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I always love my time in Chicagoland.⠀
I feel at home in this city.⠀

What’s your favorite city to visit??⠀
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Things I love about cities: ⠀
Having easy accessibility to healthy food that I don’t have in my home state of Arkansas⠀

Still learning a lot from my Mindful Eating course and incorporating veggies most into my everyday.⠀
But also tacos and an amazing snack bar in the park and the occasional gluten free Donut because I’m in Chicago and Stan’s Donuts has me covered.⠀

I’m in love with being able to EAT. And #treatyoself and still meet my health goals.⠀

Do you feel nervous about gaining weight when you travel? ⠀
What are your tips for eating out healthy? ⠀
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Ya know how I’m always inviting y’all to join me and become my virtual best friend / workout buddy? ⠀

Well hey, this is my coach and this is why⠀
This ish is real life too 🙌🏼

And yes, I go to Chicago twice a year and still take a picture at the Bean and ride Divvy bikes every time. ⠀
Sue me.
Also, yes we took a picture on someone’s steps.


“Choose people who will lift you up. Find people who will make you better.” —Michelle Obama said that, so of course I’ll be listening
Not only does this babe make me better as a coach, it was awesome to do my fave kickboxing inspired workout with her this morning because it made push HARDER 💪🏼
If you workout, do you have somebody that motivates you?? Who?
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Our hearts fit together like legos, separable yet complementary.

Miss ya already, babe.
Thanks for tolerating me wandering around while you stay at home with the kids (our cats)
Can’t wait to see you next week, then leave for GREECE together.


Spent yesterday with fam and filling my cup.

Here were my greatest joys:
•Having a slow and relaxing morning.
I took a bath, I curled my hair, I watched the news, I visited with my grandma.
•Spending the day with my grandma: nails done, sales hit up, lunch and good conversations had.
•I got a 20 minute workout in quick, but it was effective as heck.
•I drove to my aunt and uncle’s and spent time with them as well.

Sometimes, even if a day is busy, it can really give you life and reaffirm what are priorities: Family and self-care are definitely some of mine.
What have you done in the past few days to refill your cup?
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I was doing a second round of a 3 month program that I got awesome results with from January—March and leading some of my bootcamp girls through it with me
(Swipe right and you’ll see my results from the beginning of my journey>before this program>after)
I’m still helping peeps get with this program that is challenging, but gets you super shredded if you’re into that.
Results from my team have been 🔥
I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish this round, because I’ll be traveling for the next 5 weeks, but I got through 7 weeks of the program this time with my ladies, and I’m feelin strong and proud—they’re killin it.
Since January, I’ve been doing these 40-60 minute workouts 6 days a week, but I am PUMPED because I’m about to start something new and I’m lookin for some peeps to do it with me.
✦ 4 days / week, 30–40 minutes per day >>That’s 2 Hours, 20 minutes/WEEK yo
✦ Weight lifting and HIIT training •Includes a bandifier where you can use resistance bands instead of weights if you’re traveling or don’t have them
✦ Includes a modifier so anyone can do it
✦ A portion control meal plan without deprivation
✦ The meal plan even includes a cheat day
✦ Has those 3 REST DAYS that will allow you to do more life—I’m excited to work more on my business, and implement more hiking, yoga, and kickboxing again with the extra time!
The program doesn’t ACTUALLY launch until October. But I’m running a VIP group where you’ll get access to it as early as July 16th. And I’m already running a group of girls PREPARING with a program that they came out with just for that purpose that you get with your purpose.

So if you have 2 hours and 20 minutes a week to work on you, where you at??
Link in bio and I’ll send you a FREE Total Body sample workout from the program and you can tell me what you think!


That’s how I feel during the summers.⠀
I have the freedom to do what I want—stay home, be productive, travel.⠀

And coaching has given me even more of it.⠀
Now, instead of traveling all summer and having some of that beautiful credit card debt to come back to, I get to come back to some $$ still in my savings, because I’m earning an income while galavanting around.
I know some people don’t like to talk money, but I’ve been reading this book that has really shifted my money mindset, and it’s nice to think of it as something that can be abundant for me, that doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. ⠀

My life isn’t without sacrifice, or struggle, or a super unsexy budget, but I have built a life where I’m doing work I’m passionate about (Teaching and helping women get fit and healthy from home)
AND I get explore and travel in my free time.
You may not think so, but if you don’t like your life, then you can change it—we only get one of these you know.


This Cubs game meant a lot to me and I’m SO GLAD they won
❤️💙 #everybodyin
Tomorrow is Father’s Day and it will be the first one since I lost my Poppa.
He was a HUGE Cubs Fan.
It feels special that we got to see a Cubbies win and have family together this weekend.
I feel like I could even hear him in my head cussing, because it was such a close game.
Thoughts with everyone else this weekend who has lost a Father figure, unfortunately we’ve lost several this year in my family.
But those memories of watching the game with him since I was a kid and the new ones that we form in their honor, are priceless.


Flashback to a wedding I went to a few weeks back.⠀

Reasons I’m smiling in this pic:⠀
•Mary and Caleb’s wedding was fun as heck⠀
•I had just finished eating a chocolate covered strawberry cuz YOLO 🍓🍫
•I got this Free People dress from a consignment store for a really awesome price⠀
•I was thinking: “Is this me? Am I showing my stomach and not sucking in or feeling insecure? Woah, I actually like the way I look.” 💁🏻💁🏻

That last one seems simple.⠀
But so many of us know it’s not.⠀
Still, sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see—that’s why they call it a self-love JOURNEY.⠀
And no, you don’t need to work out on the daily to embark on one.⠀
But I’m loving what working on me, both physically and mentally has done for this part of my life.⠀
I feel comfortable in my clothes, I don’t constantly think or worry about how I look or “If I Look Fat,” and I’m learning to appreciate my body for MY BODY, not someone else I compare myself to on Instagram.⠀
I love coaching, because if I could help just one person feel this same way, that’s a beautiful thing.⠀

Just so you know, you don’t have to feel that way forever if that’s you. I don’t just work with my bootcamp babes on workouts and nutrition, it’s mindset, support, and confidence. #clicklinkinbio to learn more
Why spend one more minute looking in the mirror, and not loving the person who looks back at you?


Know that for every picture you see like this, there’s a ton more like the next one.⠀
This is what my body looks like 1% of the time.⠀
And there’s nothing wrong with posting pictures I think I look good in.⠀
But I like the other me too. ⠀

Not sure when it happened, but it was pretty cool when I accepted my rolls and cellulite and scars.⠀
They’re a result of living my life and being a human.⠀
Don’t let your insecurities take your happiness.


Let’s Taco Bout It
(ugh, I wish it was Tuesday):⠀
•You can legit put anything into a tortilla and call it a taco.⠀
•I’d like to write a song about Tacos. No, a rap.⠀
•They are Meal Plan Approved, so I have them AT LEAST once a week #varietyhour
•I have a Taco shirt. I need more.⠀
•My name should be Allison Taco Armstrong.⠀
•I should change my Insta Name to @al.meets.tacos
•I’m definitely hitting up Big Star in Chicago next week because their tacos are the best in the world.⠀

Okay I think I’m done.⠀
What food are you a wee bit obsessed with? ⠀

(My other one is bananas, and macaroons, I could go on...)


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