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Panorama by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night program
Swipe left to see this 3-part panorama and the entire image on the slide 4. The Grand Canyon offers extremely dramatic scenes when you catch the right time and light. I was waiting for the moment after sunset. From the west (pic 1) to east (3) the view shows the light of early twilight on the canyon and the blue-purple color of the rising Earth shadow on the right, at the opposite horizon (east). An extinct volcano is also visible near the edge.
At 446 km long the Grand Canyon on the Arizona-Utah border is the longest canyon on Earth (not the deepest), a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River steadily over several million years. Google “dreamview 102813” to see a larger view of the entire panorama and fine more @babaktafreshi.

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Grand Canyon National Park

Mexico City trivia: The oldest street in the Americas was built in Mexico City around 1377-1389 by an Aztec emperor. #MexicoLove @VisitMexico #ad


Photo by @TimLaman. Hummingbird and moon. Back in Oct, I photographed this Costa’s Hummingbird just as the full moon rose at sunset in the Coachella Valley, California. There was just enough light coming from the sun to get some color in the foreground. Hummingbirds feed right up until it is getting dark, and then often go into torpor to survive the night, during which they can slow their heart rate down from over 500 beats/min to under 50 beats/min. These guys are such fascinating little birds! If you’d like to see more of my new images of hummingbirds from California, visit my feed @TimLaman.

How did I get a shot like this? It is all about seeing an opportunity, getting an idea, and then having the patience to pull it off. In this case, waiting for the hummingbird to return to a certain flower I had lined up with the moon.

Shot at Sunnylands as part of a project I’m working on to document the birdlife of this sanctuary. #hummingbird #moon #sunnylands #annenberg #birdsofsunnylands #birds #coachellavalley #palmsprings #ranchomirage #desert #california


Double Trouble | Photograph by Patricia Wessant (@minousphotographyplus)
“We followed this pair of lions as they marked an area to try and take over from another pair’s territory,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Patricia Wessant. “At one point, they stopped and were in between two vehicles. This allowed me to use one vehicle to light the front lion, and the other vehicle to create rim lighting on the back lion. It is one of my favorite shots from my trip to Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in Kruger National Park.”

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#Boomerang by @emzaans
“Friday mood and epic jacket,” writes Emma Eriksson (@emzaans) in her caption. ⚡️
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blue hour in Cairo 💙

Cairo, Egypt

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