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Big Mountain Skier and Climber. May 27, 2017, 10:53am - 7th summit of Mt Everest, w/o supplemental oxygen. Snapchat: adrianjb and everestnofilter.

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1st fall at home in 19 years = winning = wtf was I thinking all those past years 🤔🤣😁

Donner Lake, Tahoe National Forest

My dad sent me this selfie (in his local @eddiebauer shop) and I just can't stop feeling fortunate for it and him and my mom. They didn't always agree with me and my path (there were some tough years when I blew off medical school for climbing and skiing 🤣) but they always let me know they believed in me and stood with me when I succeeded, and when I failed. They took some big risks in their time to find their path, and they always pushed, prodded and cajoled my sister and I to do the same. Love you Ballingers! #family

Eddie Bauer

"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” -Edward Abbey
Join @alpenglowexpeditions for our Cotopaxi Rapid Ascent expedition, November 22-26. In less than one week you will summit Cotopaxi (19,347' / 5897m), the world's highest active volcano. We use the same Hypoxico pre-acclimatization that is used by all of our Everest teams since 2012. No prior technical or altitude experience is required. Contact the @alpenglowexpeditions office for all the details! #adventuredoneright


Everyone feels the energy building as the temps get colder, there's snow up high, and winter morning rituals begin (stoke fire, drink coffee, walk dog, check forecast). Every day in the mountains demands a focus on safety. Now is the time to brush up on old skills and learn new ones. The #BASICS7 video is @hi5sfoundation's newest video promoting safety and awareness in the mountains. It is well worth a watch regardless of your experience or level. @alpenglowexpeditions make a cameo! Link to full video in profile, or join me and other Tahoe athletes at the West Coast premier October 27 in Tahoe City!

Alpenglow Expeditions

Catching the ferry last night from Hong Kong Island to Lantau to run the @barclaysmoontrekker in support of @tnc_hk, I remembered again how lucky I am. The feeling stayed with me even as I started the 53k race way too fast, blew up at 20k, struggled with brutal calf cramps through the middle of the race, and thankfully still finished in decent time. I get to travel the world, support causes I strongly believe in (@nature_org), play in the natural world with a stoked community, and call it work. So grateful. Thanks #moontrekker #tnc. Hong Kong is the best, and you all made me feel so welcome.

Lantau Island

There are many reasons I keep going back to the Himalaya each year. Mount Everest (29,035' / 8850m), is an incredible challenge and experience.
Join the @alpenglowexpeditions team on the North Side - without the crowds or the risk of the South Side and Khumbu Icefall. Experience the unique culture, environment, and people of Tibet. On this Rapid Ascent expedition, we climb Everest in half of the time of traditional expeditions. Contact the @alpenglowexpeditions office for more info. 📷:@zebblais #adventuredoneright


Trying to find the beauty.... Being far from @emilyaharrington and my mountain community has been unsettling as I process the loss of Hayden and Inge. Just a few weeks ago Hayden wrote on a friend's blog, "Climbing is either a beautiful gift or a curse." I have no doubt in the gift climbing has been for me. But the pain and loss a life lived in the mountains inevitably entails just sucks. It is always present and it darkens each of us. I have no answers or insights. Just love for friends and family and a life partner that each day mean more to me than the mountains do. My thoughts are with all whose lives Hayden and Inge touched with their stoke and sincerity and beauty. // Hayden's full recent blog in link in profile


Simplicity. Really. For 2 decades I've been chasing the next big mountain, the next new country, the next ecstatic high. And I have loved every minute. That's not going away. But there is nothing I'd rather be doing right now than this (as I sit on a flight to Hong Kong 🤣). Simplicity.

Alpenglow Expeditions

Normally when flying to Asia in October it's to go climb big mountains and I look like this. This week I'm flying to Asia for a week in Hong Kong with @nature_org and the @barclaysmoontrekker race and guess what, I still look like this! #stoked // 📸 @markstonephoto as part of our @eddiebauer 2016 #EverestNoFilter team!


After 2 months away from tall snowy places, this one had me drooling. I need more PNW time soon! // @samsungmobileusa #GakaxyS8


This place. It's only October and I am already dreaming of days like these. I love summer in Lake Tahoe but I am so stoked for snow again ❄️!!!
Join @alpenglowexpeditions this season for @squawalpine Backcountry Tours, Intro to Backcountry Tours, AIARE 1 & 2 Avalanche Courses, and more. Contact the @alpenglowexpeditions office for details! #adventuredoneright

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows