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Help Protect the Liberty Bell Group in WA State

We're on a mission to raise $100,000 to provide critical stewardship work for the Liberty Bell Group, a cluster of five granite spires at Washington Pass outside Mazama.

Liberty Bell's increased popularity among alpine climbers has led to deteriorating trail conditions, severe erosion, and unsafe approaches.

Our trail teams are ready, but the project can't start until we meet our goal. Please help us protect this beloved alpine climbing area by donating today—every bit helps.

Link in bio to donate // Photo of Chris Simrell on West Face of North Early Winters Spire by @forestwoodward


@nature_mike_photography Takeover Day 3 // I’ll wrap-up my final day of my @accessfund takeover with another image of Yosemite—one of the most iconic landscapes for climbers, photographers, backpackers, artists, and nature lovers alike. It’s full of nature’s finest handy work and is a place of wonder for people of all ages. Yosemite was the first parkland that the federal government set aside. In 1864, in the midst of the civil war, Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant into law laying down the framework for what would eventually become the National Park System. Today millions of people visit Yosemite every year which has resulted in impact and traffic problems.

Now we have to ask, how will we continue to protect our public lands in the face of global tourism and over crowding?

Stand up for the public lands, like Yosemite, that we all hold dear. Sign the petition to tell Congress to protect public land // Link in bio.


@nature_mike_photography Takeover Day 2 // In April 2017 the President ordered a review of 27 national monuments and, as a result, Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase Escalante were both drastically reduced.

In this image, Anasazi ruins lay almost perfectly intact. The Cedar Mesa in Bear Ears National Monument is home to over 100,000 archaeological sites, making it one of America’s most significant cultural landscapes. With the reduction of Bears Ears National Monument, we need to stand together to protect these rich cultural heritage sites.

To show that climbers stand with public lands, check out the link in the bio and sign the petition to tell Congress to protect these cherished landscapes.


@nature_mike_photography Takeover Day 1 // Hello community! My name is Mike Wardynski. I’m honored to be taking over the Access Fund account for the next few days.

I wanted to start off with an image from @yosemitenps since it has been a major source of inspiration to me and millions of others. I moved to Yosemite Valley in the spring of 2010 and fell deeply in love with the crystal rivers, granite cliffs, and excellent quality of light. It becomes apparent rather quickly why John Muir dubbed the Sierra Nevada “The Range of Light” when golden rays paint the landscape in seemingly impossible ways.

Conservation is at the core of my work and I’m proud to be part of the inspirational flame that can help drive meaningful change in the world. To stand up for public lands, sign the @accessfund's petition to show climbers have a voice >> link in bio.


@browngirlsclimb Takeover Day 5 // #frobackfriday

Last week,@browngirlsclimb and @latinooutdoors partnered up with organizations including @Accessfund, to host our first community brunch, #pancakes&publiclands!

To start we want to acknowledge and thank the generations of Piscataway people who helped preserve the land we communed on last Sunday.

#Pancakes&publiclands is an event  to bring people together from a diverse range of cultures and specialities to talk about why our collective voice matters in the conversation of public land policy and how we can all  advocate for ethical land management and policy. Our conversations centered around the history of land management in America, marginalized voices which have been silenced, oppressed, or hidden in the environmental movement, and how we can equip ourselves with knowledge to advocate responsibly for the parks we climb in and the communities we represent. #theclimberspact #respectnativeland

This is our last day of taking over but we hope to see you at the crag! To learn more about us visit us on IG, FB, or on our website

@browngirlsclimb reading list
-Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors by Dr. Carolyn Finney
-1491: New Revelations of America by Charles C. Mann
-Trace by Lauret Savoy
-The Adventure Gap James E. Mills

To learn more about the history of your land visit and check out @nativesoutdoors for more info!


@browngirlsclimb takeover day 4 // BGC represents at #climbthehill with all these rockstars, including @sashadigiulian!


@browngirlsclimb takeover day 3 // Last year @browngirlsclimb and @boccrew along with over 100 climbers from across the country gathered at Horse Pens 40 to host the @colorthecrag festival celebrating diversity and culture in rock climbing. Our mission of the festival  is to increase access and exposure to historically marginalized communities by building relationships, encouraging leadership, and providing positive representation of climbing and physical activity among populations of color. This year, on October 18th-21st, we’re doing it again!

We are grateful to acknowledge the Cherokee and Chicksaw people whose original  land we climb and recreate on in the southeast region.

