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"A broken heart rhyming to make poetry."
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It will only make my heart go numb.
With time I have learnt,
Love is easy and beautiful to feel, to give but hard to recieve.
Going blind in the name of your lover.
You have already let your soul down just to make them see raising.


I'm dead
I'm infinity.
I'm a leaf.
I can be more then an ocean too.
But the more deeply I hold my breath.
The more passionately I try to solve my problems.
And each time I find myself drowning and still not climbing the mountain,
Mountain of my wishes and dreams which incomplete my Love story.
The distance from my heart to my lips and the love from your heart to mine,
It's as lost as my eyes for your one look.
And surrendered for my demise by your only touch.

Jim Corbett National Park - Ramnagar

That fake smile.




How can I rebuild myself, how can I forget you. How will I walk away without my heart and wishing to meet you.


Now without them if you wish to surrender you ain't wrong,
But you are wrong if you accept them to love and break your heart again.


Oh lord her those pretty lies,
How I could have understood before.
How I could have stoped and made her wait for me to understand my love.
She enjoyed, she smiled, she even liked the walks.
What she didn't like was my true passionate love.
The commitments and promises seems to be the words of my poetry now,
And her lies the rhyme of it.


In love I'm yet punished.
I can't forget and walk away from you.
Maybe just to make this love immortal without you.


How you can smile for someone new.
And how you will hold hand and walk to the same place,
With new faces.


With a mark of no-love.


I'm still scared to say that I do not care for you anymore,
Wounding if you happen to be my side holding my hand again.
Where you proved me wrong.
I still believe in love,
A love which I see in my eyes for you in your memories.
But the time I close my eyes, it's just the dark talking about you and the magic that happened to be left from my life.


Love never ends at once.
They are all long back efforts of them to leave you.
The first of love become the last and they are no more your partner.
They just accepted you to walk in the dark or to feel the your heart for once,
And leave a scar to end on only on your grave.


She stopped watching my love growing in her name,
And I surrendered happily wishing for her gain. #artlixirpoetry


From Love to faded love.
How I have changed my views on love.
This piece, when I had love with me.


The picture was perfectly beautiful with you.
The world was loveable through your eyes.
Suddenly you stopped and choose to walk away.
And since then I'm finding a way to solve the puzzle of my heart,
To watch the picture again without tears in my eyes which still make it look blur without you.


The way you walked into my life.
Dam! those pretty eyes.
The way you touched my heart,
Melted the core and brighten each side.
The less I talk about the more I'm into them.
I love the way you hide.
My love, my heart for your each sight.


Make me learn the art of survival.
The game of myths, the name in love.
But when I return back to home will it be me?
Or your well wisher with a broken hurt.


And now as I walk, I look for my end.
I sit back and hold my breath.
I watch sun and moon,
But feel your fragrance in the skies.
How I can never ignore the feel our first kiss which leads me to my own grave now.


And I still ask myself.
In loving you, why did I stopped feeling myself.
Now if something can complete me,
It's just the old you or the end of me in your memories.




I was the happiest, was the craziest.
Don't know when in love I lost myself.
From Together- to get her, to ask her to complete me.
I wasn't wrong until I begged her to love me for once and to accept the change in her feelings.


Captured in your memories,
Lost and can never be found without you.


I'm sure for me,
It's still impossible.
Whatever I hold in my eyes and heart still search for her one look.
The way I still crave for her and not my peace made me write for my own death.


Just a thought to pass was I nothing more then a statue standing on your way.


No, don't leave me like you never loved me.
Stay and be honest,
I drag myself down to feel the love in your arms.
Wait, don't leave.
I can live without you but the thought of not having you my side destroy me.


Sacrificed myself, my peace and the truth my heart holds.
And now it's the end which I cannot accept.
Never imagined or believed and now if I sit back in our memories,
Asking myself for what I made you my priority.
And for what I should move on?
Your Unrealistic truth or unfelt love?


Meri wafa mujhe aj bhi tujhse dur hone nai deti,
Aur ye raatein mujhe khamosh dheakh kuch nasha sa karti hai.


It was love and accepted by both then why it ended on just ones goodbye?
Nothing without an effort will last forever.
And my love, I still watch different faces and your words of lie.


Why can't you move on.
Why can't you be happy.
Why can't you accept the truth.
Why can't you face the dark.
The answer to all 'yet not ready to transfer my feelings to someone new'
My love, this love won't end just with your goodbye.