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An estimated 3.5 million children are out-of-school in #Afghanistan – 75% of them are girls.
Our colleagues from @unicef are on the ground, working to give access to education #ForEveryChild like the girl pictured here.
#UNICEF also helps provide the most vulnerable children with health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, and protection from violence and exploitation.

Regram: @unicef | 📸: UNICEF Afghanistan / Karimi



Jamila and her family fled violence in East Ghouta, #Syria. They are among the 158,000 people who left that area due to conflict either to sites for internally displaced people in rural Damascus or to the Aleppo and Idleb governorates.

Our colleagues from the #UnitedNations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (#OCHA) work with partners to deliver humanitarian assistance to displaced communities. They coordinate lifesaving aid, protection of civilians, and enhanced humanitarian access to those in need.

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Did you know that plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose in the ocean? 🌊

@UNDP Ocean Advocate @codysimpson traveled to Costa Rica to see first-hand the country’s progress toward eliminating single-use plastic. He participated in a beach cleaning to remove large pieces of plastic —such as the plastic bottle he is holding, which is covered in coral fragments— and watched as experts analyzed the density of micro plastics present in the sand.

The #UnitedNations Development Program (#UNDP) works in about 170 countries and territories, helping to address climate change, achieve the eradication of poverty, and support the reduction of inequalities and exclusion.
Regram: @undp | 📸: UNDP / Andrew Hein



A century ago, #Asia was home to as many as 100,000 wild tigers. Today, only 3,900 of these big cats remain in the wild.
Biodiversity continues to decline around the world at alarming rates. We must do everything in our power to stop the destruction of the world's ecosystems. "I urge governments, businesses and people everywhere to act to protect the nature that sustains us. Our collective future depends on it," said #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres.
Preserving biodiversity is vital for addressing climate change and achieving the #GlobalGoals. On Tuesday's International Day for Biological Diversity, let us celebrate nature's beauty and all the people working to safeguard it.

Regram: @undp | 📷: @undpinindia / Midori Paxton

#IDB2018 #BiodiversityDay


Cultural diversity is all around us. It is what gives life its colour, its vibrancy, its flavour.

Monday's World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development celebrates humanity's rich diversity.
It promotes intercultural dialogue, respect and mutual understanding as a way to achieve peace, and highlights the need to ensure everyone, everywhere benefits from the #GlobalGoal, agreed to by all countries. 📷: @unitednationshumanrights


Our #UNHCR colleague with two refugee boys during a registration exercise in Karareem detention centre in Misrata, #Libya.

Many refugees and asylum-seekers have been detained in harsh conditions in Libya for long periods of time.
UNHCR, the #UnitedNations Refugee Agency, is working to improve conditions, and secure release of refugees. They have recently evacuated hundreds of refugees from detention to shelter and support in neighbouring countries.

Regram: @refugees | 📸: UNHCR / Noor Elshin


“The first time I went to the apiary, it was an unforgettable experience. I got stung and I didn't know what to do!" -- Even after that painful introduction to beekeeping, Manuela Leticia Choc López (21) stuck with it and today owns 12 beehives.
Along with other small farmers from Pasac, a village in southern #Guatemala, Manuela decided to use beekeeping to diversify their incomes and strengthen their food security.
The project, supported by our colleagues from @UNDP, contributes to boost local agriculture and economies, and helps communities adapt to climate change.

Bees are essential to increase food security because they help many plant species bear fruit. However, many species of wild bees and other pollinators are facing global extinction.

On Sunday's first-ever #WorldBeeDay 🐝, join us in calling to protect these busy insects, guardians of biodiversity, who play a key role in the achievement of the #GlobalGoals. ➡️ Scroll through to see more pictures! 📷: UNDP Guatemala / Carolina Trutmann



Hundreds of schools have been completely destroyed since the beginning of the conflict in Kasai, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Our colleagues from @UNICEF are building temporary learning spaces across the region so children like the boy pictured here can get back to their studies.
Regram: @unicef | 📸: ©️ UNICEF/UN0162311/Tremeau

#ChildrenUnderAttack #GlobalGoals


A UN Peacekeeper from #Morocco with the @UNPeacekeeping mission in Bangui, Central African Republic.
Morocco provides 1600 military and police officers to #UnitedNations Peacekeeping.
These brave men and women go where no one else will to keep the peace, restore stability, protect civilians and help create conditions under which refugees can voluntarily return home. They serve at great personal risk and under harsh conditions to help others.

We thank them for their service and sacrifice. 📸: UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina



The “Non-Violence” (or “Knotted Gun”) sculpture at #UnitedNations Headquarters in #NYC, pictured here, was created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd.

A gift from #Luxembourg to the UN, the artist designed the piece in 1980 following the murder of his friend John Lennon. The sculpture, which consists of a large replica of a 45-calibre revolver with the barrel tied into a bullet-blocking knot, is an iconic symbol for peace.

Today, visitors to UN Headquarters from around the globe continue to appreciate and connect to this cherished piece and its powerful message. 📷: UN Social Media Team / @roypanphoto




Who you are and whom you love doesn't change your rights. All human beings are born @free.equal.

On Thursday's International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and every day, join us in supporting fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people. 📷: United Nations

#IDAHOTB #StandUp4HumanRights #GlobalGoals


#TBT to 1990: A #UnitedNations Peacekeeper from #Finland working with UNDOF, the UN mission in the Golan, stops to pet a lamb during a foot patrol.

Since 1974, UNDOF has been working to maintain the ceasefire between Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan and has supervised the implementation of the disengagement agreement.

UN Peacekeepers come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds --
but they all share a common purpose to protect the most vulnerable. We thank them for their service & sacrifice.
Regram: @unpeacekeeping | 📷: UN Photo / John Isaac

#ThrowbackThursday #ServingForPeace


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