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The Baths on Virgin Gorda is a great spot to while away a beautiful afternoon. #HappyEarthDay !


San Miguel de Allende turns on its colorful, colonial charm at every turn.


#Ushuaia, the #endoftheworld, was established as a major Argentinian #prison during the first half of the 20th century. It was established in 1902 to make a strategic claim to keep Chile from having complete control of Tierra del Fuego, the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel. Much of the population here traces itself from these prisoners. It has five wings branching off a central hall. Today, one wing is in its original condition and it isn’t pretty. It was a very grim place with mostly two men, usually repeat offenders or political prisoners, to each 6’x 8’ cell. One wing is now a maritime museum. Another wing has been turned into a series of art installations inside each cell. This one seems to sum up the compelling desire to get the hell out of this place.


The Captain nudged the #NatGeoExplorer within feet of this #iceberg. It seemed close enough to touch and was beautiful up close.


Una Peaks are two ice-capped basalt towers guarding the northern entrance to the famed #LemaireChannel on the #AntarcticPeninsula. The highest of the two peaks has a summit of 2451’. It has only been summited once by a team of Germans in 1999. The formation has long been colloquially known as Una’s Tits, named for a former secretary in the Governor’s office working for what is now the British Antarctic Survey.


What a day for #Antarctic kayaking! Pristine and perfect.


Detaille Island, located just south of the #AntarcticCircle, was home to “Base W” of the British Antarctic Survey in the 50’s. It was a research station which was evacuated when sea ice and weather made relief by ship impossible. Because it was abandoned quickly with the men taking little with them, it is a time capsule of 1950s #Antarctic life and is now designated an Historic Site and Monument. For the best way to get around just follow the #penguins


These are a couple of crabeater #seals lounging on an ice floe off the #antarctic peninsula. It continues to amaze me that so many #marinemammals and #seabirds make their home in such a seemingly inhospitable environment.


Shades of Ragnar Lothbruk!! Cruising around the amazing #ParadiseHarbour in a #zodiac made for an otherworldly but chilly afternoon until this faux #Viking longship paid us a visit. In true #LindbladExpedition style these messengers of warmth were bringing hot cocoa spiked with your choice of kahlua, peppermint schnaps or Irish whiskey out to the armada of zodiacs from the #NatGeoExplorer plying the bay. Great touch! Not sure Ragnar would have been so nice.


The gentoo and adélie penguins of this colony have etched a penguin “highway” in the snow as they continuously march mostly single file from their nests to the sea and back again as they feed themselves and their chicks and try to stay out of harm’s way. They don’t pay the human visitors much mind but we didn’t cause any disruption of their routine and always gave them the right of way. The green is a lichen and the pink is from the krill the penguins eat. See also my gallery devoted to the wildlife I have encountered on my travels @aa_wildlife


These #icelandichorses are a common sight all over #Iceland but they are so beautiful they seem to never lose their magic. We pulled over a dozen times to get close to these hardy animals. This white beauty caught my eye standing out against the dreary sky and austere landscape.


Some brave souls here to sail a small #ketch across the #DrakePassage especially when even a crossing in a polar expedition ship is often daunting. Not my thing but I have great respect for those hearties that sail these waters. And the those #icebergs! A perfect pair!


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