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#elephantnews- Botswana, home to nearly 130,000 #elephants is considering lifting its four year ban on big game hunting as well as allowing the canning #elephant meat for pet food. These beautiful animals are #worthmorealive ! Photo credit: @schmid_chris



#rhinonews- India and Nepal are set to sign a new agreement to boost trans border conservation of #rhinos #elephants and #tigers. @simon_smith_photography’s Photo is a beautiful example of why #rhinos are #worthmorealive



#elephantnews- the “ivory queen” of Tanzania was sentenced to 15 years in prison for smuggling #ivory from over 350 #elephants. We hope that continued pressure from Africa and China thwart other kingpins threatening this iconic species. @simon_smith_photography reminds us that these beauties are #worthmorealive



#rhinonews - just as South African authorities announced that fewer #rhinos we’re poached in 2018, Hong Kong authorities reported a record breaking seizure of #rhino horn from two air passengers traveling from South Africa to Vietnam. Although enforcement has improved in some areas and the price of rhino horn has fallen in Asia, the drop in poaching may be due in part to fewer rhinos existing making it harder for poachers to find them. We need to stop organized crime and prosecute the kingpins in South Africa and Mozambique as well as the buyers to truly protect this iconic species. #worthmorealive @thefaizelismail captures this beauty reminding us that #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo



Sad #rhinonews from Hong Kong today. A staggering 40 kilos of #rhino horns have been seized by customs official, setting a new record seizure. This beautiful photo by @antoinejans reminds us just how important these creatures are and why they are #worthmorealive



#pangolinnews. In unfortunate news there have been a number of large seizures of pangolin parts in the past few weeks. These #endangered animals are #worthmorealive @mikesutherlandphoto is gearing up for #worldpangolinday with this beauty of a photo



#rhinonews: if you’re looking for an interesting #weekendread check out nat geos piece on why the case against Boonchai Bach Mai the alleged rhino horn kingpin fell apart. Demand reduction coupled with increases in stricter enforcement are what we need to end this devastating trade. #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo photo credit @antoinejans reminds us #rhinos are #worthmorealive



#elephantnews - #icymi Hong Kong customs recently made its third largest seizure of #ivory products alongside its largest ever seizure of #pangolins. @johansmalman reminds us that these beautiful creatures are #worthmorealive



On the eve of #LunarNewYear, prominent Buddhist temples are urging Vietnamese citizens to make an auspicious start by protecting rhinos, pangolins, and elephants in a new campaign called #betheirbodhisattva read more about our new Lunar New Year campaign on our site: https://bit.ly/2SwH7YG



The United States is one of the largest illegal #wildlife markets in the world. WildAid welcomes the Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act to combat the trade of illegal wildlife and seafood products. @repgaramendi @repdonyoung Read more: https://garamendi.house.gov/sites/garamendi.house.gov/files/GARAME_074_xml.pdf photo credit: @markjdrury



#elephantnews- a new study has found that animals’ foot posture may explain why some mammals have evolved to be so massive. #themoreyouknow🌈 this beautiful image brought to you by @mikesutherlandphoto



In today’s alarming #seaturtlenews- microplastics have been found in groundwater supplies according to a group of Illinois based researchers. The one thing we humans have done an incredible job at is leaving behind plastics everywhere. This is no longer just an issue for #seaturtles and #marine animals, but our very well-being is at stake! Say no to plastic. @benjhicks captures a beautiful cause for why we must protect our #oceans