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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and beach life! 😍 I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks with my day job (managing Fortune 100 accounts for a leading tech company) and enjoying the beautiful sunny days we’ve been having. In a few weeks I am heading to Croatia and Montenegro. I’m very excited because I’ve never been to either country and it’s the first time I’ll share live updates for you on a trip. How will you spend the last month of the summer? 🏖️


A slice of heaven in beautiful Shelter Island. This Island is at the eastern end of Long Island and only accessible boat. There are no traffic lights and no traffic jams. It’s the perfect escape. Whose been?


Throwing back to this amazing spa pool! It’s recommended to enter naked.😀Birthday trip with my old friend from college @hippyinvestor who happens to share the same birthday with me. Sending so much love to the people of Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷 #RCMemories @ritzcarlton @ritzcarltonreserve @doradobeachreserve


A big part of any cultural experience for me is food. Peru completely blew me away. Whether you are into seafood, meat or veggies, there is something for everyone. Peru is fast becoming a leading culinary destination. Swipe through this decadent lunch I had @lamarcebicherialima in Lima. They also have a location in San Francisco - one of my favorite places to dine when I lived in SF. @lamarsf 🤤 #howisummer @foodandwine


Palm trees and sunset! One of my favorite places to watch the sunset in LA. #SantaMonica @shuttersca


Wondering who is behind this page? Well, this is me on an impromptu horseback vineyard ride @casadeuco in January. I am super passionate about travel, food and living my best life! 🤩 A life that is intentional and purpose driven. I’m fortunate to have lived in 5 countries and lost count on how many I’ve visited. This page is to inspire others to ExperienceMore. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, try that food that looks a bit weird, go to that country you’ve always wanted to visit, and live the life you’ve imagined for yourself. Let’s ExperienceMore together! ❤️


Dreaming of another bite of this deliciousness, sipping a glass of Rosé and staring at the Pacific blues... 🤗😋 #howisummer @foodandwine


Flashing back to picturesque Mendoza and this stunning backdrop. What a serene experience this was! Who would you take here? 🤩


Escape to a tropical paradise off the coast of Cartagena. These private islands are a sweet escape. Have you been to Rosario Islands? Double tap if you like! 🌴 #TravelTuesday #ExperienceMore


I couldn’t help but notice all the blue doors in Cusco. What doors will you open this week? #ExperienceMore 💙


When your curiosity leads you to the coolest find! Glass of red anyone?🤪🍷 @hotelpalaciodelinka #spglife @spg


Take a break from Cusco sightseeing and experience poolside at @belmondpalacionazarenas 🤩 #TheArtOfBelmond #CuscoPeru 🇵🇪