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I’m not sure why it is that almost every year around and on my birthday 📆, I become extremely reflective and introspective; most of the time it leads me into a dark hole because I’m still not where I want to be in life. I’m falling into it again, but things can change (for the better) within a few hours, and if not, tomorrow is a new damn day. Also, I don’t know how to use this platform properly anymore, so I just say what I want, post what I want, whenever I want.


Loving your body is hella complex. It’s never fucking easy, because as much as there is to be happy about, there’s always something to fix. Just know - your body is unique, your body is your own, and nobody else looks like you, so it’s not fair to trick your brain into thinking you need to be something else or someone else.
I bought this eco-friendly bikini by @shopfreebella because I’ve been a fan, and wanted to share with all you beach lovers a sustainable & ethical swimwear option, so here I am getting out of my comfort zone. They don’t have this suit anymore because I bought it at the end of last year, but they just came out with a very cute new line of suits. Their swimwear collection is made from 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles in Los Angeles, CA. 💚


Everybody wants to be better than everyone else. Everybody wants more money, more stuff, more followers, more this, or that. It’s never enough, and while we ask for more, we are so self-absorbed and self-entitled. The lot of us are so far gone, so detached from the outer world, the big picture, even our own place in this world. Damn. Can we just give a damn about anything else but ourselves, our little bubble, and our phones?


Edit: Social media sucks a lot of the time, especially for us sensitive souls. 🌊 So just a reminder... You’re worthy. Take care of yourself, and prioritize your mental health. 🙏 (Don’t let everyday be a Drake anthem)
IT’S SUMMER, and I am living for this hot, hot weather. It’s about time NYC, am I right?


“Eat Veggies, Not Animals.” | If you can’t kill it, don’t eat it. And even if you are able, that’s sick as fuck. Having compassion towards another shouldn’t be limited to only humans. If you can love your dog, know that all animals have a similar (and sometimes larger) capacity of feeling and thinking. That’s all.
Photo by my love, @neivy.


Some of us view the world through rose colored lenses,
Some of us view the world unfiltered.
Some of us remain silent, stand watching.
Some of us shout through megaphones, fight ferociously.
The world is beautiful.
The world is tragic.
If only we could see how our visions, our voices are one.
How we are undeniably connected.
How our differences are only channels of our similarities expressed indistinguishably. #sincerelyjoan
Photo by @neivy
Chosen by @ashley_morganic to take part in @palaeyewear’s #luckysevencampaign, I am very honored to be the second person to move along this thoughtful campaign. It’s to further spread Pala’s brand message: #wearlovegive. For every pair of sunglasses purchased, they will donate a pair of prescription glasses to someone who needs them in collaboration with Vision Aid Overseas.
To continue the love, I choose @veganzinga. She’s genuine and beautiful, and has one kind-hearted soul. I am happy to have met her through this crazy platform, and to be able to call her my friend. 💗


When it’s summertime, I’ll still be wearing all-black.
Summer is my favorite. ‘Tis the season of beach days, sunny weather and sunflowers; it’s also my birthday next month. Who else is a summer baby tho?? 🤗☀️🌻
📷: @neivy


This world is not made for sensitive people, but it‘s not any easier for the people who act tough either. Sensitivity is often seen as a weakness, while toughness can be mistaken for aloofness.
📷: @neivy


ONLY approx. 5% (!!!) of our oceans have been explored, while the oceans cover more than 70% of our Earth’s surface. How INSANE is that? I think about this often while wishing I was born as a sea creature instead haha. There is too much we don’t know and don’t recognize for us to be erroneously identifying ourselves as the most intelligent species. Instead we are awfully disconnected from our Earth. We cause prominent destruction and chaos, that we send off colossally damaging ripples through our oceans aka our “lifeblood.” 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by our oceans. When the oceans suffer, we suffer. We must do better. Let's be mindful of the actions we take everyday. Use less water, skip the plastic, recycle, compost, buy less stuff, and/or adopt a plant based diet.


I favor comfy casual outfits because on most days I like to remain incognito #introvertproblems. But I do often like to add a touch of personality and my own flare via accessories. I also prefer #organic cotton and #recycledfashion.
📷: @neivy


It is #WorldOceanDay this Friday. I’ve always felt deeply connected to the ocean, and I believe a lot of us can say the same. Growing up, I lived too close to the beach not to visit it as often as I did. I made every excuse to be near water, even if it was just to the swimming pool. (I was a swimmer too! 🤗) The ocean is a magical and mysterious place. It’s vastness is alluring, yet daunting and we understand this because life is the same. Sometimes we lose sight of appreciating life and loving ourselves and it’s a dark, dark place, but when we are not giving up, we’re fighting. This may describe our ocean’s actions. She’s being poisoned and she’s suffering because she’s deeply hurt, but she’s hella resilient. She’s not giving up and we owe it to the largest space in our home to help her thrive, especially when the end is the furthest thing from her mind.


Desert Flora. 🌵| All around us —Complexities wrapped in simplicity. Our Earth gains when we understand its depth, while awestruck by its effortlessness. Life is magic if we’re curious, true when we believe. #sincerelyjoan
Photo by @neivy (my favorite person to create with; he understands what authentic expression through photos means to me - I am not just a muse - while being able to capture it in his own way for a magical joint effort.)