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When your next day off feels like a lifetime away, but it’s actually tomorrow....


Where’s Waldo?!?! Can you find me in this photo? It’s all fun and games till someone tries to rip your heart out for breakfast. #ZombieApocalypse #sorrynotsorry
Photo by @dominicbonuccelli
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This morning I received my #23andme report. Have you done yours yet? My mom and dad have always told me I was European. But it’s really cool to see the break down of everything.


I have wanted to do this for so long, I finally received my ancestry report this morning. Turns out I’m more European then I thought. #Norwegian #British #German #23andme #results


Sometimes you just need to get away from the crazy city and take in the fresh Italian air...


#FBF to some classic #BlackAndWhite have an amazing weekend everyone.


It’s not everyday you get to make last minute trips with your best friend. @dannyaz22


No one truly knows what they will do in a certain situation until they are actually in it. It's very easy to judge someone else's actions by what you assume your own would be, if you were in their shoes. But we only know what we THINK we would do, not what we WOULD do.... #deepinthought


I wish I could turn back the clock. I'd find you sooner and love you longer...


Absolutely amazing show tonight @ddlovato! I become a bigger fan every time I see her, that vocal control is crazy! #demilovato #TMYLMtour #2018 #boyfriend #DateNight


When you find the right guy.... everything else just falls into place. ❤️#valentinesday


#FlashbacksFriday when all I wanted was some tea but this bitch ass bird wanted to have a stand off.... Only in Neverland.


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