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Who’s ready for A-Day?! We hope to see you tomorrow in Bryant Denny @ 1pm! #rolltide #aday2018


We are so grateful to another one of our amazing Seniors:

1️⃣Name: Jackie Lang
2️⃣Hometown: Orlando, FL
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Getting to run the team out every home game while the stadium plays “Thunderstruck”
4️⃣Major: Business Management
5️⃣ Plans after graduation: moving back to Orlando, working in the HR department at a staffing company
6️⃣Favorite memory: “Getting to represent the AG team at the 2018 National Championship”


We have 1️⃣3️⃣ student athletes that left today along with Coach Christa to train with Team USA! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the next 2 weeks & Roll USA🇺🇸


Another amazing senior who also just won the NCA Partner Stunt Championship & leaves tomorrow to train with Team USA:

1️⃣Name: Millery Null
2️⃣Hometown: Meridian, MS
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Elephant Stomp 🐘
4️⃣Major: Sports Broadcasting & Journalism ➖Minor: Communication Studies
5️⃣Fun fact: Never missed a football game, both home and away, in all 4 years of cheering (since 2014)
6️⃣Favorite memory: “Running the team out in THREE National Championships is something I’ll never forget. The other seniors and I have definitely witnessed and been a part of the best of the best during our 4 years of cheering!”



1️⃣Name: Kelly Yeager
2️⃣Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
3️⃣Favorite tradition: the team run out on football game days in Bryant Denny Stadium
4️⃣Major: Criminal Justice Minor: Addiction Recovery
5️⃣Plans after graduation: Graduate school
6️⃣Favorite memory: “When the 4 seniors found out we were cheering at the College Football National Championship Game in Atlanta, and then cheering at the game! Cheering that game with my best friends is a memory I will cherish forever!”


Wishing all the best to another 4th year Coed Senior:

1️⃣Name: Rachel Barke
2️⃣Hometown: Colleyville, TX
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Singing “Rammer Jammer” at the end of a football game
4️⃣Major: Public Relations Minor: Women’s Studies
5️⃣Plans after graduation: Pursuing a career in Public Relations in Los Angeles
6️⃣Favorite memory: “Beating LSU in Tiger Stadium in final minutes of the game in 2014”


Another 4th year Senior finishing her time in the Alabama Cheer Program:

1️⃣Name: Alexa Signorile
2️⃣Hometown: Mt. Sinai, NY
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Elephant Stomp pep rally ‼️
4️⃣Major: Communicative Disorders
5️⃣Plans after graduation: Attending Speech-Language Pathology Graduate School starting in the Fall of 2018📚
6️⃣Favorite memory: “Having opportunities every game day to meet little girls dressed up as Alabama cheerleaders, teaching them cheers and encouraging them that they can be anything they dream to be!” #builtbybama


A look at another one of our Super Seniors:

1️⃣Name: Jaylan Davis
2️⃣ Hometown: Ft Hood, TX
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Elephant Stomp & Walk of Champions - being out on the quad meeting fans and getting them excited for the game
4️⃣ Major: Criminal Justice w/ a double minor in cyber criminology and communications
5️⃣ Plans after graduation: headed to Texas State for Grad school to be the GA for the cheer program. Also will be working in the PACE MAC program as an academic coach working with first year students, making sure they adjust to the college lifestyle
6️⃣ Favorite memory: “The first time I got to be the mic man in Bryant Denny...leading the crowd of 100,000+ people doing the cheers and such together.


2018 @ncacheer NATIONAL PARTNER STUNT CHAMPS!!!!! So proud of @millmill_n & @ryanclaunch7🅰🐘❤️
#rolltide #wherelegendsaremade


Thank you to another one of our 4th year, wonderful seniors❤️
1️⃣Name: Lilly Hasenkopf
2️⃣Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia
3️⃣Favorite tradition: saying “Roll Tide”
4️⃣Major: Elementary Education
5️⃣Plans after graduation: Job as elementary teacher
6️⃣Favorite memory: “I️ will always remember standing in Bryant Denny or Coleman Coliseum and looking up to see all of those fans cheering on Tide.” #builtbybama #wherelegendsaremade


Leading up to our end of year banquet, let’s give a shout out to all our incredible seniors:
1️⃣Name: Heather Grubbs
2️⃣ Hometown: Knoxville, TN
3️⃣Favorite tradition: Basket Case between the 3rd and 4th quarters of football games
4️⃣ Major: Finance Minor: Econ
5️⃣ Plans after graduation: Waiting to hear back from medical schools
6️⃣ Favorite memory: “Cheering the 2017 college football national championship with the other all girl seniors. A special bond has formed between the 4 of us over the past 4 years, so getting to experience that game with them by my side was the best ending!” #builtbybama #wherelegendsaremade


Bama fans all the way from Uganda!! Sozo Choir is in town and we loved hanging out with them❤️


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