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Hasta el 24 de febrero, investigadores de National Geographic de toda la región se encuentran en la Ciudad de México para el primer Festival de Exploradores de América Latina, donde se están capacitando y compartiendo sus conocimientos 👁️️‍🗨️️ ¡Sigue #NatGeoFestCDMX en nuestras redes sociales! #NGXplorers @christian_foto @begambilia


Couchsurfing stories / photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// Bangkok, Thailand - Take two Thais, a man and a woman. Dress them up '70s style, with square tortoiseshell glasses, bell-bottom trousers, flowered shirts, hot pants. Now add long hair and moves reminiscent of Austin Powers, and you've got the best of the surreal music group S.O.D. (Simple of Detail). They’re Mary Jane and Tom Hom, the only rock-solid couple who aren't a couple at all. They live and work together. He's a photographer and she's the stylist in charge of his sets. A while ago, they also joined forces to create S.O.D., which has grown into a real phenomenon on the national music scene. The first time I saw them was at one of their shows, a blend of concert and cabaret performed for an audience of hundreds of adoring fans, not to mention the cameras of a national TV crew. I found them more or less by chance. I had stumbled across Tom’s picture on the couchsurfing site and hadn't been able to resist finding out who he was. He and Mary belong to that category of couchsurfers who can't actually host visitors (usually because their homes aren't big enough or because they live with people who don't relish the idea of strangers coming and going), instead offering travelers their time. And what a time we had! I saw two fantastic concerts, where I felt like I'd either traveled a few decades back in time or ended up on a movie set. One was in a very large venue in front of a shopping mall, while the other was in a small club reserved for diehard fans. Tom and Mary's role in S.O.D. is mostly to sing, but their choreography is coordinated and it's exhilarating to watch them dance. Other 3 people make up the other members of the group. Dinner with the whole band after the show was a series of absurd conversations. Neither Tom nor Mary speak much English and so the others attempted to translate for us, the level of hilarity rising with every round of beer. Tom and Mary are a perfect example of the numerous possibilities that couchsurfing offers. Without it, I'd never have met them or been able to take this photo #couchsurfing #travel #sharingeconomy #bangkok #thailand #music #rockband #hospitality

Bangkok, Thailand

Split Screen | Photograph by Del Angharad (@welshpixiepics)
#YourShotPhotographer Del Angharad photographed lightning over False Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. “We’re in the middle of a drought so severe that the government has declared it a national disaster,” writes Angharad. “So, the storm and the brief rain it brought was very welcomed.” This image was selected for the February 16, 2018 Daily Dozen by Your Shot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams).

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Photo by @anandavarma: A male Cuban bee hummingbird, Mellisuga helenae, perches on a tree branch. #studioshot #wildlife #hummingbirds


“Mum, who are the Muppets?” writes @squidthegriff


Photo by @renan_ozturk
A passing self portrait during a recent trip to the melting edge of Europe’s largest glacier with @timkemple @brandonjosephbaker and team. See @renan_ozturk @timkemple for more from this landscape! #northernlights #iceland

Skaftafell - Vatnajökull National Park

Mt Fuji - Japan ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@loic.lagarde✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


Sunset in Paris 🌇 👫
#sonyrx #rx100m5

Paris, France

drive time // working for the long weekend 🚘🚖🚔⛩️

San Francisco, California

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