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Happy birthday to @sannimccandless, the most wonderful, caring partner. You’re the best. Here’s to another great year together.
@coreyrichproductions photo from the Valley season.


I’m in relaxed summer mode and read these two great books in the last few days. For whatever reason I hadn’t been reading a ton in the last few months and it’s felt great to get back on the program.
Also, @honnoldfoundation just released my fairly comprehensive reading list from the last few years. The link is in my profile - check it out. I have random thoughts from each book and a downloadable list for anyone who’s going to be stuck in a tent for a long time.


Comfort Zone, a short film focused on @jonathansiegrist’s and my training this winter, is now live. Link in profile. @tarakerzhner did a great job of showing our preparation for sport climbing. @joe_segreti photo of one of the other routes I tried to do during my spring training but ultimately failed in. Always room for improvement... thanks @lasportivana for making it all happen.


Big congrats to @bradgobright and Jim Reynolds (@chimney_jim) for climbing Mt Watkins, El Cap, and Half Dome in a day!! And it was Brad’s birthday! No better way to celebrate a birthday than doing so much climbing in a day that you feel 100 years old for the next week...
I got this photo of @tedhesser shooting the two big wall masters on top of Watkins as we all hiked up to the road. Beautiful sunset. And super proud effort by Jim and Brad. Congrats on the Triple!!


@cannonjtc and I just climbed the double - my first time climbing El Cap and Half Dome in a day (yes, I’ve done the Triple twice, but never the double. Actually as I wrote that I realized that I soloed the double in 2010. So this is my first double with a partner - sounds less cool). Anyway, Jordan made a fun little story about our day, check out @cannonjtc for the adventure.
This is my new strategy - let my partners shoot things so I never have to...
Thanks @samuelcrossley for the summit pic with the afternoon’s objective in the background.
I think this wraps up my Valley season - too hot now and time to move on. Lots of ups and downs this season; Yosemite is always giving and taking away. Lots to think about.


Speed climbing is all about moving smoothly and efficiently. Both of which are easier when you have a partner that you deeply trust. Thanks, @tommycaldwell for always making good decisions (and also being very quick). You’re the man! That’s why our shoes are named after you! Pic: @samuelcrossley


@tommycaldwell and I climbed the Nose in 2:10:15 today!! Felt great! And I’m proud to announce a new partnership with @livemomentous (link in profile) which I’ve been using for recovery after each lap up El Cap. We’ve climbed The Nose 8 times in the last few weeks so obviously the recovery program has been working pretty well. Check out the link. Photo: @brettlowell


I love every different view of the Valley. You can just see Illilouette Falls in the background. And I played with all the photo editing features and it wound up looking like a painting. Which still isn’t as good as real life, but closer. @blackdiamond’s @katydberg doing the descent down North Dome gully a few days ago under threatening clouds.


@tedhesser must be super good at shooting photos/video left handed since he never let go of the rope with his brake hand. We spent a stormy afternoon on El Cap together. At one point I looked down from leading a 12a face traverse to find him shooting the swirling clouds behind us. I realized that falling wasn’t an option for me because I didn’t want to ruin his shot. Or even worse - make him drop his phone! It’s easy for me to make fun of Ted for shooting while we were climbing, but today it’s cool to see his pics and watch his story. So if anyone wants to see a stormy excursion on El Cap just check out @tedhesser’s story. But just don’t let him belay you :) @thenorthface @goalzero


Everyone gets so excited about seeing bears in Yosemite but I prefer finding baby dragons.


@fred_pompermayer got this awesome photo of me speed climbing the Nose with @tommycaldwell a few days ago - Fred and his partners were climbing Triple Direct and it was the second morning that we were passing them. This time he was prepared with his camera! Lots of parties take pics with their phones as we climb through - it’s rare to pass a real photographer with a real camera. He really did El Cap justice!


@madaleinesorkin has partnered with the @americanalpine to create the Climbing Grief Fund (link in bio) which will provide free grief counseling related to climbing. She’s planning a big link up in the Black Canyon to draw attention to the new Fund and spread the word.
I think it’s important for the climbing community to be able to speak openly about the losses that occur through the sport. We’ve all lost friends and partners, particularly this year. Hopefully this will help us each more easily work through our grief. I’ve donated already at the link - I hope the Climbing Grief Fund can help some climbers through difficult times. I know that we all need a little help sometimes.