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Defend at Home, Attack on the Road. @neweracap #neweracap


Dak Prescott

One night to save lives! I am excited to join @SU2C for their live fundraising telecast, marking #StandUpToCancer’s 10 years of impact in cancer research. Join me and tune in on Friday, Sept.r 7. Learn more at StandUpToCancer.org/show.


Dak Prescott

One more month left to join the Pic Your Power challenge. Making my mom proud on and off the football field gives me the power to rise up against #cancer. Show me how you do the same by submitting a photo and help raise funds for advocacy groups. Visit ReadyRaiseRise.com. #sponsored #ReadyRaiseRise


Dak Prescott

It’s Not Lonely being Alone


Dak Prescott

Tunnel Vision


Dak Prescott

Actions!!! Simply Amazing! This isn’t Changing the Game; It’s Changing Lives, Cultures, and Generations To Come! The UPMOST RESPECT #TrueLeader #GreatestInAllSports


Dak Prescott

Before I head into Training Camp, it’s Important I give credit to the Kids who Motivate & Inspire Me! From Haughton,LA - Starkville,MS - Dallas! I Saw the Kid I once was with Big Dreams to play in the NFL within each of you, & Here I Am! I told every one of you; you can be Next! Thank you all for the support & most importantly the Inspiration and Keeping me Grounded as I take on Year 3!


Dak Prescott

Happy Birthday!!! Not to a Teammate, But to My Brother @ezekielelliott


Dak Prescott

You can Only Sleep this Peaceful & Comfortable when you’re on the #Phenom300 with @nicholas_air #AskIcon


Dak Prescott

Icon & I are Headed to Starkville on the Phenom100. Hope Everyone is Ready for the Weekend. I Know @procamps and My Squad are!! Shoutout to @nicholas_air for another Great Flight #starkvillecamp18 #FlyingIconic


Dak Prescott

Stay Thirsty My Friends


Dak Prescott

Happy 4th from the 🐐& 4! #bahamas #djdiesel #bahamar