We are highlighting this amazing young crusher today and her mother who is guiding the way:

“Today she saw Black, Latin, Asian, and Native women (and men) climbing in the outdoors and enjoying nature. If the outdoors becomes something she enjoys, she will have a frame of reference and know that she isn’t “weird” or “whitewashed” because of her interest. These spaces belong to her (and the rest of us) too. I’m grateful for this community.”

We believe parks and public lands are for everyone. Advocating for the places we climb also means advocating for ourselves, for our family, our children, our grandparents, neighbors and our friends. It means protecting the safety of everyone outside and recognizing that even if we all are different, we all have a unique connection to these spaces that should be celebrated! Commit to #theclimberspact—be an upstander, not a bystander and be considerate of other users.

Visit for more info!


Day2: #trainingtuesday

Thinking about national parks can sometimes seem so distant from the places we live. For many us, our most beloved crags are right in our backyards. As we gather in Washington D.C. for #climbthehill to lobby for public lands this week, we wanted to highlight a small crag right outside of our nation’s capital, Northwest Branch (NWB) and share how we maintain the lands we climb in. Commit to #theclimberspact and stay on trails whenever possible, pack out all trash, crash pads, and gear.

To start we want to acknowledge and thank the generations of Piscataway people who have helped steward and preserve this beautiful land before us.

From Bethany, BGC founder, “I love NWB. It’s close to home and really accessible and everytime I go I try to take a new friend. There’s a small stream that runs through the park and can be a really quiet place to get a few burns in during the weekday to train. Unfortunately, because of its proximity to bridge and a highway, there's a constant buildup of trash. Everytime we climb though, we bring a trash bag and fill it up. It’s a simple way to keep our crag clean. I love this little park.”

Bethany pictured above on Doom (V5)
📸: @bleavitt8

What are some of your local crags you love to climb at and how do you help keep them accessible for others?


@browngirlsclimb Takeover Day 1 // #melanincrushmonday

Greetings everyone! We are Brown Girls Climb and we’re taking over to share with all of you why we love our public lands and how we support these lands every time we climb!

To start we want to acknowledge and thank the generations of people who have helped steward and preserve these lands before us, including the Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne people, who are native to the mountains we climbed in the picture above at North Table in Golden, Colorado. Learn the local ethics for the places you climb and respect wildlife, sensitive plants, soils, and cultural resources --> Check out Access Fund’s #theclimberspact for more info.

Our community is made up of self-identifying women all over the world and all over this beautiful country. We represent all aspects of education, income levels, family dynamics, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, experiences, and climbing levels.

Follow along this week as we #climbthehill with @boccrew, @heyflashfoxy, @accessfund, and @americanalpine and join us in protecting and preserving our history and the lands we love.

“Brown girls do climb and we will continue to climb. We climb over mountains and boulders. We climb over generations of oppression, injustice, abuse, and rape. We climb over doubts, fears, struggles, and insults on a daily basis. We climb because we must and will continue to climb because even though the statistics may not be in our favor, the weather is good and today is a great day to start the ascent.”
Pictured are just some of the leaders that make our community even stronger by leading on the rock and in their communities.

Bethany Lebewitz, Brittany Leavitt (@bleavitt), Chela Irlando-Garcia (@xelabela), Grace Anderson (@amaze_me_grace), Jael Berger (@jberger17), Laura Edmondson (@laura.edmondson), Monserrat Alvarez (@in_lak_ech), Sasha McGee (@nibblekit)
*Not pictured* Melise Edwards (@meliseymo), Michelle Stelly (@thewanderingqueen), Vanessa Flores (@zvanez)
#weouthere #wevebeenhere #documentationmatters


Access Fund and @seclimbers are pleased to announce the purchase of two bouldering and climbing access properties just north of Chattanooga!

This acquisition secures a new climbing area, known as Hell’s Kitchen, and creates a critical public access point to the climbing at Dogwood Boulders.

To learn more about Chatt’s newest climbing areas, check out the link in our bio // 📸: @shannonmillsaps


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Link in bio to join // 📸 @krisugarriza


After wrapping up a stellar Earth Day weekend full of stewardship projects and climbing, we’re stoked to announce our annual membership campaign.

Join Access Fund today for just $35 and we’ll throw in the coveted Smith Rock membership tee with custom art by @sarahvirginiauhl.

We need to commit to protecting the places we love. The climbing advocacy needs your support. Will you join us? // Link in bio to join #accessfundproud

📸: @krisugarriza


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