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So it’s officially the end of the holidays, and everything’s back to normal; school, work - the hustle for a better life.
I pray things work out the way you’ve prayed for them to. I pray you get that job you hoped for, the car you’ve dreamed of all your life, the girl you’ve been crushing on all these past months.
I pray you get the job promotion. The pay raise. The good grades. The perfect body. The clear skin, and healthier hair. The schmoneeyy 💰.
I just pray more than anything, that your miracle unfolds from this day, throughout the rest of the year.
If you’re still in school, honey, please focus on your school work. Don’t worry about what’s going on in the world for now. Everything isn’t even as it seems. Life doesn’t just become very rosy, just on a platter of gold.
Take your time, and when you’re done getting those good grades, everything else would fall in place.
Please don’t fall for the “SCHOOL NEVER HELPED ANYBODY” phrase.
It took me time to realize that we have different destinies, and what works for you l, best might not work for anybody else.
Your good grades can take you as far as where other peoples talents take them, so don’t relent.
At the end, extra effort for extra money is always very satisfying.
Be focused but very spontaneous.
And I promise you, with God’s help, everything would be just fine.
But above all, I wish you LIFE, good health, peace of mind and soul, true love, happiness, and the most perfect physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Love- Hilda💋

Off to School ! (:

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Mood for #2018 😊😊
This year, I’m saying goodbye to hate, there’s plenty of space in my heart for love. Saying goodbye to ill health, to backwardness, to negative vibes, to envy, jealousy, malice and all the bad stuff that make life a whole lot harder.
This year, I’m saying goodbye to the ones who didn’t appreciate me, the ones who didn’t answer my calls or my texts, the ones who didn’t love me or treat me with respect. 
Goodbye to the moments I messed up and the mistakes I made along the way. It’s how I learnt and how I’m gonna grow.
Goodbye to my fears; the ones that stop me from living my life, from dreaming and the ones that stop me from trying.
Goodbye to staying when I should leave. Knowing that I’m always allowed to leave and I should.
Goodbye to all the unanswered questions, the hows, whys and what ifs, they're only going to clutter my mind because sooner or later, I’ll know why things happened the way they did. Goodbye to thinking that anyone owes me anything. I in-fact, owe myself all the good things in life. Happiness, money, good friends, etc
I’m saying goodbye to the tough times of 2017, the bad memories and the heartbreak but I’d take the lessons with me.
Saying goodbye to saying that 2018 is going to be the same and start saying 2018 is going to be my year and believe it ☺️
And to everyone that made my year amazing(esp my family😫)we gonn do double next year. I love youuuuuuu 👅❤️❤️❤️

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God is too faithful to wreck our plans before they wreck us. It’s like making little things go wrong so a whole lot can finally fall in place 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Happy new month 😌😌💃🏽


Make a wish 😏🎈🎈❤️


I’m not a princess, I don’t need saving. I’m a Queen, my problems are always taken care of ✨✨✨
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“Every good thing comes from the Lord." (James 1:17)❤️ ☺️ It is easy to get sucked into the "I need more" mentality when we see so much "better" things around us. Sadly, that robs us of the blessings that we already HAVE. Today, it is my prayer for us that we exercise that grateful heart, and see EVERY GOOD THING that comes from the Lord. A grateful heart easily recognizes miracles.😊 HAPPY TUESDAY!!

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