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Father, butcher, educator. @beardfoundation Award-winning Author of "Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork" & "Butchering Beef” @storeypub

What a wonderful trip it's been with this rad crew of ladies. @lola_conde


An 8-week #dryaged #mutton leg from a 3-year-old #sheep that we slaughtered back in May at @skyelarkranch. Broken down into #subprimals, this was coated with a mixture of coriander, fennel seed, fennel pollen, and smoked paprika. Served with a market berry pan sauce and an optional #chimichurri made from basil and cilantro.
Happy 4th of July everyone. There’s plenty to celebrate here at home.


The Good Meat Project (@goodmeatproject) is an amazing nonprofit, founded by @camasdavis of the #PortlandMeatCollective, that inspires responsible meat production and consumption through experiential education. I’m proud to be a #boardmember. 
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Meet Adam Danforth, Good Meat Project Board Member

Why I Give: “I believe positive change arises when food connects communities, from farmers to processors to chefs and consumers. I see lives improve, of both animals and those that consume them, when people are introduced to the source of their food. The Good Meat Project’s unique style of experiential education does both in spades and that’s why I donate to them.” -Adam
Consider donating to the Good Meat Project today. Link in profile.

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This is an awesome opportunity to spend time with one of the greats in American agriculture, Paul Willis, and learn more about what connects the world of food to the world of soil health and responsible livestock production.

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In partnership with @niman_ranch , we are thrilled to launch the 2018 Chefs Collaborative & Niman Ranch Scholarship!
This Scholarship is a rare opportunity to attend an exclusive, invite-only farmer celebration with fellow Chefs Collaborative Members, farmers, and food professionals who are committed to responsibly-raised meat. In addition to being a special weekend with like-minded colleagues, previous Scholarship recipients share that this experience has helped them #changemenuschangelives.


Today, #beef muscle profiling at @google with #meat from @truegrassfarms. Talking #flavorovertenderness and how #grassfinished animals can be an environmental solution. The food team here at Google SF is incredible. Talented, motivated, humble, and welcoming. I’d come back anytime.
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This was such a memorable trip with these folks to a region that celebrates meat in such a unique and passionate manner. Looking forward to reading the article and how it captures our time together. 
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@mettabk chef @negropiattoni’s South American homecoming #asado in @foodandwine. 📸 @ohpetelee 🖋️ me. Thanks to @notesfromacook @jordanarothman @karemizu @rayisle. 💛 @amorinprovision for hosting us & our Mettā fam @psdnyc @henryrich & esp @negropiattoni 🙏


It feels pretty incredible that @google would invite a butcher like me to talk about #flavorscience and #wholeanimalbutchery to their culinary staff and #googlers. And then to do #blindtastings with #poultry, #pork, and #beef at their #sanfrancisco campus. There’s some pretty incredible food being made there, like this #ramen with whole pigs from #sonoma!
Kudos to @truegrassfarms for the beef and to Guido for joining in on this inspiring adventure.
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Always inspiring and impactful work being humbly performed by Derek Wager from Nicks on Broadway in Providence, RI. 
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So excited to announce our collaboration with the @jacquespepinfoundation & @jwuprovidence on June 6th for our Sustainable Seafood Symposium!
Guests speakers/fellow seafood warriors include: @chefmoonen @bartonseaver @bun_lai_miyas and more!
We’ll be talking about our complex seafood system, the challenges we face, & exploring creative opportunities & solutions to these dynamic issues.
With RI oysters & brews from @foolproofbrew to follow!!!!! __________
We only have 100 tickets available! Please join @jakerojas, me & this incredible group of humans! Ticket link in bio.
This event is honoring the 25th Anniversary of @chefscollaborative‘s dedication to improving our food system and all proceeds to this event will go towards continuing with that important mission.
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My next event is in #sanfrancisco this Monday at @theperennialsf in collaboration with @chefscollaborative and @bernalcutlery.
Ticket link in bio and here: Discounts to #chefscollaborative members and industry professionals! 
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We are proud to announce that we have copies of Adam Danforth’s new book Butchering in the shop.
We are also happy to announce that Adam will be using some of our knives in his butchery workshop Monday May 21st at The Perennial here in San Francisco from 2-5pm.
Adam’s book is a thorough examination of sustainable animal husbandry and corresponding butchery practices and cooking techniques. How to use older animals, approaches to butchering and using working muscles.
Bernal Cutlery will on hand at the event with an embarrassment of butcher knife riches and sharpening supplies.
Tickets to the demo and tasting at The Perennial are available through their website or on brown paper tickets “Sustainable Butchering Demo & Tasting: Sheep”
Ticket discounts available for current @chefscollaborative members
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