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Most of my recent aerial work is done with drones, but just a few years ago flying for me was a seat-of-the-pants operation in a motorized paraglider, with running take-offs and sketchy landings. You can get a sense of that in this video by my wingman François Lagarde who likes to fly low, with one hand holding the video camera, and the other on the controls of the wing and throttle. It’s nerve-wracking way to shoot with little margin for error. That’s me under the red wing, as we flew over the ancient #Roman city of #Timgad in #Algeria on assignment for @natgeo. To see more of the world from above, follow @geosteinmetz


#NatGeoHoy | Día de la Concientización por los #Pingüinos. El 20 de enero se celebra este día para extender el conocimiento sobre estas fascinantes aves que más que para volar, están hechas para nadar. En sus hábitats, abundan los peligros naturales y la supervivencia no es fácil. Pero, además, el aumento de las temperaturas y el cambio climático están proporcionando amenazas adicionales.


Photo by @renaeffendiphoto: A village well in Rasnol, Gujarat, India where the Self-Employed Women's Association, a Gandhian trade union, has taken root. #india #workingwomen


The Philippines ✨🌴🌴🌴🌴 Picture by ✨✨@warrencamitan✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


Photo by @KristaRossow // Walking the city walls in #Dubrovnik is an absolute must, especially at sunset. The walk, just over a mile in length, takes one along ramparts and through towers with views of the terracotta roofs of Old Town on one side and dramatic views of the Adriatic Sea to the other. #Croatia #DalmatianCoast // Follow me @KristaRossow to see more images from around the world.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A Popular Rendezvous Spot in Tokyo | Photograph by Hiro Kurashina | #Sponsored by @Rolex
“[People] wait by a decommissioned train that used to carry thousands of commuters daily between Shibuya and Sakuragicho. In recent years, Shibuya Station has become a favorite rendezvous point for lovers and friends to meet,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Hiro Kurashina. “These people are [maybe] wondering if their dates will come and meet them on time; their facial expressions [have] various levels of anticipation and anxiety. This photo was taken on December 21, 2016 at 1:47PM.”

“The notion of a ‘waiting game’ is intelligently captured in this photograph. The gestures and expressions of the four people biding their time, each in their own separate worlds, are intriguing.” — @natgeo photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel (@cookjenshel)
This photo was selected for our “Exploring Time” story, curated by @natgeo photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel and #Sponsored by @rolex. They invited the @natgeoyourshot community to share photos that encapsulates time, defining what a particular hour of the day looks like, tells a story about time, or captures a moment in time. #perpetualplanet


#Boomerang by @adnansaputroo
“Right or left?” asks Adnan (@adnansaputroo) in his caption.
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East Bekasi Highway

“May this year be a good one full of new adventures” writes @r5er_marley


Early mornings in Park City #ad // Excited to be in beautiful Utah this week w/ @chase Sapphire for the #Sundance Film Festival #SapphireOnLocation #SapphireInsider

Sundance Film Festival

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