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Working on Marlowe so I can hit the road. #vanlife


I’ve never seen so many people chasing a sunrise as I did atop #CadillacMountain. I thought because it was a weekday, and we had to wake up at 3:30 to get there in time, that we would be the only crazy people wrapped in blankets waiting for the sun to appear. Instead, there were around 100 other people there, all waiting for the same thing.
I don’t think anyone went home disappointed. The colors reflected in Bar Harbor, and spreading through the clouds were absolutely astounding.


Racing our way through NY, VT, NH, and now ME, and making our way to MA, CT, and RI might seem ambitious for a road trip, but we’re seeing so many amazing sights, and taking so many amazing hikes, so I definitely don’t feel rushed in the slightest.
This little capture was taken in #whitemountainnationalforest during a short afternoon jaunt. Thanks @jamielizabethitro for the pic. 😉


Northeast road trip day 1 was quite a success. We mostly just drove away from home all day, but a stop in The Adirondacks made the drive absolutely worth it. Just look at this view from our hike.


There’s a new blog post up featuring the #silocity tour with @explorebflo. The grain elevators hold some amazing history, and incredible art, and they’re definitely worth a visit if you’re in #BuffaloNY


So I’m definitely biased since I grew up here, but I truly believe #BuffaloNY is the most beautiful city in the world.
Want to find out how to get this view? Check out the blog on Wednesday to read about my time exploring #silocity


Why is it that when the weather is like this at home, I hate it. But when it’s like that in @denalinps I love it?! There’s a new blog post up, inspired by Buffalo’s tentative steps into spring. And I promise after that I’ll stop talking about Alaska.


I have to stay 15 feet away from the penguins, they however have no rules.


I miss my Antarctica home.


Shout out to mi amiga mejor and her amazing photography skills.


Is there anywhere better to turn 27?
Reflecting on this year has me feeling so lucky. I’ve made some amazing friendships this year, even some as fresh as last week, I’ve traveled to some amazing places, and I’m finally doing something every day that makes me feel alive. To say that I am absolutely happy would be an understatement. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me today, I love you all.


I just got back from Antarctica, and I have enough penguin pictures for the next 7 years.


On our last day in #rio we visited the #escadariaselaron or the Selarón Steps. This piece of art, containing 215 steps, was a beautiful way to say goodbye to Rio de Janeiro.