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Another one of my favourite pictures ❤️❤️❤️#Repost @pasta_cosplay (@get_repost)
I seriously love those photos we took by the lake before we debuted our Far Cry 5 costumes at Dokomi last month. ❤️
photography by @kaydensjournal
Joseph Seed cosplay by @abyssinian_cosplay
John Seed cosplay by me
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Sooo did you hear about the planned season of @ahsfx?
They're planning a crossover between Murder House and Coven! I can't wait to see Violet and Tate again of boiii! 🤩🤩
Which season was your favorite?

Violet is @timetravellingprincess
Photography by @pasta_cosplay

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Happy #TheFathersDay 😎
I'm glad I can share this beautiful picture by @kaydensjournal with you! It was taken at Dokomi and we went to a lake prior to going to the convention. I love how Kayden gave it this haunting atmosphere 🙏❤️ #farcry5 #josephseed #cosplay #cosplayphotography #EdensGate


Selfie from our hotel room - we went home early and skipped the party because it takes ages for us to get out of them beards and we have to leave early today and it takes ages to get into the beards just as well 😎💦
Anyways, we could still take some selfies and do some dubsmashs at our room which is why you should look at @pasta_cosplay s and my stories... They're so big cause they're full of secrets.☝️ #farcry5 #josephseed #thefather #AnimeCon #crossplay


#AfterConSelfie - we had a great day but we're ending it early because we want to transform to garbage boi stink men (John and Joseph Seed) tomorrow - which means getting up early!😱💦💦💦
We saw so many great skits today at AnimeCon omg! Actually the great show at AnimeCon is what inspired @pasta_cosplay and me to try and participate in contests in the first place. It still has this very particular feeling to it and the Dutch cosplaying scene is not only great competition with amazing skits but also full of extremely friendly people. AnimeCon is definitely one of my favorite conventions - even though I'm not even that much into Anime anymore! 😊💕


Thank you so much for this beautiful picture, @moriartician 🙏💕
Bible class is always fun with John. He is not so fond of Corinthians so we ignore it. My favorite is the Book of Revelations anyways. We usually skip right to the good part so John doesn't get cranky.
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bible class with the Seed brothers 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Joseph Seed is @abyssinian_cosplay
John Seed is @pasta_cosplay
Photography by me
Special thanks to my trusty assistants for the day @lidl_delirium and @mrbellboy
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I am really looking forward to #devilmaycry5!
Sadly they seem to focus more on Nero than on Dante again awww maaan... I mean I like Nero but not as much as the hero we have been following through 3 parts of DMC yet (we all know part 2 doesn't exist)! Plus it seems they went for a more gritty look, a bit closer to the reboot which evoked such strong feelings in fans... What's your take on that?

Cosplaywise I already made the DMC3 outfit (photo by @mademoisellekrone) and a shitty reboot version (photo by @frankyland ) but I think DMC3 Dante will forever own my heart, come what may. The new DMC needs more pizza.

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Being epic with the general.
Expectations vs reality
I'm proud of us still having fun while water was dripping from the ceiling and a bunch of teenagers was blasting their godawful music right next to us for no particular reason 🌚💦
Hux is @autarque
Photo by @pasta_cosplay
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There is so much #DragonAge on my timeline! Hence the need to post all the cosplays I ever made yeeeeeh!
Hawke is @pasta_cosplay
📸 @kaydensjournal 2+3 @pasta_cosplay

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Always remember we stole a chair for this. This is it. We are going to crime prison. (we brought it back tho) #ChairGate

#Repost @pasta_cosplay (@get_repost)
Do you know the Seed family portrait you can find in Far Cry 5? It's wonderfully awkward and we wanted to recreate that shot, we even "borrowed" a chair for it. Sadly, we're lacking Jacob in this picture, he was busy culling the herd. 🙄
photography by @moriartician ❤️❤️❤️
Faith Seed is @timetravellingprincess
Joseph Seed is @abyssinian_cosplay
John Seed is me
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>get u a girl who can do both they say

I'm really proud about how the make-up for Joseph turned out - to a point where you are probably annoyed by all the Joseph pictures I'm sorryyyy
I still couldn't help the comparison between girl make-up and well... The Joseph thang🌚🌚🌚 #Crossplay #crossplaymakeup #crossplayersofinstagram #genderfluid


"Let me help you find that purity again!"
I love how @pasta_cosplay managed to make the pictures of Faith (@timetravellingprincess) and Joseph (me) look like a Boho wedding. Just that ... that would be really creepy and the relationship between Joseph and Faith wins the creepy-award for relationships in Far Cry 5 anyways (dude, Jacob and Peaches don't even come close). #farcry5 #farcry #josephseed #faithseed #faithseedcosplay #josephseedcosplay #cosplayersofinstagram