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Something I learn in @fuegoyagua is that I really suck with a slingshot 😅time to practice #nemik #zerodrop #zerolimts #altrarunning #photooftheday #fitness #run #fun

Ometepe, Nicaragua

How you know you have a good day in the trails? You have two different colors of skin, thanks to @frogs_running for a great race and @altrarunningmx for the power #trail #run #photooftheday #fun #fitness #zerodrop #zerolimts #altrarunningmx


#tbt to @fuegoyagua one more time can’t wait to be back, and thank you to @orangetheoryfitnesscdmx for taking me there and let me train #fitness #run #photooftheday #fun

Isla de Ometepe: "Tierra Prometida, Oasis de Paz"

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Qué comiencen los juegos :) #AltraRunningMx #AltraRunning #ZeroLimits #AltraRuns #running #trailrunning #ultratraining #ultratrail #mountainrunning #crossfit #spartan #ocr


Let’s take the next few days to make a new plan #photooftheday #zerodrop #altrarunning #altrarunningmx #landscape

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Long post warning
In @fuegoyagua you get four medals I, DID, NOT, FAIL where fail is the first one and not in the finish line. I only get the fail medal this year the competition was harder and the cut off shorter no matter that I was doing good after the first challenges and finding out I really suck with a slingshot missing that challenge. After running down the first volcano we have a couple of challenge the first one chop a piece of wood of 5 feet’s long and then split it in four for a pig fence, the lumber jack on me came and did that with no problem, after that land cleaning, a 7x30 feet’s of jungle have to be clean for growing papayas this was the worst part for me, thousands of bugs falling on me and spiders all the time getting bites all over my body put me in a bad place but I finish and move to the next challenge palm tree climbing, you’ll have to climb three palms the first two bring down a coconut and drink the water and the last one bring the bracelet as a prove you did it, my long legs help me to do it really quick. So I got my FAIL medal and time to move to the next part of the race and more challenges.
Bamboo carrying, a 20 feet’s long bamboo had to be carried back to the top of the volcano and then down and then swim with it for 4.5 miles on the coast of the island, so I started cutting my bamboo and that’s when I decide to quit from the race.
This year my mentality was always positive no matter what and doing a great job with the challenges, a good time in the run, so why did I quit? Going down the volcano my knee start to hurts, so when I was cutting the bamboo I decide that my knee was in a risk to have a big injury and ruin more that just one race this year, thinking on the future I drop saw in my hand and when to @davidsdietrich to make oficial my DNF and cry a little. Is harder to fail and get back but now two days after I know that the problem didn’t was my knee was my aductor muscle creating a bad compensation in my knee going down and now I have something to work for my next race. Finishing a race is going to be easy for me, not finish a race when I know I can do it is the hard but you learn from that and I’ll improve.

Ometepe, Nicaragua

All the things I’ll be carrying in tomorrow’s @fuegoyagua a lot less than last year #running #fitness #photooftheday #adventuretime #zerolimts #zerodrop

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Friends that I call family running took me into meeting amazing people and just happy to share this trip with this amazing persons #photooftheday #friends #fun #dinner


Next week @fuegoyagua that’s one of the volcanos I’ll be climbing “Concepción” #run #nicaragua #fitness #fya #photooftheday


Everyday do something for yourself #fit #fitness #gym #fun #photooftheday #lululemon