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“Warning (interlude) (prod. Al11ewya)” + “Karma Police” pre canvas sketch //


New Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer by @lauramercier makeup by the best of the best @makeupbymario 💕


“self portrait (dying a thousand times) (rebirth)” more paintings at

New York, New York

hilarious fun night at @burberry x @thelastmagazine. Appreciate the clothes and vibes last night. Bless up 🤘🏾💙🇬🇧

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“Maybe maybe I might have to unleash my dragon” ... what a blend to dat funky house @khalil.livinproof and thank u for being wit me @donaeo shot by my fuckin ride or die auntie @grabija

Soho Ludlow House

A11ewya - evolving in an environment near {wit} u


I’m just so flipping grateful and happy and humbled by this expression I have found in myself and my friends that are my fuckin family and all the people that come n told me they loved de vibes. Love god... love urself... love ur voice. Shout out to EVERYONE who came.... be careful y’all gonna turn me into a blue m&ms only bitch. And @khalil.livinproof @paulilovejoy for guiding me and hyping me up love and appreciate u more than u know. Peace everyone... a lot more shit to come. ✊🏾✊🏾🌊🌊🌊🌊 and man like @donaeo fuckin ledgend ... raved to u from when I was young in funky house days and now im glad to call u a Brudda... Issa vibes u know ... love from the Hennessy and Noel Galleger


I still love men... but majority of you are ill... in the head... I’m not saying your a bad person... your sick... because “this is a mans world” and you were raised to subconsciously believe that... that YOU have the MOST say on what goes on in this planet because of what your penis? Your ego? Your physical strength ? Your lil peppercorn hair on ur chest? Are you dumb? ... ur sick in the head like genuinely brainwashed...I understand it is a hard time for you as the definition of man has usually coincided with the ability to have a woman by his side or the ability to have many women. Women basically being the object and having limitations to what they can do so that it doesn’t emasculate you... but my G’s get spiritual... don’t fret on religion or western guidlines of happiness... know that gender actually ain’t a thing and if it was then yin and yang... we need both energies equally... you will keep up with the world this way... let go of those dated “man rules”. Love you more than u know... xoxo gossip girl