leonardo dicaprio♡

just my type✨
“they do taste like a campfire...”
an overused audio for an underrated side of leo :)
dt: @leolvly @nikisedits💓
i made this so quick ahah sorry it’s so bad


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKI!!! (@nikisedits)
you deserve so much better than this off beat scrap but omg ilysm & i hope you have (have had) an amazing day and I am so glad we’re friends, you’re honestly one of the sweetest, most talented, funniest, cutest people ever and I’m sorry for this hideous edit❤️❤️
ac/rm: @kuteaudios
ew the quality haha


I won’t get in but why not💕


this is such a scrap haha
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dollar signs
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rest in peace audio quality


collab with the amazing @nikisedits!! you should all go follow her because she’s so talented omg
i did jay (first part) & she did jack (second part) + she did the colouring which is so amazing.
I taught myself some new stuff for this & I’m actually proud of it haha :)


i got the audio off youtube
but i can’t remember where :,)
quickest scrap i’ve ever made.
flash warning at start!!


I literally have no clue what this is, let’s just say it’s an experimental edit🤷🏽‍♀️
this is awful but I learnt some stuff the other day and I’m just trying it all out :) @crustytutorials massive thank you for the cube effect💘
dt: @diicapriouniverse @nikisedits
if you don’t want to read this long ass paragraph about all my past account troubles, I suggest you stop reading now😂
okay if you were wondered whats been happening with my account (not that many of you probably care) here’s a very long explanation:
originally this account was a leo fanpage until maybe January (?) or something, when I switched to a stranger things photo account, which didn’t last long. I then changed back to a leo fan page and posted a few edits in like March-April. However, I had so many editing accounts, I needed a break. I deactivated this account as well as two others, but continued to edit for my stranger things account. Then, when I stopped posting on that account, I started an account for the walking dead, which I’m active on and enjoy editing for (@softlydixon if anyone was wondering). When I started twd account, I had about two active accounts. I then got this account back, but didn’t post on it - I was logged out and just kept it on Instagram and wasn’t active at all. However, I’ve come back (hopefully for good) because I now only have two active accounts, @softlydixon and this one which hopefully will be a lot easier to manage and I’ll be a lot happier and less stressed about!! so yes, long story short: I had too many accounts, took a break and now I’m back😂
if you read all that, thank you haha


the price you pay
ac: @sadiesiinks
dt: @diicapriouniverse @dicapriomovie @mcntagues because I love all of you & your accounts :,)
flash warning!!
rip quality.


my manz
i was planning on posting something else but i couldn’t not post this ;)
rip quality, sort yourself out instagram🤧


can anyone actually tell me the lyrics to this cos it really confuses me and I can’t be bothered to research them lol
and yes, I realise it’s trash.


look who’s back from the dead :)
I finally switched back to a leo fan page because I missed this fandom & wanted to come back💞
this is so bad & it’s got the wrong font for the watermark lol