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I wish to become more of who I am. Deeper in the love I give. More real than who I set out to be. rose_thorns1921

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Reliving my childhood, this place is pretty cool!

Coin Op Gaslamp

The 12th to be exact 🙈😂 lol jk #pisces


Great day out at Big Bear yesterday , had to steal from Lou D, but nonetheless an awesome picture!!! First run of the season down hopefully a few more to go!!!

Big Bear City, California

Anyone remember Olan Mills? I vividly remember this day way back in 88’! Down to the poses we struck lol 😂 sorry Kimbo, a little before your time, but I thought you’d like to see it as well! Lol


Happy birthday to this amazing man I call my father, the patriarch, Mr. Adam Cano Sr. I know you won’t see this, but I love you and thank you! I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you!!! #HBD To many many more apa!


I just started this and I gotta say I’m pretty excited!!!


No filter needed!

Surfers Paradise Beach

See you soon #Sydney #DarlingHarour #BondiBeach 2 weeks and counting for winter vacation!


Happy Halloween had to steal from my sister lol




Super excited about next month’s trip to the land down under! 10 day trip, #sydney for a couple days then #sufersparadise for the rest!!!!


Current read, a gift from a dear friend. I found this unpacking some boxes the other day and realized I never read it. Thank you Lisa