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From TOKYO 🇯🇵🍣 Go 2 Talent Agency.
Go watch my latest video ‘PRBLMS’ from the link. ⚡️

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New @kara campaign with @lilbuckdalegend 🕺 Wearing their new BAG ‘Juice bolero scarf’. Again, this is a bag/scarf y’all. 🔥 I’m happy I finally got to collabo with my chan chan. 💜 #KARA


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It’s puffer season. 🍂 #tommyjeans crew got this. 💋 @tommyhilfiger


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I’m a Kung Fu Ninja 🥋🎌🍥🖤 @radiantimages #bealpha #sonyalpha @mobb_brand @walkinstore_tokyo


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Smoke Some Greens 🥦 @mobb_brand @walkinstore_tokyo #bealpha #sonyalpha


Ai Shimatsu


This is my first time filming a video like this with my choreography so I’m excited but also a bit anxious to share this with all of you!!!!! Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you @yomoncef @myvisionsbymetv for filming and your magical edits to make it super dope!
Full Video on YouTube. Link on my bio. :) Oh and special thanks to @supermariohh.23 for doing donut around me!!!!!! 🚗⚡️You rock!!!! Music ‘PRBLMS’ by @6lack
Film/Edit by @myvisionsbymetv @yomoncef


Ai Shimatsu

There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to be on stage with @pharrell again. I appreciate this opportunity so much that I got to perform with him and my lifetime sister @natsukimiya at @chanelofficial in Bangkok!!!!!!! 🎀🇹🇭 If you know me, you know how special this is for me! I had great time traveling with such an awesome team. I love you all. ♥️ @rheasings @erinstevenson @natsukimiya And again, Thank you @pharrell san. 💫
#chanelinbangkok #thailand #TBTE


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C H A N E L Bangkok 🎀 @pharrell
#chanelcruise #ss19 #bangkok


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Would you like some Sushi rolls? 🍣🇯🇵🥢 手巻き寿司はいかがですか?
#Halloween2018 #Sushi #Slaysian #Kikkoman #手巻き寿司


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WHO IS READY TO SEE @lilbuckdalegend AS THE MOUSE KING IN @disneysnutcracker ???!!! 🐭👑 I can’t wait to see this movie and I’m beyond proud of my chan chan!!!! 🙌#disneysnutcracker in theaters Nov 2nd!!!🌲❄️🎁 #bts


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#TheWorldChoreographyAwards💃🏻🕺 @lilbuckdalegend


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New me But still me. 📷: @myvisionsbyme @yomoncef


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Playing peek-a-boo in 🤗 #tommyjeans @tommyhilfiger