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Sold at EMA 14 Retest on M5 for a quick short of 3 pips! Scalping mood😎 great little sell when price is in momentum! #TheSimplerTheBetter


First trade of the day! Wick fills in momentum! Saw a wick fill on 4Hour chart and shorted down to the fill of wick! Great start! #TheSimplerTheBetter


Just an example of buying at EMA 14 on M5 in a bullish momentum! Scalping at its finest! Are you guys loving this information? #TheSimplerTheBetter


Called this trade on Friday when markets closed! We had retested on 4Hour and on M5. Also in short term bullish momentum so we could only go up⬆️! I didn’t personally trade this as it’s a Sunday night and doesn’t fit with my plan but it’s always great to know your analysis has been spot on! Brilliant piece of market analysis to kick start this week! Will be posting my analysis for the week upcoming too! Let’s goooo! #TheSimplerTheBetter


Who’s excited for markets to open tonight? I think we will open bullish on UJ! Check previous posts to see why! #TheSimplerTheBetter


An example of what you receive weekly when you sign up for the daily analysis and Trade Advice! All news events plus why they are important and what effects they have! In a simple way that fits in with our ethos! #TheSimplerTheBetter


Spending the weekend studying and improving! What currency pairs shall we take a look at? #TheSimplerTheBetter


Exciting times for everyone involved at Advanced Profits Trading! Meetings, opportunities and a new office coming in the New Year! All thanks to simplifying the currency markets and how to use them! It’s been a fantastic journey so far and won’t stop till we are at the top of the Retail Trading world! Here we go!⬆️⬆️⬆️ #TheSimplerTheBetter


Are they?? Check the new blog on website now! Got bored when there’s nothing to trade so might as well write about it 🤣! #TheSimplerTheBetter


Markets closed last night with a retest of the 200 EMA on M5 chart and also a Retest on H4! There’s also a 50&200 EMA above the price so this should pulls us up and considering we are in a bullish momentum! Also, when markets open UJ tends to have a push up! So let’s see what happens tomorrow night! Won’t be trading tomorrow night and wouldn’t recommend it! But just keep a watchful eye on what might happen and the push we may see! #TheSimplerTheBetter


Fantastic week trading with brillaint profits! Mainly focusing on buying/selling at retest’s! It’s worked an absolute charm as well! Been one of more consitent and profitable weeks in a long while! More to come! What’s everyone thoughts for next week? Also, have a lovely weekend and see you next week for even more trading!👍 @TheSimplerTheBetter


Great example of EMA 14 acting as dynamic support on a bullish uptrend. Didn’t personally trade this as it’s a Friday night and Markets ate closing! But a fantastic example nevertheless! Have a good weekend! #TheSimplerTheBetter