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We're teaming up with @Google to give a #SmallThanks to small biz @goldenrulecollective in snowy Excelsior, MN! As the store's name suggests, owner Erin is kind and generous in all that she does. Her inspiring shop reminds us that it's most important to be beautiful on the inside. And it makes Lucy's tail wag! Please share photos/videos and stories of your favorite small business with #SmallThanks and tag @google. Select few will get marketing support from Google. #sponsored #dogsofinstagram #dogsofgoogle 🎥 by @ascedbyme


No te pierdas el desenlace de esta historia real de coraje y sacrificio #LongRoadHome


Video by @FransLanting and ChristineEckstrom Residents of Santa Barbara are watching one of the largest wildfires in California history encroach upon their neighborhood. The intensity of a wildfire is hard to imagine if you have not experienced a blaze up close. This current wildfire is another indication that our planet is under pressure. California governor Jerry Brown has declared this fire a part of the “New Normal,” as our state is adapting to the consequences of climate change. More than eight thousand firefighters have been assembled to combat the fire. They are heroes when it comes to battling the flames, but we need a much bigger global force to address the root causes of this inferno. Check the hashtags below to learn how you can engage. Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more scenes from the Santa Barbara fire.

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Santa Barbara, California

Photo by @christian_foto (Christian Rodríguez) |

Taiana Cezario Da Silva (16 years old) became a young mother at the age of 15. She is the third of seven siblings, and a daughter of a teenage mother, in Complexodo Alemão, a large settlement of favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

Taiana met her boyfriend in the favela. Shortly after starting their relationship she got pregnant, and after three months her boyfriend was sent to prison for drug trafficking. She had to leave school to take care of her daughter. She hopes she can go back to school some day, and study medicine. "Complexo de Alemão" is the largest set of favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This photo is part of the project "Teen mom" about teen pregnancy in Latin America. The series made in Rio de Janeiro analyzes the issue of teenage pregnancy in low socioeconomic contexts.
Girls who become pregnant before they are 18 rarely achieve an adequate standard of living. The patterns of poverty and limited access to education and health care are a common thread among teen pregnancies.
Brazil could have increased its productivity up to US $3,500 millions if adolescent girls in that country postponed pregnancy until their twenties. (Population Fund of the United Nations)
To learn more about the Teen Mom project, please follow @christian_foto
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spice of life 🌶️

Nubian Dream House

Snowy Snuggles | Photograph by Quinn Chan
In Canada's Wapusk National Park, a mother polar bear cuddles with her two cubs. When polar bears are born, they weigh only a pound. They'll stay with their mother in a hibernation den until they reach 20-30 pounds, at which point they all venture out into the world. Female polar bears have about five litters over the course of their lives, a significantly lower reproduction rate than other mammals.

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Photo by @denise6217
Dashing through the snow❄️ #TheWeekOnInstagram


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