new things then you won't get better. A big misconception is that carbs are bad if you are looking to get lean. People starve themselves with yo-yo diets which are very short term focused. For the last 2 months I've worked with Kirk completely remotely. We've face timed every week, I constantly send him pictures and videos of my progress, he critiques my form and guides me through my personal nutrition and training program. I'm sharing this as thanks to mobile & social you can connect and work with people all around the world making what was often unattainable now attainable. I hope it motivates you guys to live a healthy lifestyle, set goals and try something different. As a creator I don't get much content of myself so before the weekend's parties began I was fortunate to shoot with the awesome @tirro_, @andresmvisuals & @montoyaelduro. Three awesome Miami photographers with very different styles. I can't wait to share what they captured, thanks so much lads 👊🏽! (🎶: "Wake Me Up Tomorrow" by @ericluttrell 🚁: @christovich) #MiamiMusicWeek #SoBe.


Drone-lapsing over the aqua blue waters of #Mauritius 🇲🇺. As I was flying this drone high above the #IndianOcean I noticed the fast moving clouds reflecting off the water. I’d never done a drone lapse before but wondered what it would look like if I left the drone up in the air in exactly the same spot for as long as possible. I had about 20 minutes battery life and filmed the whole thing. I love how you see the boats zipping by and the way the clouds surround the islands almost like the alien ships coming in from Independence Day 👽. I really enjoy time-lapsing day to night sceneries with my camera but have recently been inspired to do more of this from the air. I have a few very cool locations in mind to execute over the coming months with @beautifuldestinations 😉 (🎶: “Connection Made” by @eagleistallian - @maxfreegrant Re-Mix) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.


Exploring Miami’s #ArtDeco District with @thebetsyhotel 😎. As you guys know I LOVE Miami, it’s my favourite US getaway destination. I’ve never stayed on #OceanDrive and for this weekend I wanted something a bit different. Miami is often only associated with the party reputation but there’s so much history and culture to this awesome city. I’ve come down to #SouthBeach to escape the NYC storms, experience some art and focus on my fitness 💪🏽. I’m staying at #TheBetsyHotel which is at 14th & Ocean Drive right in the heart of the Old Miami Beach Historic District. The property has a much more relaxed vibe with a commitment to the arts and music, the perfect place for a chilled #Miami weekend 👌🏽. This morning we were given a 1950’s Chevrolet Camino for a colourful shot that I wanted to capture. I’ve talked about this before but I love Miami for its Latin influence so I wanted to make something that had a South American arty feel. The goal was to capture vibrant colours, the glamour of #SoBe while adding in a taste of Latin music 🙌🏽. We placed the vintage car at the iconic pride cross roads just down from The Betsy. I love how the roads frame up the old school pick up truck! As you can see when the shot speeds up, we literally parked in the middle of the road which created a little bit of drive by road rage from the locals 😡🤣. Just wait for what we did yesterday as we executed a pretty mental stunt, definitely the most intense shoot I’ve ever done. Stay tuned for something insanely cool coming soon 😉 @beautifuldestinations (🎶: “Garota De Ipanema” by @galcosta 🙋🏽‍♀️: @saramfitt) #BeautifulDestinations #BDTeam.


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