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If I told you that a kingfisher and a shrew had something in common, would you believe me? Probably not, but here is the proof: a female Banded Kingfisher bringing a shrew back to the nest to feed her chick. On the same day she was also seen bringing back caterpillars, giant centipedes and even a baby snake! Connections between different species are not often obvious but they are always important - that’s why we need to protect ecosystems, not just individual animals.


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Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh:
This young Asian Elephant was having a great time throwing grass around at sunset. Elephants are incredibly important to their environments - for example when they knock down trees and create clearings, they allow sunlight to reach the forest floor and let new plant life grow. They also disperse seeds from the fruit they eat far and wide. You can think of them as giant gardeners!


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Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh:
Dinner time! Crocodiles can be quite boring to watch, as they spend most of their time floating around pretending to be logs and basking on river banks. But then suddenly that all changes as one snaps into action at lightning speed, bringing their immense jaw pressure down on some unsuspecting animal. If you’re lucky, you might just be able to capture a shot of the action before it dies down again!


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Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh : A bright flash of colour caught my eye, so I followed it through the bushes to get a better look. I was greeted by this tiny sunset with wings, an Orange-Breasted Sunbird.
Sunbirds have evolved to feed on nectar with their long beaks - much like Hummingbirds in the Americas - but are not actually very closely related. They both evolved separately to solve the same problem: nectar was delicious but just out of reach!


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Hello, @wildlifejosh here! I’m just dropping in for the next two days to share some stories of shooting wildlife around the world. My #WWFVoices mission is to connect people with nature through photography, stories and film to inspire them to protect it. Stay tuned and let’s geek out about wildlife together!

These Western Lowland Gorillas were filmed as part of my 6-part Expedition Congo series, which you can watch right now on WWF’s YouTube channel 🎥


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Alexander Retana is a forward-thinking jungle farmer who is pioneering a new way of growing food in harmony with the forest.

His dream is to create a sustainable farm by growing crops among the trees instead of cutting them down.

Watch his inspiring story!

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The food we eat has a big impact on our climate 🌏
The good news? We now know the challenges and we know what must be done to solve them.
Together we can help tackle #ClimateChange and ensure we have enough food to feed ourselves forever.

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Rescuing Indus river dolphins in Pakistan can be a tricky job. Wildlife ranger Nazir Mirani’s hands are full of dolphin bites from various rescue operations. But he can't imagine a life without dolphins around him. He is an excellent swimmer and joined by a team that locates dolphins in shallow waterbodies. Over the years, WWF along with communities and the Wildlife Department has devised a standard mechanism to rescue these dolphins which Nazir and his team follow. More than a hundred dolphins have been rescued in the past few years. #WorldRangerDay


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Today is #WorldRangerDay. In Utria National Park, located on Colombia’s Pacific coast, rangers work alongside local communities to protect landscapes and seascapes from coral reefs to mangroves to rain forests. “Managing parks in Colombia can be hard, given all the people who have rights to the land. But there are so many benefits to working with them because they are such good stewards of the land. They need to be just as much a part of the parks as the park rangers need to be part of the community.” - Utria park manager Henry Pinzoón Benavides.


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Today is #WorldRangerDay.

Did you know that when Namibia became independent from South Africa in 1990, it became the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution? By empowering communities with rights to manage and benefit from the wildlife on their lands through communal conservancies, Namibia has become recognized as a conservation success story. Chosen by their own community, rangers have been extraordinarily effective in tackling poaching. The elephant population has almost tripled and black rhinos, once near extinction, have rebounded.


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#WWFNatureShots "Tigers are really one of the animals that people emotionally connect with. They embody everything that a human admires: The courage, passion, beauty, strength and power. They are famous in countless legends, movies and books. Yet, they are struggling to survive." NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH (JULY): Suyash Keshari // @SuyashKeshari, and the newest member of #WWFVoices is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker based out of New Delhi, India.

With his camera, Suyash hopes to bring the most beautiful images of tigers to light and pair them up with "hard-hitting and compelling stories about the plight of our last remaining wild spaces, the sliver of hope for the future of this troubled species and everything else in its ecosystem". With Global Tiger Day coming up on July 29, join us in our mission to #doubletigers in the wild by 2022. Keep an eye on our Instagram story for a takeover from @SuyashKeshari

We are featuring one of our amazing contributing photographers every month for the rest of the year. If you are interested in contributing any nature-related photos or videos to WWF, drop us an email at hive@wwf.panda.org.


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Did you know the mighty Amazon relies on its size to function as a humid rainforest? We don’t need to chop down any more trees. Help keep our jungles standing by choosing deforestation-free products ✔️
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